The Vision of All

presented by Don R. Hender

A General Introduction

"...the tree of the midst of the garden..."
~ Genesis 2:9; Moses 3:9; Abraham 5:9

"...also others who have been, to them hath he shown all things, and they have written them;..."
~ 1 Nephi 14:26 ~

 Once you have determined that the Vision of All can be seen upon a central model to be viewed all at once as an 'Eternal Now' of beholding past, present and future together as God sees and understands all things, it becomes a matter of fitting together the whole of it from beginning to end. The central figure of that all encompassing model is 'LIFE'. It can be stated as Eternal Life and it may be envisioned as a 'Tree of Life'. And all things may be properly fit upon that visionary model from the preexistance to the final and great judgment into the glories of the eternal kingdom of God. Whether it be Isaiah's plotting of items here and there from out of the whole of the vision, to Lehi and Nephi seeing it from the central perspective of the Tree of Life, to John's revelatory concentration upon the last days events. It may all properly fit and be relationary each item to each other in the grand perspective of all things past, present and future before your eyes together upon, as it where, a sea of glass.

We see 'visions' on a sea of glass daily on screens of up to 70" and even greater. They are in ultra high definition and even 3-D imagery. And we don't even think twice about it. Certainly God is able to supply to man such visionary experiences. And most likely of greater effects of virtual positioning and envolvement. Ether dwelt in a cave away from the action of the last days of self-anilation of the Jaredites and at night he would see 'night visions' of what had taken place in the day time miles away. Of course we see 'instant replys' of sporting plays every weekend in our own living rooms and family rooms and don't think anything of that either. All things are possible with God. Why are we surprised when he can do things beyond the capabilities of mere mortals?

As seen from space, the earth itself appears as a blue marble resembling a 'sea of glass.' And the 77 section of the Doctrine and Covenants states that the sea of glass spoken of by John the revelator (Revelation 4:6) is the earth in its sanctified, immortal, and eternal state. The Doctrine and Covenants further speaks of 'a globe like a sea of glass and fire, where all things for their glory are manifest, past, present, and future, and are continually before the Lord. Time as snipped from the fabric of eternity is conceived in terms of 'past', 'present', and 'future'. But in the eyes of God who created and formed all things, this space of 'time' is but seen and viewed by Him as one 'Eternal Now' and such eternal elements and perspects as transend the bounds of time and such limits of chronology. And not only God sees such and can know all things, but God has the power to revel to man such as a 'vision of all' that is not held by the limits of time, so that man may see in vision all things past, present and future even as God is so able to see it. And on such a visionary platform, all things may be so placed and seen as one 'Eternal Now.' And such may be so plotted and/or mapped upon such as that vision as such may apply to things past, things present and even things future as they are from the perspective of eternity.

For example, lets take a particluar small snippet of but one 'minor' prophet's particular vissionary experience. That prophet is Zechariah. And that single particular snippet is in chapter 3 of the book of Zechariah. It may be recalled that Zechariah's book begins with a series of 'tour guided' visionary experiences. And there we have one avenue by which the Vision of all may be shown and seen. That is, as one being so guided by a divine angelic messenger who points out various particulars held in the whole of it. Zechariah chapter three is actually Zechariah's 4th such visionary sequence. And one must understand that it is laid out upon that all encompassing formatted model of the vision of all and how it relates to the whole of the Vision of Life and God's Eternal Plan. What is not as obvious to some is that what Zechariah is being shown is the actual 'Court Council of Determination' between Satan, the who is Lucifer the 'Accuser', and Jehovah the Firstborn son in the spirit, already so named formally as Jehoshua [that is—Jehovah the Deliverer or Redeemer].

