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TG Machpelah  (see BD Machpelah)

TG Mad  (see also Madness)

TG Madness  (see also Mad)

TG Magdalene  (see BD Magdalene)

TG Magi  (see BD Magi)

TG Magic  (see Magician; Sorcery; Superstitions)

TG Magician  (see also Soothsayer; Sorcery)

TG Magistrate  

TG Magnify  (see also Exalt; Glorify; Praise; Priesthood, Magnifying Callings within)

TG Magog  (see BD Magog)

TG Maid  (see also Damsel; Girl; Handmaid)

TG Maimed  

TG Maintain, Maintenance  

TG Majesty  (see also Glory)

TG Make, Made  (see also Create; Fashion; Form; Maker)

TG Maker  

TG Malachi  (see BD Malachi)

TG Male  

TG Malefactor  

TG Malice  (see also Avenge; Despise; Grudge; Hate; Injustice; Revile; Scorn)

TG Mammon  (see also Money; Riches; Wealth; BD Mammon)

TG Man  (see also Adam; Creation; Fall of Man; God, Creator; Jesus Christ, Son of Man; Man, A Spirit Child of Heavenly Father; Man, Antemortal Existence of; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn; Man, Physical Creation of; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father; Man of God; Mankind; Men; Probation)

TG Man of God  (see also Man)

TG Man, a Spirit Child of Heavenly Father  (see also Man, Antemortal Existence of; Spirit Body; Worth of Souls)

TG Man, Antemortal Existence of  (see also Council in Heaven; Foreordination; Man, a Spirit Child of Heavenly Father; Spirit Creation)

TG Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn  (see also Carnal Mind; Fall of Man; Sensuality)

TG Man, New, Spiritually Reborn  (see also Conversion; Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Sanctification)

TG Man, Physical Creation of  (see also Breath of Life)

TG Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father  (see also Father; Immortality; Perfection)

TG Manasseh  (see BD Manasseh)

TG Mandrake  

TG Manger  

TG Manifest  (see also Manifestation; Show)

TG Manifestation  (see also Manifest)

TG Mankind  

TG Manna  (see also BD Manna)

TG Manner  

TG Mansion  

TG Mantle  

TG Mark  (see also Curse; BD Mark)

TG Marriage, Celestial  (see also Covenants; Family; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Eternal; Marriage)

TG Marriage, Continuing Courtship in  

TG Marriage, Fatherhood  (see also Children; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Marriage, Husbands)

TG Marriage, Husbands  (see also Family; Family, Love within; Family, Patriarchal; Marriage; Marriage, Continuing Courtship in; Marriage, Wives)

TG Marriage, Interfaith  (see also Separation)

TG Marriage, Marry  (see also Marriage, Celestial; Marriage, Continuing Courtship in; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Husbands; Marriage, Interfaith; Marriage, Motherhood; Marriage, Plural; Marriage, Temporal; Marriage, Wives; BD Marriage)

TG Marriage, Motherhood  (see also Birth Control; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Woman)

TG Marriage, Plural  (see also Apostasy of Individuals)

TG Marriage, Temporal  (see also Marriage, Interfaith)

TG Marriage, Wives [Wife]  (see also Marriage, Interfaith; Woman)

TG Marrow  

TG Martha  (see BD Martha)

TG Martyrdom  (see also Testimony)

TG Marvel  (see also Wonder)

TG Marvelous  (see also Wonderful)

TG Mary  (see BD Mary; BD Mary Magdalene)

TG Master  (see also Lord; Rabbi; Teacher)

TG Materialism  (see Treasure; Worldliness)

TG Matthew  (see BD Matthew)

TG Matthias  (see BD Matthias)

TG Maturity  (see Accountability; Dependability; Judgment; Leadership; Old Age; Prudence; Self-mastery; Strength; Trustworthiness)

TG Meal  

TG Mean, Meant  (see also Meaning; Means)

TG Meaning  (see also Mean)

TG Means  

TG Measure  (see also Weight)

TG Meat  (see also Food)

TG Mediation  (see Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Mediator; Jesus Christ, Mission of)

TG Medicine  (see also BD Medicine)

TG Meditation, Meditate  (see also Consider; Ponder; Prayer; Scriptures, Study of; Think)

TG Meek, Meekness  (see also Contrite Heart; Humble; Humility; Poor in Spirit; Teachable)

TG Meet [adjective]  (see also Fit; Worthy)

TG Meet, Met [verb]  

TG Meetings  (see also Assembly for Worship; Church; Worship)

TG Megiddo  (see BD Megiddo)

TG Melchizedek  (see Jesus Christ, Types of, in Anticipation; BD Melchizedek)

TG Melchizedek Priesthood  (see Elder; High Priest; Priesthood, Melchizedek; Seventy; BD Melchizedek Priesthood)

TG Melt  

TG Member  (see also Church Organization; Saints; Sheep)

TG Memorial  (see also Remembrance)

TG Memory  (see also Remembrance)

TG Men  (see also Man)

TG Mend  

TG Mention  

TG Merchandise  

TG Mercy Seat  (see Ark of the Covenant; BD Mercy Seat)

TG Mercy, Merciful  (see also Compassion; Forgiveness; God, Justice of; God, Mercy of; Grace; Kindness; Love)

TG Merit  

TG Merry  (see also Glad; Happy; Joy)

TG Message  

TG Messenger  (see also Ambassador; Angels; Jesus Christ, Messenger of the Covenant)

