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TG Sabaoth  (see BD Sabaoth)

TG Sabbath  (see also Sabbatical Year; BD Sabbath; BD Sabbath Day’s Journey)

TG Sabbatical Year  (see also Sabbath; BD Sabbatical Year)

TG Sackcloth  

TG Sacrament  (see also Bread; Bread of Life; Jesus Christ, Taking the Name of; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Memory)

TG Sacred  (see also Holiness; Holy; Sanctify; Virtue)

TG Sacrifice  (see also Atonement; Blood, Symbolism of; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Anticipation; Oblation; Offer; Offering; Passover; Propitiation; Reconciliation; Self-sacrifice; BD Sacrifices)

TG Sacrilege  (see also Blasphemy; Defile; Pollution; Profanity)

TG Sad  (see also Despair; Mourning; Sorrow)

TG Sadducee  (see BD Sadducees)

TG Safe  (see also Safely; Safety)

TG Safely  

TG Safety  

TG Saints  (see also Church Organization; Holy; Sheep)

TG Salem  (see BD Salem)

TG Salt  (see also Example; BD Dead Sea; BD Salt, Valley of)

TG Salutation  (see also Salute)

TG Salute  

TG Salvation  (see also Baptism, Essential; Deliverance; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Mission of; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Jesus Christ, Savior; Redemption; Repentance; Save)

TG Salvation by Grace  (see Good Works; Grace; Grace, Man May Fall from)

TG Salvation for the Dead  (see also Baptism; Baptism for the Dead; Genealogy and Temple Work; Salvation)

TG Salvation of Little Children  (see also Children; Conceived in Sin)

TG Salvation, Plan of  (see also Gospel; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Jesus Christ, Savior; Salvation; Save)

TG Samaria, Samaritans  (see BD Samaria; BD Samaritans)

TG Same  

TG Samson  (see BD Samson)

TG Samuel  (see BD Samuel; BD Samuel, Books of)

TG Sanctification, Sanctify  (see also Consecrate; Consecration; Earth, Destiny of; Earth, Purpose of; Hallow; Holiness; Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Justification; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn; Purification; Righteousness; Sacred; Separation)

TG Sanctuary  (see also Tabernacle; Temple)

TG Sand  

TG Sanhedrin  (see BD Sanhedrin)

TG Sarah  (see BD Sarah)

TG Satan  (see also Adversary; Beelzebub; Council in Heaven; Darkness, Spiritual; Devil; Evil; Fall of Man; False Christs; False Priesthoods; False Prophets; Lucifer)

TG Satisfy  (see also Content; Contentment)

TG Saul  (see BD Paul; BD Saul)

TG Save  (see also Deliver; Redeem)

TG Savior  (see Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Jehovah; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Jesus Christ, Savior)

TG Saviors on Mount Zion  (see Genealogy and Temple Work)

TG Savor  

TG Say  (see also Saying; Speak)

TG Saying  

TG Scale  

TG Scapegoat  (see also Goat; Kid; Sheep; BD Scapegoat)

TG Scarlet  (see also Purple)

TG Scatter  (see also Disperse; Israel, Scattering of)

TG Scepter  

TG Schism  

TG School  (see also BD Schools of the Prophets)

TG Schoolmaster  (see also Law of Moses)

TG Science  (see also Education; Knowledge; Learning; Truth)

TG Scoffer  

TG Scorn, Scornful  (see also Derision; Laugh; Reproach; Scorner)

TG Scorner  

TG Scorpion  

TG Scourge  (see also Chastening; Cruelty; Persecution)

TG Scribe  (see also Lawyer; Scriptures, Writing of)

TG Scrip  

TG Scripture  (see also Scriptures, Lost; Scriptures, Preservation of; Scriptures, Study of; Scriptures, Value of; Scriptures, Writing of; Scriptures to Come Forth; BD Scripture)

TG Scriptures to Come Forth  (see also Scriptures, Lost)

TG Scriptures, Lost  (see also Scriptures to Come Forth; BD Lost Books)

TG Scriptures, Preservation of  (see also Scriptures, Writing of)

TG Scriptures, Study of  (see also Education; God, Knowledge about; Light; Study)

TG Scriptures, Value of  (see also God, Knowledge about; Scriptures, Study of)

TG Scriptures, Writing of  (see also Record Keeping; Scribe; Scripture)

TG Scroll  

TG Sea  (see also Lake)

TG Seal  (see also Sealing)

