The Vision of All
The Visionary Men and Prophets of Gods

presented by Don R. Hender

I am not one, at least of this date, who has seen with my eyes the Vision of All. My only perception and understanding of it comes from such as the printed words of the men of God who have seen the vision and as guided by the Spirit in my understanding of it. Certainly my experience is that of a 'mental mind's view' of the Vision of All that is so attainable from that which has been recorded and is available particularly if one's heart and soul is such to be able to be led by the Spirit of God. And to this end I humblely attribute any such understanding and knowledge that I have of such to the powers of God and his Spirit and not of myself. Though if I am incorrect, then I must as well assume the responsibility for my human errors. I do believe what I have set forth to be true. To that end I must leave it to be given to you to judge as you may so be given to judge by that gift from God of his Holy Spirit, whether it be the Holy Ghost or the administration of the Spirit of Christ, it is the same. -drh
ADAM: Adam saw and spoke and walked with God in the Garen of Eden while yet in a state of immortality. As to all that changed after the fall and as to Adam's experience and remembrance I do not know. But it would seem that in his mortal condition, Adam did not see the image of God, though certainly he did hear his voice and still exercised his faith in the Lord.

With Adams living so many hundreds of years, it would be hard not to suppose that Adam would not have had various revelations and understandings given to him concerning the matters of the Pland of God. And certainly Adam did prophesy of his postarity and their future on earth. Therein I would suppose that Adam had a vision of understanding such things given to him.

ENOCH: It would seem that Enoch did see and was visited by our God of Spirit, Jehovah-Jesus, but his circumstance my be that he was no longer bound or his in a purely mortal state. Many of the writings of Enoch are today available in the Pearl of Great Price in the book of Moses.

NOAH: Noah was the thankless prophet of God who did teach and warn the people of Jesus Christ and what fates awaited them if they would not conform to the gospel. I would consider that Noah was supported by God and that understanding that God gives to his prophet leaders and men of such stature and standing as Noah held. I believe that he was given to see the furture of his posterity and just what he was achieving by building the ark and preserving mankind in the world by doing so.

A Particular Central Primary Receiver of the 'Vision of All'

By the Lord's own words, Mahonri Moriancumr was the first man [presumably in mortality] to have seem the Lord's actual body. Though it was the Lord's spirit body, Mahonri saw that it was in the same shape and form as the temporal tabernacle created as the body's mortal habitation. That is, man was literally made in the image of God, 'head, shoulders, knees and toes—eyes, ears, mouth, and nose' etc. Mahonri's faith made it possible and he could no longer be kept in the veil of forgetfullness. And the Lord showed to him the 'Vision of All Things.' And the Lord instructed him to write the whole of the vision down for to be revealed by the Lord at particularly appropriate times. It is contained as the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon plates which Joseph Smith was not allowed to translate for pulication. Whether Joseph Smith himself was given read that record for his personal information is not known. Certainly Joseph Smith in the company of Sydney Rigdon did see in vision 'guided' portions of that vision known in the Church simply as "The Vision" and that recorded portion that Joseph was given to write is in the Doctrine and Covenants Section 76.
MAHONRI MORIANCUMR: Mahonri Moriancumr was give the particular assignment of seeing and writing the whole of the vision of all things. Though other prophets have also seen and written from it as stated by Nephi, it is currently understood only that Mahonri was so allowed and instructed to write to 'Whole Vision'.

MELCHIZEDEK: Not much is spoken of Melchizedek. We don't even know for sure if he was the same as Shem or not. What we do know is that he and his people did prevail in the Lord to that same extent that Enoch and his people did. He also held in position one of the names of God in his positional name of Melchizedek and he was a priest after the order of the Son of God, with Melchizedek being the honored name of that higher priesthood today.
ABRAHAM-JACOB-JOSEPH: Abraham did converse with the Lord as evidenced by the book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price. And he was given to see much which would have been a part of the Vision of All. Jacob and Joseph also were of this blessed line and they as well had visions and visitations of the Lord as recorded in the scriptures, be it the Bible, the JST or the Book of Mormon and etcetera. Joseph himself was given many promises by the Lord including the understanding of Joseph Smith being the fulfilling prophet of the latter-days. And to that end it might be considered with all of Joseph dreams and prophecies, he do had a knowldge of and/or from the Vision of All.

As for Jacob he wrestled with God and prevailed and was names as Israel with all of that related significance. He also saw in vision such things beyond this world as the 'stairway that led to heaven'. I cannot say that Jacob did not have his own experiences with the vision of all.

MOSES: The LORD gave Moses to see the Creation of the earth and its heavens as pertained unto it. Moses saw and witnessed the pattern of creation as applied to the worlds which God has created, particularly this earth.
ISAIAH: Isaiah received the vision of all things as pertained to his ministry and prophesyings. Though he does not give the particulars of how the vision was revealed unto him he references that it was a vision on a number of occations. Isaiah knows of the 'vision of all' and even reports upon the matter in his writings, he having seen it in his vision.

Nephi reports that Isaiah had seen the Lord even as he, Nephi, had seen him. This is a reference to the fact that Isaiah and Nephi had the 'same' visionary experience.
ETHER: I place Ether as having lived after the time and day of Isaiah, as he was the last Jaredite prophet and the writer and compiler of the Jaredite record. As such he would have access to Mahonri's Vision of All. And Ether by his own words speaks of being envolved with seeing visions as they did happen. While held up in a remote cave far from many of the battles of the Jaredites, Ether was given in 'night visions' the seeing of the events of the last days of the Jaredite strugle. As perhaps a delayed instant replay of the live events, Ether would see them and record their events into his scriptural record. That sounds like an experience with the 'Vision of All' to me.

