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TG Baal  (see BD Baal)

TG Babbling  

TG Babe  

TG Babel  (see BD Babel)

TG Babylon  (see also Devil, Church of; Israel, Bondage of, in Other Lands; Worldliness; BD Babylon)

TG Back  

TG Backbiting  (see also Gossip; Malice; Mockery; Slander)

TG Backsliding  

TG Backward  

TG Bad  (see also Worse)

TG Bade  (see Bid)

TG Baker  

TG Balaam  (see BD Balaam)

TG Balance  

TG Bald  

TG Baldness  

TG Balm  

TG Band  

TG Banner  

TG Baptism  (see also Baptism, Essential; Baptism, Immersion; Baptism, Qualifications for; Baptism for the Dead; Covenants; Jesus Christ, Baptism of; Jesus Christ, Taking the Name of; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Memory; Salvation for the Dead; BD Baptism)

TG Baptism for the Dead  

TG Baptism, Essential  

TG Baptism, Immersion  

TG Baptism, Qualifications for  

TG Bar-Jesus  (see BD Bar-Jesus)

TG Bar-Jona  (see BD Bar-Jona)

TG Barabbas  (see BD Barabbas)

TG Barak  (see BD Barak)

TG Bare  

TG Barn  

TG Barnabas  (see BD Barnabas)

TG Barren, Barrenness  

TG Bartholomew  (see BD Bartholomew)

TG Bartimaeus  (see BD Bartimaeus)

TG Baruch  (see BD Baruch)

TG Base  (see also Abominable; Vile; Wickedness)

TG Bashan  (see BD Bashan)

TG Basket  

TG Bastard  

TG Bathsheba  (see BD Bathsheba)

TG Battle  (see also Fight; God to Fight Our Battles; Strife; War)

TG Beam  

TG Bear [noun]  

TG Bear, Bare, Born, Borne [verb]  (see also Carry; Endure)

TG Beard  

TG Beast  (see also Symbolism)

TG Beat  

TG Beatitudes  (see Meekness; Mercy; Mourning; Peacemakers; Perfection; Persecution; Poor in Spirit; Purity; Righteousness; BD Beatitudes)

TG Beauty  

TG Bed  

TG Bee  

TG Beelzebub  (see BD Beelzebub)

TG Beersheba  (see BD Beersheba)

TG Beg  (see also Ask; Beseech; Intreat; Petition; Request)

TG Beget, Begat, Begotten  

TG Begin, Begun  

TG Beginning  (see also Creation; First)

TG Beguile  

TG Behave  

TG Behead  

TG Behemoth  (see BD Behemoth)

TG Behold, Beheld  (see also Look; Observe; See)

TG Being  

TG Belial  (see BD Belial)

TG Believe  (see also Assurance; Baptism, Qualifications for; Confidence; Faith; Trust; Trust in God; Unbelief, Unbelievers)

TG Belly  

TG Beloved  

TG Belshazzar  (see BD Belshazzar)

TG Benefit  (see also Blessing; Gift)

TG Benevolence  (see also Charity; Compassion; Give; Grace; Kindness)

TG Benjamin  (see BD Benjamin)

TG Bereave  (see also Death; Mourning; Sorrow)

TG Beseech, Besought  (see also Ask; Beg; Intreat; Petition; Plead; Request)

TG Beset  

TG Beside  

TG Best  

TG Bestow  

TG Bethabara  (see BD Bethabara)

TG Bethany  (see BD Bethany)

TG Bethel  (see BD Bethel)

TG Bethesda  (see BD Bethesda)

TG Bethlehem  (see BD Bethlehem)

TG Bethsaida  (see BD Bethsaida)

TG Betrayal of Jesus Christ  (see Jesus Christ, Betrayal of)

TG Betroth  (see also Espouse; Marriage)

TG Better  (see also Good; Well)

TG Beware  

TG Bible  (see also Scriptures, Preservation of; Scriptures, Study of; Scriptures, Value of; Scriptures, Writing of)

TG Bid  

TG Bilhah  (see BD Bilhah)

TG Bill  

TG Bind, Bound  

TG Bird  (see also Fowl)

TG Birth  (see also Children; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Marriage, Motherhood)

TG Birth Control  (see also Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Marriage, Motherhood)

TG Birth of Jesus Christ  (see Jesus Christ, Birth of)

TG Birth of the Spirit  (see Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Spirit Creation)

TG Birthright  (see also Inheritance; BD Birthright)

TG Bishop  (see also Church Organization; Priesthood, Aaronic; BD Bishop)

TG Bite  

TG Bitter  

TG Bitter Herbs  (see BD Bitter Herbs)

TG Bitterly  

TG Bitterness  

TG Black  

TG Blackness  

TG Blame  (see also Accuse)

TG Blameless  (see also Guiltless)

TG Blaspheme, Blasphemous, Blasphemy  (see also False Doctrine; Holy Ghost, Unpardonable Sin against; Profanity; Swearing; BD Blasphemy)

TG Bleating  

TG Bleed  

TG Blemish  (see also Spot)

TG Bless [verb]  (see also Blessed; Praise)