In that guided snippet Zechariah is shown Jehovah and Lucifer standing before Elohim to hear Elohim's proclamation and His determination upon Lucifer, who will then be cast out from Heaven and of course Jehovah, who is given to be the bearer of the responsibility of the Redeemer of mankind. And in that may be seen the visionary future of the summarized 'burden' of the plan Jehovah does/will carry on down to and including the Millennial Day and beyond, which Jehovah will and does rule over in the name of the Father. {A commentary presentation of that scriptural snippet may be reviewed here.}

Now then, throughout the scriptures and even various matters of latter-day revelation has thus set before us much that pertains to and may be set upon the visionary model of the Vision of All. Another particular, sometimes over looked, though draw out from the Scriptures, is the actual Temple Presentation of the Endowment carried out in the various rooms of the temple such as the Creation Room, the Garden Room, the Telestial Earth room, the Terrestrial Room and even the Celestial Room. For those who have had their endowments and have frequented the temple to do work for the dead, this presentational sequence may be seen as its own summarized look into the whole of the matter, its own mini 'Vision of All'. And certainly is fits well upon the parameters of the visionary platform model of all things seen before the eyes of God as one Eternal Now, past, present and future.

~The Ages of Time Timeline ~

  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Pre-Mortality   Adam & Eve   Flood   Jaredites—Book of Mormon—Nephites   Burnings   Second Coming   Final Judgment |
| Alpha--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Omega |
|  Local Creation  Old Testament  New Testament  Early Church  Apostasy  Reformation  Restoration  Gathering  Millennium |

A timeline chart is a tool to use that may be thought of as a manner of placing the whole of all things relationary from beginning to end. It can show various events from the beginning of the spirit birthing of the Firstborn Son Jehovah to the ending Final Judgment over such as he Jesus Christ/Jehovah does/will preside. Such is useful to layout the chronilogical relationary sequence of all the events of time and it may be used to orgainize all such matters upon and to see how they do fit one item to another in the whole of the Plan of God. Yet that soon becomes restrictive in its limited nature when compared to the visionary sea of glass set before the throne of God, which sets the whole of it all to view to the eyes of God as 'One Eternal Now', Past, Present and Future as one Eternal Round engulfed in eternity. And though the 'timeline' is limited, especially if it is constructed horizontally, for just how many times can such fold out to include it all upon it? You certainly could not include all things upon just the single page horizontal timeline such as given above. I would think you have already began to note any number of events not listed little alone referenced in detail visual or in documented form.

When one reads such scriptures as Isaiah and the Revelation of John, one must comprehend that Isaiah and John are not being bound by such 'artificial' bounds of chronological segments of time as would appear on a set timeline. They have actually seen and do actually write from the 'eternal now' perspective of having seen it all upon the platform of the vision of all things seen as one together. And it is of perfect understanding for them to write and speak in a form and manner which may seem foriegn to such as who are locked into a chronological mind set. Certainly when they speak of the virgin birth and the baby son being there born unto us as our Mighty God; they are speaking from the grander panorama of the vision of all before their eyes being seen all together at once. That is that as Jehovah our Mighty God stands as our Spirit God of our temporal creation in the beginning and at the same time they are also referencing the fact that he also stands as our King David and Lord of the Final Judgment as well. He is all of that, past, present and future. They see him as the whole image of who he is from an 'eternal now' perspective of being our Mighty God, Our Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, etc.

Haven't you ever considered why it is that Nephi has such an affinity for Isaiah that he would write a third part of Isaiah's writings into the pages of the Book of Mormon. Or as it really is, why God would so orchestrate the Book of Mormon to so embed such into its pages? When one realizes that in connection with what we simply refer to as Lehi's Dream of the Tree of Life and Nephi being shown the same, is but that which is the vision of all being shown to them also. And certainly once Nephi has seen and begins to elaborate that vision into his own word on the engraved pages of the plates of Nephi, he is going to understand well and comprehend plaining the writing of Isaiah who does also so speak from that same vissionary perspective.

This then becomes a great tool of understanding of the scriptures and putting them into their most significant place and meaning. To comprehend and envision that they are speaking from such visionary references of having seen from each of their own perspectives that same vision of understanding of all things as though before their eyes from beginning to end as one complete and 'eternal now' panoramica breath of understanding.

Truly UNLOCK the scriptures and revelations of God. God does speak through his prophet from the 'eternal now' perspective of the 'vision of all'. To some they have but a momentary glimpse. To others such as I, we are left to build our own visionary grasp of it all 'line upon line', 'prescept upon precept' as it were. Here a little and there a little, but certainly we can, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, begin to come to a grander and broader scale and vision of it all from beginning to end as we read and learn from the scriptures and God's word he has given to man for exactly such purposes.