TG Messiah  (see Jesus Christ, Messiah; BD Messiah)

TG Mete  

TG Methuselah  (see BD Methuselah)

TG Michael  (see Adam; BD Michael)

TG Midnight  

TG Midst  

TG Midwife, Midwives  

TG Might  (see also Arm; Authority; Mightily; Mighty; Power; Strength)

TG Mightily  

TG Mighty, Mightier  (see also Great)

TG Mild  

TG Mildness  

TG Mile  

TG Military Service  (see Citizenship; Governments; War)

TG Milk  

TG Mill  

TG Millennium  (see also Earth, Cleansing of; Jesus Christ, Millennial Reign; Kingdom of God, on Earth; Millennium, Preparing a People for)

TG Millennium, Preparing a People for  (see also Millennium)

TG Millstone  

TG Mind, Minded  (see also Intelligence; Learning; Study)

TG Mindful  

TG Mine  

TG Mingle  

TG Minister  (see also Angels, Ministering; Ministration; Ministry; Servant; Serve; Steward)

TG Ministering Angels  (see Angels, Ministering; Minister)

TG Ministration  (see also Minister; Ministry; Service)

TG Ministry  (see also Minister; Ministration; BD Ministry)

TG Ministry, Unpaid  (see also Priestcraft)

TG Miracle  (see also Death, Power over; Drought; Faith; God, Manifestations of; God, Power of; God, Works of; Jesus Christ, Power of; Marvel; Priesthood, Power of; Sign; Sign Seekers; Wonder)

TG Miraculous  

TG Mire  

TG Miriam  (see BD Miriam)

TG Mirth  

TG Mischief  (see also Harm; Hurt)

TG Miserable  (see also Misery)

TG Misery  (see also Anguish; Distress; Grief; Sorrow)

TG Misfortune  (see Affliction; Pain; Sorrow; Suffering; Tribulation)

TG Missing Scriptures  (see Scriptures, Lost; BD Lost Books; BD Missing Scriptures)

TG Mission of Early Saints  (see also Israel, Mission of)

TG Mission of Israel  (see Israel, Blessings of; Israel, Mission of)

TG Mission of Jesus Christ  (see Jesus Christ, Mission of)

TG Mission of Latter-day Saints  (see also Israel, Mission of; Peculiar People)

TG Missionary Work  (see also Abrahamic Covenant; Fellowshipping; Israel, Gathering of; Israel, Mission of; Mission of Early Saints; Mission of Latter-day Saints; Preaching; Warning; Worth of Souls)

TG Missouri  

TG Mist  

TG Mistakes  (see Guilt; Repentance; Sin; Transgression)

TG Mite  

TG Mix, Mixed  

TG Mixed Marriages  (see Marriage, Interfaith; Separation)

TG Mixture  

TG Moab  (see BD Moab)

TG Mocking, Mock, Mocker, Mockery  (see also Persecution; Profanity)

TG Moderation  (see Self-mastery; Temperance; Word of Wisdom)

TG Modesty  (see also Body, Sanctity of; Chastity; Virtue)

TG Moisture  

TG Molten  

TG Moment  

TG Money  (see also Bribery; Debt; Family, Managing Finances in; Mammon; Priestcraft; Riches; Treasure; Wealth; BD Money)

TG Month, Monthly  (see also Day; Time; Year)

TG Moon  (see also Astronomy; Sun)

TG Morality  (see Charity; Chastity; Cleanliness; Courage; Grace; Honesty; Integrity; Justice; Life, Sanctity of; Modesty; Prudence; Purity; Righteousness; Self-mastery; Steadfastness)

TG More  

TG Moriah  

TG Morning  

TG Morrow  (see also Tomorrow)

TG Mortality  (see also Flesh and Blood; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn; Man, Physical Creation of; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father; Probation; World)

TG Mortify  

TG Mosaic Law  (see Law of Moses; Passover; Sacrifice)

TG Moses  (see BD Moses)

TG Mote  

TG Moth  

TG Mother  (see also Birth Control; Children; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Love within; Family, Patriarchal; Marriage, Motherhood; Parent)

TG Motivations  (see also Compassion; Envy; Greed; Love; Lust; Objectives; Peer Influence; Slothfulness)

TG Mount [noun]  (see also Hill; Mountain)

TG Mount [verb]  (see also Ascend)

TG Mountain  (see also Hill; Mount)

TG Mourning, Mourn  (see also Despair; Grief; Lamentation; Sorrow; Weep)

TG Mouth  (see also Lip; Tongue)

TG Move  

TG Much  

TG Multiply  (see also Flourish; Grow; Increase)

TG Multitude  (see also Host; Nations; People)

TG Murder, Murderer  (see also Blood, Shedding of; Capital Punishment; Excommunication; Kill; Martyrdom; Slay; BD Murder)

TG Murmuring, Murmur  (see also Disobedience; Disputations; Ingratitude; Rebellion)

TG Music  (see also Musical Instruments; Singing; BD Music)

TG Musical Instruments  (see also Music)

TG Mustard  

TG Muzzle  

TG Myrrh  (see also BD Myrrh)

TG Mysteries of Godliness  (see also God, Knowledge about; God, Omniscience of; Knowledge; Learning; Mystery)

TG Mystery  (see also Mysteries of Godliness; Secret; BD Mystery)

TG Mysticism  (see False Doctrine; Sorcery; Superstitions; Traditions of Men)

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