TG Sealing, Sealed  (see also Election; Family, Eternal; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Priesthood, Keys of; Seal)

TG Seance  (see Sorcery)

TG Search  (see also Inquire; Seek; Scriptures, Study of; Study)

TG Seared  

TG Season [noun]  (see also Time)

TG Season [verb]  

TG Seat  

TG Second  (see also Death, Spiritual Second; Jesus Christ, Second Coming)

TG Second Estate  (see Mortality; Probation)

TG Secret  (see also Mysteries of Godliness; Mystery)

TG Secret Combinations  (see also Conspiracy)

TG Sect  (see also False Doctrine; False Priesthoods; Traditions of Men)

TG Sedition  (see also Insurrection; Rebellion)

TG Seduce, Seducers  

TG See, Saw, Seen  (see also Behold; Look; Observe; Watch)

TG Seed  (see also Heir; Offspring; Posterity)

TG Seed of Abraham  (see also Abrahamic Covenant; BD Seed of Abraham)

TG Seek, Sought  (see also Inquire; Prayer; Search)

TG Seem  

TG Seer  (see also Prophecy; Revelation; BD Seer)

TG Seer Stones  (see Urim and Thummim; BD Urim and Thummim)

TG Segregation  (see Separation)

TG Self-control  (see Self-mastery)

TG Self-esteem, Self-image  (see Man, a Spirit Child of Heavenly Father; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father; Worth of Souls)

TG Self-improvement  (see Education; Godliness; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father; Perfection; Repentance; Walking with God)

TG Self-mastery  (see also Abstinence; Temperance)

TG Self-sacrifice  (see also Sacrifice)

TG Selfishness  (see also Covetousness; Greed; Lust; Pride)

TG Sell, Sold  

TG Send, Sent  

TG Sensuality  (see also Carnal Mind; Lust; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Sexual Immorality)

TG Separation, Separate  (see also Abrahamic Covenant; Consecrate; Divide; Marriage, Interfaith; Part; Peculiar People; Portion; Sanctify; Setting Apart)

TG Septuagint  (see BD Septuagint)

TG Sepulchre  (see also Grave; Tomb)

TG Seraphim  (see Cherubim; BD Seraphim)

TG Sermon on the Mount  (see Meekness; Mercy; Mourning; Peacemakers; Perfection; Persecution; Poor in Spirit; Purity; Reviling; Righteousness; BD Sermon on the Mount)

TG Serpent  (see also Devil; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Anticipation; BD Brazen Serpent)

TG Servant  (see also Minister; Serve; Service; Slave; Steward)

TG Serve  (see also Minister; Obey; Service; Work; Worship)

TG Service  (see also Commitment; Dedication; Duty; Good Works; Priesthood, Magnifying Callings within; Self-sacrifice; Servant; Serve; Work; Worship)

TG Set  (see also Pitch; Place; Put)

TG Setting Apart  (see also Consecrate; Consecration; Ordinances; Separation)

TG Seven  

TG Seventh  (see also Sabbath)

TG Seventy  (see also Church Organization; Priesthood, Melchizedek)

TG Sever  

TG Sew  

TG Sexual Immorality  (see also Adultery; Excommunication; Fornication; Homosexuality; Lust; Whoredom)

TG Shadow  

TG Shaft  

TG Shake, Shook, Shaken  

TG Shame  (see also Abase; Dishonor; Guilt; Reproach)

TG Shape  

TG Sharing  (see Charity; Generosity; Welfare)

TG Sharp, Sharper, Sharply, Sharpness  

TG Shave, Shaved, Shaven  

TG Sheaf, Sheaves  

TG Shearer  

TG Shed  

TG Sheep  (see also Flock; Goat; Kid; Lamb; Saints; Scapegoat; Shepherd; BD Sheep)

TG Sheet  

TG Shem  (see BD Shem)

TG Sheol  (see Hell; Paradise; Spirits, Disembodied; BD Sheol)

TG Shepherd  (see also Flocks; Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd; Pastor; Sheep)

TG Shew  (see Show)

TG Shewbread  (see Bread, Shewbread; Bread, Unleavened; BD Shewbread)

TG Shield  (see also Buckler)

TG Shiloh  (see BD Shiloh)

TG Shine, Shone, Shined, Shining  (see also Enlighten; Illuminate; Lighten)

TG Ship  (see also BD Ship, Shipping)