And we ought to be so busily engaged. For whatever principle of intelligence and such understanding we may attain to in this life, so much the advantage is to us in the life to come. God does not prohibit man from gaining such understanding. In fact God has given to man that which he may so draw upon endlessly to obtain such as the 'Vision of All' unto himself. And what will be of the greatest interest is when the seal is lifted from the account of Mahonri Moriancumr and each of us may see and have comfirmed to own selves exactly how well the scriptures at hand do present and conform to the whole of that visionary presentation so written at one time together.

In short, YES, I do have a visionary perspective of the Vision of All, from the begining to the end of days. I do not know all things. But I have learned and gained many things from God's word, the scriptures, the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and all such other items including such as the temple endowment and even the preaching of our own living prophets of our own times. To have read the scriptures but once is not enough. Read and reread them continually. Those who have not read them completely at all have no perspective of what is there to be had. And the more I read and study them the more it is that I realized that there is always much more to gain and learn from them.

It is not a matter of 'been there-done that'. You never can reach to that level of advancement that lies therein to obtain from the Sriptures and the Word of God. It is a vast cummulative exponentally advancing experience of learning, comprehending and understanding. If you are not of that mode of 'more today than yesterday' and 'more tomorrow than today', then you just are not getting what it is there to obtaind from God's Word. It all truly is the case of a mere seed growing into an eternally developing Tree of Life.

~ Limited to Man's Tools of Presentation and Levels of Comprehension ~
~This Is a Vertical Continuing 'Timeline' with Accompanying Informational Detail ~

Unlike a road map of a location map of the world, a mapping of the Vision of All must deal with events and topics of the mind, that when extracted do form actual life images of the happenings of the events. And incorporated in the map there ought to be an explanatory key and certain key oriented references documenting the 'mapped events'. To this end, rather than trying to build an all incompassing one large picture map timeline and forcing all things to fit upon it, with the internet webpage tools at hand a three columnar charting or mapping of a continuous vertical 'page' will be presented. The three columns will consist of a center central column naming and explaining the 'main events' being mapped. The 'first column' at the left of the central event colomn will be that of the 'reference key'. In this column will the the various documentary lists primarily consisting of scriptural sources and other such closely related documentary references detailing the supporting documentations associated with "God's Visionaries". And the third and last right column will be that reserved for explanatory commentary of the mapping taking place. With this brief statement the mapping begins:


Docmuentation References


Explanatary Commentary

Celestial Realm
Godly Intelligence

Pre-Mortal Birthing

Plan of Exaltation

Grand Council
Selection Process
The Decenting


  • Spiritual Creation: from the eternal pre-beginnings of birthing of spirits etc.
  • Temporal Creation: from beginning of temporal creation of the Universe
  • Seven Patern Phases of Local Cyclic Creation

  • War in Heaven

  • Zechariah 3:1-10

  • Determination Council

    Lucifer Expulsion

    Garden of Eden
    Garden Plan-Planting
    Placement of Man
    The Life Cycle of Agency
    Garden Expulsion

    Ages of Adam & Fathers

    Ages of Enoch/center>

    Ages of Noah

    Ages of Babel

    Ages of Mechizedek

    Ages of Abraham/Israel

    Ages of Joseph/Egypt

    Moses of Enoch

    Ages of Judges

    Ages of Ancestry

    Ages of Kings

    Ages of Scatterings

    Ages of Nephites

    Ages of Judah

    Ages of Christ
    Post Ministries

    Ages of First Christian Era

    Ages of the Great Apostasy
    Dark Ages
    Earth Calamities

    Ages of Exploration

    Ages of Independence

    Ages of Freedom
    Ages of Responsibility

    Ages of Growing & Gathering

    Ages of Second Coming
    Sorting Wheat and Tares


    Ages of Millennial Day
    Great Millennial Work

    Ages of Endings
    End of Times
    Great Final Judgment

    Ages of Returning to Eternity

    ~ PART III ~