TG Blessed [adj.]  (see also Bless; Glad; Happy; Joy)

TG Blessing  (see also Administrations to the Sick; Israel, Mission of; Reward; Wages)

TG Blessing of Children  (see Blessing; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Patriarchal)

TG Blessings of Israel  (see Israel, Blessings of)

TG Blessings, Patriarchal  (see Patriarch; Patriarchal Blessings)

TG Blind  

TG Blindness  (see also Bondage, Spiritual; Darkness; Darkness, Spiritual; Deceit; Evil; Ignorance; Sight; Spiritual Blindness; BD Blindness)

TG Bliss  (see Happiness; Joy; Pleasure)

TG Blood  (see also Bleed; Blood, Eating of; Blood, Shedding of; Blood, Symbolism of; Capital Punishment; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Life, Sanctity of; Martyrdom; BD Blood)

TG Blood Atonement  (see Jesus Christ, Atonement through)

TG Blood, Eating of  

TG Blood, Shedding of  

TG Blood, Symbolism of  (see also Jesus Christ, Atonement through)

TG Blossom  

TG Blot  

TG Blow  

TG Boanerges  (see BD Boanerges)

TG Boast, Boasting  (see also Haughtiness; Pride)

TG Bodily  

TG Body  (see also Body, Sanctity of; Flesh; Spirit Body)

TG Body, Physical  (see Chastity; Earth, Purpose of; Flesh and Blood; God, Body of - Corporeal Nature; Man, Physical Creation of; Mortality; Soul)

TG Body, Sanctity of  (see also Clothing; Modesty)

TG Boil  

TG Bold  (see also Courage)

TG Boldly  

TG Boldness  

TG Bond  (see also Bondage, Physical; Bondage, Spiritual)

TG Bondage, Physical  (see also Israel, Bondage of, in Egypt; Israel, Bondage of, in Other Lands; Slavery)

TG Bondage, Spiritual  (see also Guilt; Slavery; Spiritual Blindness)

TG Bondman  

TG Bone  

TG Bonnet  

TG Book  (see also Book of Life; Book of Mormon; Book of Remembrance; Education; Record Keeping; Scriptures, Lost; Scriptures, Preservation of; Scriptures, Study of; Scriptures to Come Forth)

TG Book of Life  (see also BD Book of Life)

TG Book of Mormon  (see also BD Ephraim, Stick of)

TG Book of Remembrance  (see also Book of Life; Genealogy and Temple Work; Record Keeping)

TG Booth  

TG Border  

TG Born  

TG Born Again  (see Baptism; Born; Conversion; Holy Ghost, Baptism of)

TG Born of God  (see Baptism; Born; Conversion; Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn)

TG Borne  (see Bear [verb])

TG Borrow, Borrowing  (see also Debt)

TG Bosom  (see also BD Abraham’s Bosom)

TG Bosom of Abraham  (see BD Abraham’s Bosom)

TG Bottle  

TG Bottomless  

TG Bough  

TG Bought  (see Buy)

TG Bound [adjective]  

TG Bound [noun]  

TG Bound [verb]  (see Bind)

TG Bountifully  

TG Bow [noun]  (see also Rainbow)

TG Bow [verb]  

TG Bowels  

TG Brake  (see Break)

TG Bramble  

TG Branch  (see also Israel, Joseph, People of; Jesus Christ, Davidic Descent of; Vineyard of the Lord)

TG Brass  

TG Brawler  

TG Brazen  

TG Breach  

TG Bread  (see also Bread, Shewbread; Bread, Unleavened; Bread of Life; Sacrament)

TG Bread of Life  (see also Sacrament)

TG Bread, Shewbread  

TG Bread, Unleavened  (see also Passover)

TG Break, Brake, Broken  (see also Contrite Heart)

TG Breast  

TG Breastplate  (see also Urim and Thummim)

TG Breath of Life  (see also Man, Physical Creation of)

TG Breathe  

TG Brethren  (see also Brother)

TG Bribe, Bribery  

TG Brick  

TG Bride  

TG Bridegroom  

TG Bridle  

TG Brier  (see also Thorn)

TG Brightness  (see also Light)

TG Brimstone  

TG Bring, Brought  (see also Gather)

TG Broad  

TG Broken  (see Break)

TG Broken-hearted  (see also Contrite Heart)

TG Brother  (see also Brethren)

TG Brotherhood and Sisterhood  (see also Fellowshipping; Friendship; Neighbor)

TG Brotherly  

TG Brought  (see Bring)

TG Bruise  (see also Hurt; Wound)

TG Buckler  (see also Shield)

TG Bud  

TG Buffet, Buffeting  

TG Build, Built  (see also Edify)

TG Builder  

TG Building  

TG Burden  (see also Affliction; Oppression; Suffering)

TG Burial  (see also Bury)

TG Burn, Burned, Burnt  

TG Burning  

TG Burnt Offering  (see Sacrifice)

TG Bury  

TG Bush  

TG Bushel  

TG Business  

TG Busybody  

TG Butler  

TG Buy, Bought  

TG Byword  (see also Parable; Proverb)

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