TG Shipwreck  

TG Shod  

TG Shoe  

TG Short, Shorter  (see also Shorten)

TG Shorten  

TG Shoulder  

TG Shout  

TG Show, Shew  (see also Appear; Manifest)

TG Showbread  (see Bread, Shewbread)

TG Shrink  

TG Shut  (see also Close)

TG Sickle  

TG Sickness, Sick  (see also Administrations to the Sick; Disease; Healing; Health; Infirmity; Leprosy)

TG Side  

TG Sidon  (see BD Sidon)

TG Sift  

TG Sight  (see also Eye)

TG Sign Seekers  (see also Signs)

TG Signs  (see also Circumcision; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Miracles; Sign Seekers; Token)

TG Silence, Silent  (see also Peace)

TG Silk  

TG Silly  

TG Silver  

TG Simeon  (see BD Simeon)

TG Similitude  (see also Likeness)

TG Simon  (see BD Simon)

TG Simple  (see also Simpleness; Simplicity)

TG Simpleness  

TG Simplicity  

TG Sin  (see also Abomination; Apostasy of Individuals; Blasphemy; Bondage, Spiritual; Carnal Mind; Confession; Corruption; Darkness, Spiritual; Death, Spiritual First; Devil; Disobedience; Evil; Excommunication; Fall of Man; Foolishness; Forgiveness; Guilt; Holy Ghost, Loss of; Iniquity; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Offenses; Pollution; Transgression; Trespass; Wickedness)

TG Sinai  (see BD Sinai)

TG Sincere, Sincerity  (see also Flattery; Guile; Honesty; Integrity)

TG Sinew  

TG Singing, Sing, Sang, Sung  (see also Music; Rejoice)

TG Single  (see also Singleness)

TG Singleness  

TG Sink, Sunk  

TG Sinner  (see also Evildoer; Sin; Transgressor)

TG Sister  

TG Sit, Sat  

TG Six, Sixth  

TG Skepticism  (see Unbelief, Unbelievers)

TG Skill  (see also Art)

TG Skin  

TG Skirt  

TG Sky  (see also Heaven)

TG Slack  

TG Slain  (see Slay)

TG Slander  (see also Backbiting; Deceit; False; Gossip; Lying)

TG Slaughter  (see also Kill; Murder; Slay)

TG Slavery, Slave  (see also Bondage, Physical; Bondage, Spiritual; Israel, Bondage of; Servant)

TG Slay, Slew, Slain  (see also Kill; Murder; Slaughter)

TG Sleep, Slept  (see also Death; Health; Idleness; Laziness; Slumber)

TG Sling  

TG Slippery  

TG Slothful, Slothfulness  (see also Apathy; Idleness; Laziness; Sluggard)

TG Slow  

TG Sluggard  (see also Slothfulness)

TG Slumber  (see also Sleep)

TG Small, Smallest  (see also Little)

TG Smell  

TG Smite, Smote, Smitten  (see also Kill; Strike)

TG Smith  

TG Smith, Joseph  (see Joseph Smith)

TG Smoke  (see also Word of Wisdom)

TG Smooth, Smoother  

TG Snare  

TG Snow  

TG Soap  

TG Sobriety, Sober, Soberness  (see also Levity)

TG Social Pressure  (see Example; Peer Influence)

TG Sodom  (see BD Gomorrah)

TG Sodomy  (see Homosexuality)

TG Soft, Softer  (see also Soften)

TG Soften  

TG Sojourn  (see also Abide; Dwell; Remain)

TG Soldier  (see also Army; Host)

TG Solemn  (see also Solemn Assembly; Solemnity)

TG Solemn Assembly  

TG Solemnity  (see also Solemn)

TG Solitary  (see also Desolate)

TG Solomon  (see BD Solomon; BD Solomon’s Porch)

TG Something  

TG Son  (see also Child; Jesus Christ, Divine Sonship; Jesus Christ, Son of Man; Sons and Daughters of God; Sons of Perdition)

TG Son of God  (see Jesus Christ, Divine Sonship; BD Son of God)

TG Son of Man  (see Jesus Christ, Son of Man; BD Son of Man)

TG Song  (see Singing)

TG Song of Solomon  (see BD Song of Solomon)

TG Sons and Daughters of God  (see also Adoption; Children; Children of Light)

TG Sons of Perdition  (see also Death, Spiritual, Second; Holy Ghost, Unpardonable Sin against)

TG Soothsayer  (see Sorcery)

