The Wynhall Family

Some Things I Know About the Wynhall Family

~ Building A Wynhall Family Pedigree ~

prepared by Don R. Hender

   I do not think I descend from any Wynhall family but my second great grandmother married into the Wynhall family as a second marriage. Thus I have Wynhall inlaws, half uncles and half cousins. So here goes with what I know about the Wynhall family, particularly the family which lived in East Looe, Cornwall. And I will start with that family and generations which most closely relate to my connection with the Wynhall family.

The Family of Richard Wynhall and Jane
and My 'Step-2nd Great Grandfather In-Law Robert Pope Wynhall

It seems that Robert Pope Wynhall married Mary (Mariana Trout Hender) my second great grandmother. So I will begin with his family and what I've been able to determine about them. Robert Pope Wynhall was the son of Richard Wynhall and his wife Jane. On the 9th of December 1825, this Wynhall family has their 5 known children all baptized/Christened at the St. Martin Church by East Looe. Thus all five children have the same baptism/Christening date but of course they are actually born at different dates. Also, though Richard Wynhall, a carpenter, names all his children with the middle name of 'Pope', I can only suppose that his such middle name was also perhaps 'Pope' as there is also a William Pope Wynhall around about that same time. Here is that family broken down:

                            Richard Wynhall     =   Jane Verren
                            (Carpenter)         |
                            b. c.1788-91 Corn.  |   b. c.1783-86 Corn.
                            m 18 Jun 1809       |
                             Stoke Damerel, D   |
                            d Sep 1854 a66      |
                            bur 13 Sep 1854     |   bur 19 Jan 1861 a.78
                             St Martin by Looe  |
          |              |                  |                   |                       |
 Elizabeth Pope    Thomas Pope       John Pope Wynhall  Robert Pope Wynhall   Richard Pope Wynhall
        Wynhall        Wynhall                          Sailor Merchant Serv  Shipwright Appr.
 b                 b                 b abt              b abt 1820            b abt 1821
 cb 9 Dec 1825     cb 9 Dec 1825     cb 9 Dec 1825      cb 9 Dec 1825         cb 9 Dec 1825
  St Martin Looe    St Martin Looe    St Martin Looe     St Martin Looe        St Martin Looe
                                                        bur 27 Feb 1890 a70
                                                            St Martin Looe
                                                        m. (1856-1861)       m 1846
                                                        = Marianne/Mary      = Miriam Roose
                                                        | (Trout Hender)     | b. 24 Jan 1824,
                                                        +Robert Pope Wynhall |    Scotland
                                                        |cb 27 May 1863 SML  |
                                                        | b a.1862 E.L.      +Jane Wynhall 
                                                        +John P Wynhall      |  b 1848 Woolwich
                                                        b a.1865 E.L.        |         Kent
                                                        (My Connection)      +Miriam Wynhall
                                                                             c 24 Sep 1851
                                                                               Looe, Cornwall

Note: There is a Christian baptism for a John Bolt Wynhall, the son of Robert Wynhall and Mary, but the baptism date is off from the year of birth on a Census record he is listed as John P Wynhall. Yet it might be for the same person as there is no Christian baptism record for John [] Wynhall as there is for Robert Pope Wynhall his brother unless this John Bolt Wynhall is it. Robert Pope Wynhall's baptism record is right on and it also further works to confirm the 'Hender' connection as on his record his mother is named as Marianna and it must be close enough to Thomas Rowe Hender's departure as Robert Wynhall is listed as father but with the profession of watchmaker, which he was NOT and Thomas Rowe Hender was. Just a little slipped mis-information which confirms the 'Hender' connection as Marianna likely not thinking supplied the husband's profession as 'watchmaker' which she had five Hender births before had done.

Richard Wynhall, it will be seen below, is the appearent first born son of Robert Wynhall and his wife Mary Pope. His Christian Baptism took place on 28 September 1788 at the parish of St. Martin by Looe. And Richard, like his father Robert Wynhall, also becomes a 'carpenter' by profession.

