Science and Religion

by Don R. Hender

The error in man's reasoning is to compare the science based upon but theories to supior to religions based on the traditions of the dark ages. It is like a man playing basketball with a child. That is until the child grows up to be a man and the scientist is old and feable and can no longer play the game. Neither are consulting the truth of science nor the truth of religion. Each are guilty of pulling punches and aiming below the belt. One says the universe in billions of years old and the other says God is eternal and without age. Where is the disagreement there? The corruption of traditional Christianity says God created everything from nothing some 6000 years ago. That neither give God credit for being from everlasting to everlasting else what did God do before 6000 years ago? Nothing? Certainly there is no conflict at all with the ages of the universe and the ages of God's own existence. They both match quite well.

And then there seems to be one rule within which science may operation but religion cannot. Science does allow itself to claim periods of extinction, but then with smoke and mirrors defends a never ending or uninterupted course of evolution. But where does one evolution end and the other begin that last so long when earth has gone through such periods and times of extingtions from time to time. Yet science allows themself the to carry over their evolutionary scales without stoppage in develops when and where they choose without allowing religion the same course to follow.

Not all Christologies demand something from practically nothing all of a sudden at once. But science does in their 'Big Bang' theory that basically espouses the same thing from some very minute tiny small center of compacted nothingness to suddenly explode into a virtually ever expanding universe all that there is and ever must be the foundational stuff from which all that is does come from. It just takes the science of that 'matter' a bit longer to play itself out of chaos into something that become intelligence. Which intelligence they claim themselves to have, which is greater than another outside of their immediate spec upon which they do dwell. Oh the nothingness of man, and yet the size of that ego he trails along behind himself, attached to his intelligence from whereever that might have just come from.

That corrupt mideval Christianities do but the same from noting to something in a dash of flash, which does not even go back to Christ or God for their substantiaction. But rather their answers rely upon their own imagination and supposition, quite similarly as to how scientist often do basing their positions on some next older theoriest of renown with their theories. Religion basis its gained supposed truths just so upon the last man of religious renown, that is the false philosophies of man's false religious and myths to contribute to their flavor of Christianity.

Certainly God did not come along one day some 6,000 years ago and create something from basically nothing with the magic wand of hocus and pocus. What God did then was take matter that was void and without the higher life forms necessary to God and man. And God did orgainize them, knowing how to do without waiting for ions of chaos to just possibly, maybe against all mathematical probabilities to do to create the higher life forms for him. God is the surpreme scientist, what every scientist himself whats to eventually be, and God then formed form them in the same way that a painter creates an artistic painting. The paints are there. The elements are there. The canvas is here. It is the power of knowledge and the skills, abilities and the power of the artist that does create. And thus so does God, whether a day with God is a thousands years, or ever so long a period it takes, by taking that which is not suitable to life, that which is dead and extinct, God reforms it and creates it into that which suits God's purposes for man. Man whose very spirit is but that same spirit and basis upon which God himself is made of. Now that is true religion and not traditional Christian mythology. What man does not think himself able to one day discover and learn how to do as much himself? And yet he in his pride of self ego thinks himself greater than God who has gone on before and already knows? ~ drh

    In truth the two are but one. Pure science is pure religion for science's claim is to but to objectively seek the truth of things as they are, and God is and may be detected even by the more ardent scientist if they are but truly committed objectively to truth. Yet in part, due to the sorry past of 'science' verses the corrupt apostate religion(s) of the past, and what was done to science in the name of that fallen and false religious establishment; scientist have a ready grudge or excuse, if you will, to rant against any type of religion as but mystical tomfoolery steeped in the dark arts and intent upon keeping mankind from find the truth in order to exercise rule over them. What can you expect from the 'thinking' and 'reasoning' man when he sees a chruch which does not even allow their subjects the freedom to read the very book of God upon which their 'religion supposedly rest, and also to discourage acces to the best books of high learning and science? That type of 'religion' no man of conscience has any room for allowance. Yet that 'church' goes on and so does that rudimentry conflict of such religion verses 'modern' science goes on.

Because of such things as has gone on, surely science has an ax to grid upon such 'religion'. But that 'legitimate' ax has also given a fast and save haven for another type of man. The one who hates God. The man who fights against religion because of his own subjective religious belief in his own church of 'atheism'. And no doubt about it 'atheism' is a form of religious belief and it comes in as many 'flavors' as does the organizations and secs of formal religion today. It ranges anywhere from 'I don't say that there is not a God, only that you cannot know that there is a God', to down right murdersome evil based upon the satanic cults of survival of the fitest and to do unto another before they do unto you, and this in order to get self gain and survival at the expense of another; for there is no morality or good, and evil, particularly in that there is no God, nor is there any moral conscience upon which to govern human behavior and abidence to law.

That cult preaches such as, 'do what you want', 'say what you want' and 'seek only that which is self serving', for that is all there is. There is only self, the ever inward turned self benefitting 'me'. And such men who have denied God and even the very objective consideration of God, have by their own imaginations contrived as hurtful and damning 'doctrines' that thwart the real objective truth seeks, as ever did that false apostate religion of the dack ages which demanded man not to learn and advance and come to know the real truth of things as they truly are. These are that who fix their own inovated 'theories' and force the ivory tower they've built to force fit all their 'learning' and thoughts upon the matter to but what is 'theory' as though it is an absolute.