TG Sop  

TG Sorcery  (see also False Prophets; Magician; Superstitions)

TG Sore, Sorely  

TG Sorrow  (see also Adversity; Anguish; Despair; Grief; Misery; Mourning; Pain; Suffering; Tribulation; Trouble)

TG Soul  (see also Breath of Life; Heart; Person; Spirit; Worth of Souls)

TG Sound  (see also Noise; Voice)

TG Sound [adjective]  

TG Sour  

TG Sow, Sown  

TG Sower  

TG Space  

TG Spacious  

TG Spare  

TG Speak, Spake, Spoken  (see also Speech; Talk)

TG Spear  

TG Special  

TG Spectacle  

TG Speech  (see also Communication; Language; Speak; Tongue)

TG Speechless  (see also Dumb)

TG Spend, Spent  

TG Spew, Spue  

TG Sphere  

TG Spice  

TG Spikenard  

TG Spin  

TG Spirit  (see also Breath of Life; Conscience; Contrite Heart; God, Spirit of; Holy Ghost; Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Holy Ghost, Loss of; Jesus Christ, Spirit of; Lord, Spirit of; Soul; Spirit Body; Spirit Creation; Spirits, Disembodied; Spirits, Evil or Unclean; Spirits in Prison; Teaching with the Spirit; BD Spirit)

TG Spirit Body  (see also Man, a Spirit Child of Heavenly Father; Man, Antemortal Existence of; Spirit Creation)

TG Spirit Creation  (see also Creation; Man, Antemortal Existence of)

TG Spirit of Elijah  (see Genealogy and Temple Work)

TG Spirit of Prophecy  (see Prophecy; Teaching with the Spirit; Testimony)

TG Spirit of Truth  (see Holy Ghost, Mission of)

TG Spirit World  (see Man, Antemortal Existence of; Paradise; Spirits, Disembodied; Spirits in Prison)

TG Spirit, Holy  (see Holy Spirit; BD Spirit, the Holy)

TG Spirits in Prison  (see also Damnation; Hell; Spirits, Disembodied)

TG Spirits, Disembodied  (see also Death; Paradise; Spirits in Prison)

TG Spirits, Evil or Unclean  (see also Devil; Satan; Sorcery)

TG Spiritual  (see also Bondage, Spiritual; Death, Spiritual First; Death, Second Spiritual; Spiritual Blindness; Spirituality; Spiritually)

TG Spiritual Blindness  (see also Bondage, Spiritual; Darkness, Spiritual; Hardheartedness; Walking in Darkness)

TG Spiritual Bondage  (see Bondage, Spiritual; Guilt; Sin; Wickedness)

TG Spiritual Death  (see Death, Spiritual First; Death, Spiritual Second; Fall of Man; Hell; Holy Ghost, Unpardonable Sin against)

TG Spiritual Gifts  (see God, Gifts of; Holy Ghost, Gifts of)

TG Spiritual Rebirth  (see Man, New, Spiritually Reborn)

TG Spiritualism  (see Sorcery)

TG Spirituality  (see also Righteousness; Walking with God)

TG Spiritually  (see also Spiritual)

TG Spit, Spat  

TG Spoil  (see also Prey)

TG Spokesman  

TG Sponge  

TG Sport  

TG Spot, Spotted  (see also Blemish)

TG Spotless  

TG Spread  

TG Spring [noun]  (see also Fountain; Well)

TG Spring, Sprang, Sprung  

TG Sprinkle  

TG Spunge  (see Sponge)

TG Spy  

TG Stablish  (see also Establish)

TG Staff  

TG Stagger  

TG Stain  

TG Stake  (see also Church Organization)

TG Stall  

TG Stand, Stood  

TG Standard  (see Ensign; God, the Standard of Righteousness)

TG Standing  

TG Star  (see also Astronomy)

TG State  

TG Stature  

TG Statute  (see also Command; Commandments of God; Decree; Law; Law of Moses; Order; Ordinances; Precept)

TG Stave  

TG Stay  (see also Abide; Dwell; Lodge; Remain)

TG Steadfastness, Steadfast  (see also Commitment; Courage; Dedication; Dependability; Diligence; Endure; Faithfulness; Integrity; Loyalty; Obedience; Perseverance)

TG Steady  

TG Stealing, Stolen  (see also Fraud; Rob; Thief)

TG Steel  

TG Stem  

TG Step  

TG Stephen  (see BD Stephen)