On the 1861 Census, Robert Wynhall age 40, son of Richard Wynhall and Jane, appears living on Fore Street, presumably recently married to Mary/Marianna Trout Hender 'age 35?' (women and their ages). With that family unit there is the three still living Hender children listed as Philip Hender, Sonlaw (Son-in-law), unmarried Scholar, age 16; Ellen Hender, Daulaw, Scholar age 13; and William Hender, Sonlaw, Scholar age 11. (See A Census Study of East Looe from 1841 to 1891)

On the 1871 census Robert Wynhall has removed to Castle Street with his family of Mary (Marianna) Wynhall (now only 44, having lost a year) and their now two children Robert P (Pope) Wynhall age 9, and John P Wynhall age 5. Also with the family is Marianna's father, Philip Trout (my 3rd great grandfather) listed as 'Boardr' and widower age 80. The Hender children of 16, 13 and 11 are now in their 20s and are moved on to thier various life persuits.

On the 1881 Robert Wynhall and wife Mary (Marianna) Wynhall have moved again to Church End. He is 60 and she is now listed as 50, having lost another 4 years off her age. Both their Wynhall sons Robert 18 and John 15 are living at home with them. They would be my 'half-great uncles'.

Finally on the 1891 census, back on Castle Street, Mary Wynhall as Head of the family and listed as being a Widow aged a remarkably only 43 years old (she must have always been a very youthful looking woman to pull this off). She is living with her two sons Robert Wynhall and John Wynhall. Robert is age 27 and is himself a Widower, having apparently been married to Clara Hambly Wynhall who was just the year before buried at age 27 on 2 May 1890, just two months after Robert Pope Wynhall, Mary's husband and the Wynhall sons' father. He was buried on 27 February 1890 at age 70.

On the Wynhall baptism records it shows Robert Pope Wynhall and his wife Clara Emily [Hambly?] having two daughters, Emily baptism date 14 May 1886, and Florence Wynhall baptism date 2 Aug. 1889. On both those records Robert Pope Wynhall, my half great uncle is listed as being a Fisherman. And I guess I'd count Emily and Florence as half cousins.

Now with that information given, which coorelates with Robert Wynhall, son of Mary (Marianna Trout Hender) Wynhall, being widowed and the corresponding date of Clara's death, there is a very 'suspicious circumstance' entry found on that same 1891 census. On Chaple Street there is another Robert Wynhall, Head of house Widower aged 68, Fisherman with a servant 'Minnie Taylor' and two daughters, Florence Wynhall age 5 and Emily Wynhall age 5. So either I've mis-connected my half uncle with Clara or else Mary's (Marianna's) husband Robert Wynhall really is not dead and living apart with his grand daughters, not daughters. If nothing is actually going on then there is another Robert Wynhall about and I misconnected my Robert Wynhall to Clara. But a 60 plus year old man with a 20 some year old wife doesn't click but would have to be according to Clara's death age of 27 in 1890. The circumstance would really make for a good plot for a 'ghost' novel out of Cornwall, 'The Mystery of Robert Pope Wynhall'. BUT it is more easily settled when the original script written census is consulted and it is all found to be a matter of transcription errors. As census records are 'checked' often a slash mark is made which can confuse a letter or number OR a letter such as 'g' or 'y' has dropped a its 'tail' below the line into the next line's writting. In this case two such errors were found, Mary Wynhall's age transcribed on the online summary record was actually 63 and not 43 and it seems that Robert Wynhall gets recorded twice on the census. Once visiting mom and there recorded at age 27 and once again on Chaple street at home with his family. With wife Clara deceased a domestic servant is still there with the kids named Minni Taylor, who is circumstancial evidence that Robert has just gotten home from mom's and the 'baby setting nanny'. Robert's age here transcribed by the online extraction transcription of '68' can easily be made out to be actually 28 on the original with a 'tick-line' obscuring a careless transcriber into reading the slash marked '28' as '68'. As for the turning of age from 28 to 27 since just 'up/down' the street at mom's, it may be that mom thought and reported him as being 27 and at home he reported himself at his actual age of 28. (Ever see the same person twice in the same panoramic long old photo, once at each end? Its the same person, just that the old 'scanning camera' can be out raced by someone standing at one end and then running around the back of the crowd to the other end of the large group before the camera then gets there to take his picture again. DON'T be fooled, Robert was recorded twice on the same census, once at mom's and once at home as he beat the census takers 'home' before they could work themselves on down/up to Chaple street.)