JEREMIAH: Whether Jeremiah's prophecies stemmed from seeing particular portions of the vision of all or were just piece mill singularly delivered messages could be speculated upon. I'd say the vehicle of 'the vision' was used and Jeremiah was directed to prophesy and write significant 'snippets' which currently were applicable.

EZEKIEL: Ezekiel's experience with the visionary process seem somewhat unique in one asspect that much of what he saw was contemporary with his time, though much else was not also. Certainly chapter 37 die proceed on into the future of the gathering of Israel and the writing of it in terms of the stick of Judah and the stick of Ephraim/Joseph had elements of past, present and furture about it.

LEHI: Lehi's representative dream/vision of the 'Tree of Life', that tree of life being the central figure of God's Plan of Exaltation; that is Lehi's dream is Lehi's seeing of the 'vision of all'. Nephi's abridged summary of Lehi's dream as being only in relationship to the tree of life is but a particle central themed part of Lehi's vision. Like Nephi, Lehi saw much more, and he wrote about it and he spoke about it to his family. Nephi only gives a very small part of what Lehi saw in terms of Lehi seeing it.

In Lehi's dream as reported by Nephi, Lehi sees the world as a vast field of which Nephi reports many things concerning it including the central figure of 'the tree of life'. That Tree of Life is central to God's plan of salvation. It was planted in the midst of the Garden of Eden. It was the source of eternal life. Symbolic in much things it represents, the tree of life also seeming to have been a real 'tree', figurative in many things as it may well be.
NEPHI: Nephi, having heard his father Lehi speak and report on his dream and his understanding and prophesies there from, also had the great desire to seen the whole of it also. And Nephi prayed unto the Lord, and the lord did show it and unlock it unto Nephi.

Much of Nephi's most precious things he does write in his books are those things which he has seen and learned from his experience with the 'Vision of All' presented by him as the 'Vision of the Tree of Life.' But certainly the things which Nephi writes, including that he did see even that which John did see. Nephi was specifically forbidden not to write that portion of his vision as it was to be assigned to John to write it.

Nephi's affinity for the prophet Isaiah, to have engraven a third part of Isaiah's writing from the plates of brass into his Book of Mormon record. Nephi found Isaiah's writings pure and simple to understand. And now wonder, so to speak, 'Nephi had seen the same Movie/Vision from which Isaiah was writing and phrophesying.
DANIEL: Daniel was a visionary man and an interpreter of dreams. Much of the prophecies of Daniel seem to have come directly from the content of the vision of all. How else could Daniel have so prophecied as he has done?

ZECHARIAH: It is apparent that Zechariah saw the Vision of All and was personally 'guided' through some particular parts of it which are also reflected from John's perspective of such in the book of Revelation.

One of the more particular items which Zechariah was given to write from the Vision of All was that very event of the 'Council of Determination and Proclamation between Jehovah or Lord and Lucifer as Satan who stood to accuse him. That is found in Zechariah chapter 3.

While the first chapters of Zechariah are written from the perspective of having received particular 'guided tours' of portions of the vision as distinct units, much of the rest of the writings of Zechariah could only have come from that vision as he reports various event prophecies concerning the life of Christ to come. Like Nephi who also begins his exposure to the vision as a series of 'guided asspects', Nephi like Zechariah will continue to write from the vision without such 'guided details' of such. Perhaps Nephi and Zechariah had grasped the ability to see in the vision without having to be so guided to it in all such things?

MOSIAH: As the prophet and seer who was given to translate the Vision of All as written by Mahonri Moriancumr, I must believe that Mosiah had a great understanding of the Vision of All. And I cannot place it beyond him to have not also seen that vision as well as having translated it as well.

MORONI: Moroni stand beside Mosiah, as he also 'translated' and/or engraved the vision of all into the Book of Mormon plates, which engraved work is that sealed portin of the Book of Mormon. For the same reasons as Mosiah, I give Moroni the attribute of having seen the vision of all, how else would he have said he has seen us and seen our day?

JOHN: The apostle John was given to see the vision of all and his assigned portion of it to write is in the book of Revelation. John's portion of the vision he was assigned to write dealt from the perspective of the latter days. And though it parallel's some of Zechariah's writings Zecahriah writes of his vision(s), if one takes to studying the two accounts, many distinct diferences are also to be noted. It is partly likely to the two separated perspectives of the men and what they were given to write.

JOSEPH SMITH: Joseph Smith participated in many of the real time events contained in the vision of all. And certainly he had many visitations and visions of things from Zelph to 'The Vision'. It is in that experience of 'The Vision' that it is revealed that Joseph Smith did see such content as was a part of the vision of all. In that vision much was seen and little was actually reported.

SYDNEY RIGDON: Sydney saw the vision with Joseph as a second witness that it was being received for it was only open to the two of them. Joseph seemed to take the lead in that visionary experience pointing out things to Sydney even though Sydney would respond by also pointing out things to Joseph.

Joseph commented that Sydney was not as use to it as was Joseph could well be seen as evidence that Joseph's experience with such visionary access had not been limited to just that one day's events. Certainly Joseph held in his hands and used the very instrument of visionary sorce, the Urium and Thummin.


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