TG Stewardship, Steward  (see also Accountability; Delegation of Responsibility)

TG Stick  (see also Book of Mormon; Israel, Joseph, People of; BD Ephraim, Stick of)

TG Stiffnecked, Stiffneckedness  (see also Hardheartedness; Rebellion; Stubbornness)

TG Still  (see also Quiet)

TG Sting  

TG Stink  

TG Stir  (see also Kindle; Provoking)

TG Stone  (see also Cornerstone; Jesus Christ, Rock; Rock; Stony)

TG Stony  (see also Stone)

TG Stop  

TG Store  (see also Storehouse)

TG Storehouse  (see also Store)

TG Storm  (see also Tempest; Whirlwind; Wind)

TG Straight  (see also Strait)

TG Strain  

TG Strait  (see also Straight)

TG Straiten  (see also Strait)

TG Strange  

TG Stranger  (see also Foreigner; Hospitality; Sojourn; BD Stranger)

TG Straw  

TG Stray  (see Apostasy; Israel, Scattering of; Sheep)

TG Stream  (see also River)

TG Street  

TG Strength  (see also Arm; Courage; Health; Might; Power; Priesthood, Power of; Strengthen; Strong)

TG Strengthen  (see also Strength)

TG Stretch  

TG Stricken  (see Strike)

TG Strife  (see also Battle; Contention; Disputations; Envy; Fight; Reviling; Strive; War)

TG Strike, Struck, Stricken  (see also Smite)

TG Strip  

TG Stripe  

TG Stripling  

TG Strive, Strove, Striven  

TG Strong Drink  (see Strong; Word of Wisdom)

TG Strong, Stronger, Strongest  

TG Struggle  

TG Stubble  

TG Stubbornness, Stubborn  (see also Hardheartedness; Stiffneckedness)

TG Study  (see also Education; Knowledge; Learning; Meditation; Read; Scriptures, Study of; Search; Understanding; Wisdom)

TG Stumble  (see also Stumblingblock; Stumblingstone)

TG Stumblingblock  (see also Stumble; Stumblingstone)

TG Stumblingstone  (see also Stumble; Stumblingblock)

TG Stupor  

TG Subdue  (see also Conquer)

TG Subject  (see also Subjection)

TG Subjection  (see also Obedience; Subject)

TG Submissiveness, Submit  (see also Family, Children, Duties of; Humility; Obedience; Subject; Subjection; Yield)

TG Substance  (see also Almsgiving; Consecration; Generosity; Poor; Welfare)

TG Subtle, Subtile  (see also Subtlety)

TG Subtlety, Subtilty  (see also Craftiness; Deceit; Guile)

TG Subvert  

TG Succor  (see also Help)

TG Suck  

TG Suckling  (see also Babe)

TG Suffer  (see also Suffering)

TG Suffering  (see also Adversity; Affliction; Anguish; Calamities; Chastening; Despair; Distress; Forbearance; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Misery; Mocking; Pain; Persecution; Tribulation; Trouble)

TG Sufficiency, Sufficient  (see also Enough)

TG Suicide  (see Blood, Shedding of; Murder)

TG Sum  

TG Summer  

TG Sun  (see also Astronomy)

TG Sunday  (see Sabbath)

TG Sup  (see also Supper)

TG Superstitions  (see also Idolatry; Sorcery; Wizardry)

TG Supper  (see also Sacrament)

TG Supplant  

TG Supplication  (see also Prayer)

TG Supply  

TG Support  

TG Suppose  

TG Supreme  

TG Sure  

TG Surety  (see also Sure)

TG Sustain  (see also Sustaining Church Leaders)

TG Sustaining Church Leaders  (see also Church Organization; Common Consent)

TG Swaddling  

TG Swallow [verb]  

TG Swearing, Swear, Sware, Sworn  (see also Blasphemy; Covenants; Honesty; Oath; Obedience; Pledge; Profanity; Promise; Vows)

TG Sweat  

TG Sweep, Swept  

TG Sweet, Sweeter  

TG Swell  

TG Swift, Swifter  

TG Swim  

TG Swine  (see also BD Swine)

TG Sword  

TG Symbolism  (see also Blood, Symbolism of; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Anticipation; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Memory; BD Symbolism)

TG Sympathy  (see Compassion)

TG Synagogue  (see also Assembly for Worship; Temple; BD Synagogue)

TG Syria  (see BD Syria)

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