The Sad Story of Robert Pope Wynhall and Clara Emily Harding

   I will further establish the Hender-Wynhall connection by reviewing through the records which establish the Wynhall family of Robert Pope Wynhall Sr. and Robert Wynhall Jr. and the relatvively sad story concerning Robert Pope Wynhall Jr. The 1861 census finds the newly established marriage and the then 'adoptive family of Robert Pope Wynhall. No actual marriage record has yet been found but the marriage is new, there are no Wynhall children yet and the cences record shows only the three surviving children of Marianna Hender (nee) Trout living with the family, namely, Philip Hender, Ellen Hender and William Hender.

On each of the three census records shown, 1861, 1871 and 1881, Robert Wynhall's wife is simply listed as Mary. This asks the question was the name Marianna actually one or two names, Maria Anna or one? At any right the baptism record supporting the birth of "Robert Pope Wynhall Jr. below right, indicates that Mary was indeed Marianna as she is so listed on that record. She is my 2nd Great Grandmother and her son Philip Hender is my great grandfather. Also note that on the three census records Robert Wynhall Sr. is noted as being either a seaman or fisherman whereas on the parish birth record Marianne must have supplied out of habbit that her husband's profession was that of a 'watchmaker'. That was the profession of Thomas Rowe Hender my 2nd great grandfather.

On the 1871 census record, the three Hender children all now in their twenties are living elsewhere and Robert and Mary's two sons are listed with the family as Robert P [Pope] Wynhall and John p [Pope] Wynhall. Also residing with the family as a 'Boardr' is Mary's father, Philip Trout. And on the 1881 census only Robert and Mary and their two teenage sons, Robert and John, are living together.

Following this first set of records solidly establishing the family relationships are another set of records which help in telling the 'sad' tell of Robert Pope Wynhall Jr. Each of these will have an accompanying bit of story and explanation added to them. They are the church records and related census records which support the story of Clara Emily Harding baptism and birth related record, the marriage record of Robert Pope Wynhall and Clara Emily Harding, the birth records of their two daughters, the death burial record of Clara Harding Wnyhall, the related death record of Robert Pope Wnyhall sr. and the 'families' 1891 census records.

1861 Census - East Looe Forestreet: Robert Wynhall, Head, M, 40, Sailr Merchant Serv, E Looe Mary Wynhall, Wife, M, 35, wife of above, East Looe Corn Philip Hender, Sonlaw, U, 16, Scholar, East Looe Cornwall Ellen Hender, Daulaw, 13, Scholar, East Looe Cornwall William Hender, Sonlaw, 11, Scholar, East Looe Cornwall
1871 Census - East Looe: Castle Street: Robert Wynhall, Head, M, 50, Fishermn, East Looe Corn Mary Wynhall, Wife, M, 44, East Looe Cornwall Robert P Wynhall, Son, 9, East Looe Cornwall John P Wynhall, Son, 5, East Looe Cornwall Philip Trout, Boardr, W. 80, Ship Agent, Helberton Devon
1881 Census - East Looe Church End: Robert Wynhall, Head, M, 60, Fishermn RNR Pension, E Looe Mary Wynhall, Wife, M, 50, East Looe Cornwall Robert Wynhall, son, S, 18, Fisherman, East Looe Cornwall John Wynhall, son, S, 15, Fisherman, East Looe Cornwall
1891 Census - East Looe Castle Street: Mary Wynhall, Head, W, 43, Living On Own Means,E Looe Robert Wynhall,Son,W,27,,Fisherman,Employed,East Looe John Wynhall,Son,S,25,,Fisherman,Employed,East Looe Laura Toms, Grndau, S, 8, East Looe Cornwall

OPC Baptisms database
Day Month 27-May Year 1863 Parish Or Reg District Looe Forename Robert Pope Surname WYNHALL Sex Father Forename Robert Mother Forename Marianne Residence East Looe Father Rank Profession Watchmaker Notes Transcriber Notes Transcriber Sue Dent
Day Month 08-Sep Year 1869 Parish/Reg Dist Looe Forename John Bolt Surname WYNHALL Sex Father Forename Robert Mother Forename Mary Residence East Looe Father Rank Pro Sailor Notes Trans Notes Transcriber Sue Dent