They preach as their doctrine that if a thing does not comply to the 'accepted theory' then that thing is to be ignored and hidden and not accepted even though it does in truth exist and it. And thus their own 'man designed' religion of scientific theory is but filled with the wholes of the 'anomolies' of truth and reality. It is strange that such a 'disapline' that explores and even accepts such things as 'time travel', 'parallel dimensions', 'worm wholes' and the all consuming 'black wholes'; would fail to but thing to explore such a testable phenomenon as the existence of a being greater that what man himself it. On the one hand men of 'science' but count themselves as but one of the 'beasts' of the earth, an animal whose only claim to fame is that they have organically and naturally evolved above every other animal upon the face of the earth.

The spoken language, the written language, the ability to seemingly totally rule over their environment and above every other creature, their intellect and ability for appreciation of the intangible joys of life; their own propensity for further 'creation' and 'learning' and 'advancement'; just how did this come to be? And at that 'higher end' upon which man stands alone and aloaf from all else about him, man then has the further audacity and ego to not objectively consider that there be even one above himself? The man of science on the one hand cries, I evolved from lower creatures and am but an elevated ape. And then upon his other hand he positions himself above all things and that there can not be any that stands above himself? Some how in that man has lost all reason and humilty of the objective explorer of truth. How can he accept the one and not consider the other? Is his ego so large, despite being but a self procaliamed higher ape himself?

Where religion was in the dark age, apostate from truth and the seeking of it, ignoring the truth and not allowing any to find it. So does science treaten to be at the opposite extreme today. Not allowing the exploration and even the evidence of God and such as concepts of equal 'theory', if nothing else' of a higher design or 'divine design' over things. That higher design science practices itself over the environment and creatures of this limited earth's confinment. Man 'plays god' himself over that which is of this earth, yet he hypocritically denies and reject even the possibility of anything or any one above and beyond himself? Man in this, and that is the position that 'modern science' has taken, is that science can only go and grow to the level of 'man', where man of this earth is and not beyond in any of its explorations of what really and truly is. As darkages apostate religion did to man in not allowing them to discover the truths of the earth, science is doing to man in not allowing him to even consider and explore the higher realms of the realities and dimensions of a higher being, even God himself.

Now in truth the altimate scientist is God, He that knows and is over all. For those who are intelligent enough to ignore the present 'dark ages' of scientific development in shrouding itself against God. They are doing to true religion exactly what false apostate dark ages religion did to science. And in so doing, science is but in a state of their own apostate dark ages standing against truth where ever it is to be found. As already stated, true science and true religion is truly but one in the same. The truth is the truth and one cannot ignore and twart the other without finding it self in a dark age of standing against such as the objective truth of the matter of things truly are. God it real, God is truth, and no myopic small minded scientist who stands upon his own self created 'theoritical' soap box is going to change the real truth of the matter. He may weld his mighty scientific sword against the false apostate religion of the past dark ages, but ultimately he cannot prevail against the new wave restored truth of God.

In the true world of the universe all things, to the humble seeking mind, denote that there is a God of higher intelligence at work above and beyond the mere scratching upon the surface of that truth which mortl men have taken upon themselves to do.

Senseless Arguments

Science does mock the 'traditional Christianity's' portrayal of the creation. They scoff at the making of something out of nothing, the hocus-pocus of the matter. But what one must come to understand is the false apostate religious conception of God involved in this matter. The truth as stated in the Bible is this, "the earth was without form and void" (Genesis 1:2), that is in life and the structure necessary to sustain it. At the time that God did resturcture or 'create' it, life was 'extinict' upon the earth and the required life supporting rotation and such as the 'watering cycle' was gone from it. The Bible does not say that the earth was not. In fact it says just the opposite. It states that 'the earth was', 'it was' but 'is was' at the time of God's 'creation' to prepare it to sustain his children upon it, it was without 'form'. It did not have the logistical structure necessary. It was void, that is it was 'dead' and void of life at the time that God wrought upon it for his purposes. The terms 'without form and void' may have multiple interpretive meanings from a 'life or earth ending' event which malformed the earth and made life extinct (which science says has happened and will happen again) to any other number of conditions and considerations. The true restored doctrine teaches us that as one world so 'passes away' another comes or is brought into being. That sounds as though God is 'cycling' or 'recycling' (Moses 1:33-39). Science itself does state that the matter of the earth has so gone through a number of such 'life extinction' events. The bottom line is that God, in order to properly form the earth for the presence of men, had to prepare the earth that was void of life to a state which would so support the life of man. It the truth there is not conflict of actuality, only in that of perceptions. To consider that the earth was made from nothing as 'traditional Christianity' has taught would be wrong. But just as wrong and false is to thing that life of such a high intellectual scale as man just happens without and such guiding and directing intelligenct direction and cause. Mathmatically the chances of man becoming what he is from the random development of the single cell is astronomically prohibitive. Some force of design greater than man and man's complete understanding is at work. And for man not to grasp that, is for man to expand his own ego to the point of overwhelmingly ridiculousness, that out of chaos, of its own self comes intelligent structure? The opposite it the truth, left to its self all structure tends to decay, waste and crumble apart back into being void and without form or such elevated intelligently designed structure. A building does not build itself. A skyscraper just does not appear out of the dust of the earth upon its own initiative.

While this type of conversation is endless, I will end with one last bit of information. The God which the apostate 'traditional Christianity' has built for themselves is NOT that which God is. He is in fact much more easily understood and reached than what their imagined innovative contrivances of the minds of men, having portrayed him to be what they of themselves have made him to be. He is much greater and above that which mortal men are or can be without Him or have reduced him to being. He is NOT a mere fromless essence of intellectual spirit matter. He is much more than that rudimentry conception which the false clergy of time or the ego of the scientific man have made him out to be.

"Science without religion is lame,
religion without science is blind."

~ Albert Einstein ~