Robert Pope Wynhall = Mary Ana Hender nee Trout Sailor | b abt 1820 | cb 9 Dec 1825 | cb 3 Nov 1825 St Martin Looe | St Martin Looe m abt 1860 | d Feb 1890 a70 | d Jan 1903 a76/8 db 27 Feb 1890 | db 25 Jan 1903 St Martin Looe | St Martin Looe | ________________|__________ | | Robert Pope Wynhall John Bolt/Pope Wynhall b Apr 1862 b 1865 cb 27 May 1863 cb 8 Sep 1869 Looe Looe m 10 Mar 1884 m 1891 4th qtr East Looe Chap (Liskeard) = Clara Emily Harding = Mary Elizabeth Soady m 1891a d 10 Dec 1937 db 13 Dec 1937 a72 = Louisa St Martin by Looe
OPC Baptisms database Day Month 14-Dec Year 1862 Parish/Reg Dist Looe Forename Clara Emily Surname HARDING Sex Father Forename Henry Mother Forename Elizabeth Residence East Looe Fthr Profession Mariner Notes Transcr. Notes Transcriber Sue Dent

Clara Emily Harding bap 14 Dec 1862 Father Henry Harding Mother Elizabeth
OPC Mariage Banns database Parish/Reg Dist Looe Year 1884 Groom Fn Robert Pope Groom Sn WYNHALL Groom Residence otp Grm Cond/Occup Bachelor Bride Fn Clara Emily Bride Sn HARDING Bride Residence otp Brd Cond/Occup Spinster Day Month 1 24-Feb Day Month 2 02-Mar Day Month 3 09-Mar Other Info Transcrib Notes Dis Church East Looe- West Looe Transcriber Sue Dent

Clara Emily Harding Banns & Marriage 1884 Robert Pope Wynhall
More information about record 1008433 in Marriages database Day Month 10-Mar Year 1884 Parish/Reg Dist East Looe Chapelry Groom Fn Robert Pope Groom Sn WYNHALL Groom Age Full Age Groom Residence East Looe Groom Condition bachelor Groom Rank Pro Fisherman Grm Sign/Mark(S/M) S Groom Father Name Robert Grm Fthr Rank Pro Fisherman Bride Fn Clara Emily Bride Sn HARDING Bride Age Full Age Bride Residence East Looe Bride Condition spinster Bride Rank Pro Brd Sign/Mark(S/M) S Bride Father Name Henry Brd Fthr Rank Pro Sailor Banns/Licence(B/L) B Witness Fn1 Benjamin Witness Sn1 Menhennick (mark) Witness Fn2 Kate Witness Sn2 Menhennick (mark) Other Information Transcriber Notes Transcriber Sue Dent
OPC Baptisms database Day Month 14-May Year 1886 Parish/Reg Dist Looe Forename Emily Surname WYNHALL Sex Father Fname Robert Pope Mother Fname Clara Emily Residence East Looe Fthr Rank/Pro Fisherman Notes Transcrib Note Transcriber Sue Dent

Emily Wynhall bap 14 May 1886 F Robert Pope Wynhall M Clara Emily Harding
OPC Baptisms database Day Month 02-Aug Year 1889 Parish/Reg Dist Looe Forename Florence Surname WYNHALL Sex Fthr Fname Robert Pope Mthr Fname Clara Residence East Looe Fthr Rank/Pro Fisherman Notes Transcrib Notes Transcriber Sue Dent

Florence Wynhall bap 2 Aug 1889 F Robert Pope Wynhall M Clara Emily Harding
OPC Burials database Day Month 02-May Year 1890 Parish/Reg Dist St Martin by Looe Forename Clara Hambly? Surname WYNHALL Age 27 Residence East Looe Notes Transcrib Note Transcriber Sue Dent

Clara Ha==== Wynhall bur 2 May 1890 a27(Dec1862- May1890) (Hambly ?Harding) write/read err

  Robert Pope Wynhall  =  Clara Emily Harding
  cb 27 May 1862       |  cb 14 Dec 1862
   Looe                |   Looe
  m 10 Mar 1884        |
   East Looe Chap      |
                       |  db 2 May 1890 a27
                       |   St Martin Looe
          |                   |
    Emily Wynhall      Florance Wynhall
    cb 14 May 1886     cb 2 Aug 1889
     Looe               Looe
    d before 1911      d after 1901 &
                         before 1911

Robert Pope Wynhall = Louisa ___ nee ___ widower widow m abt 1899 (2 children from prior marriage)

         John Pope Wynhall  =  Mary Elizabeth Soady
         Fisherman          |  b 1st qtr 1870
         b 1866 E Looe      |   East Looe
         cb 8 Sep 1869      |
          Looe              |
         m 4th qtr 1891     |
           'Liskeard'       |
         d 10 Dec 1937      |  d 2nd qtr 1829
          Cornwall          |   'Liskeard'
               |                  |                 |
      Albert John Wynhall   Arthur Wynhall   Dorothy Wynhall
      b 27 Feb 1893         b 1 Mar 1898     b 18 Apr 1898     
       East Looe             East Looe        East Looe
      cb 12 Apr 1893        m                m
                            = Ida Pengelly   = Percy David Evans

                            d Apr 1984       d Nov 1985
                             Plymouth D.      Penzance

1891 Census - East Looe Castle Street: Mary Wynhall, Head, W, 43, Own Means, East Looe Robert Wynhall, son, W, 27, Fishermn, East Looe John Wynhall, son, S, 25, Fisherman, East Looe Laura Toms, Gradau, S, 8, E. Looe Cornwall

I suppose Mary, sons Robert and John, and granddaughter Laura [Lora] Toms may just be visiting, and are not actually living together, perhaps just likely eating or the boys could be dropping off to mom part of the catch of the day. If Mary is indeed Head of house and living 'ON HER OWN MEANS' as the Census reports, then either or both her two sons really may not be living with her, just stopping by and visiting.

Also notice that both Mary and son Robert are (W) Widowed. Further Mary on Castle Street is living 'next door' to her daughter's family, Ellen Toms (nee) Hender, thus little Laura 8 has come over to 'help' or just be with her grandma. And by the way, Mary is NOT 43. She is more like 63 as she was 25 back in 1851 on the census with her first husband Thomas Rowe Hender. She had 5 children by Thomas before ever having her current two sons by Wynhall. If she had Robert Wynhall (27) at age 16, she had her first son Philip Trout Hender (age 46) three years before she was born. The recorders just are not doing a very good job this day.

To get a good handle on these families and how they are related, Toms, Olivers, Rabys, Henders, Trouts, Wynhalls etc. you may want to review a census study of 1841-1891 which has identified these families and their relationships.

1901 Census East Cornwall [1901 Census name Mary Wynhall, age given at 79 which seem to be 3-4 years too old.] Civil Parish E. Looe, Borough Looe, Mup. Bourough Liskeard Rual District Bodmin - Southeastern Cornwall
Folio 40 page 18 . . . 3 John Wynhall,Head,M,33,Fisherman,Employer, East Looe Mary E Wynhall, wife, 30,,, East Looe Cornwall Albert J Wynhall, Son, 8,,, East Looe Cornwall Arthur Wynhall, Son, 3,,, East Looe Cornwall Dorothy Wynhall, Dau, 3,,, East Looe Cornwall Mary Wynhall, Mother, Wid, 79,,, East Looe Cornwall [2GGM]
OPC Burials database Day Month 27-Feb Year 1890 Par/Reg Dist S Martin by Looe Forename Robert Pope Surname WYNHALL Age 70 Residence East Looe Notes Trans Notes Transcriber Sue Dent
We see that Mary's husband, Robert Pope Wynhall is dead and buried and she is a widow living on her own means.

Robert's age stays very consistent, 40/1861, 50/1871, 60/1881 and 70 at death in 1890. Only 1 year variation over the span of 40 years with that coming when he's dead and someone else gives the age. However Mary's age is not so consistant towards the end. She was 35/1861 and it matchs 25/1851. In 1871 she's 44, and in 1881 she is 50, which is 5 off in 1861. And then in 1891 she's 43 due to a transcription error when she is really 63 on the original document. And she is really more like 65, 2 years off even with the error made.

More information about record 2399258 in Burials database Day Month 25-Jan Year 1903 Parish/Reg Dist St Martin by Looe Forename Mary Surname WYNHALL Age 76 Residence East Looe Notes Trans Notes Transcriber Sue Dent
Note: Mary's burial age is given as 76 in 1903, while on the 1901 census it was reported as 79. Just another reporting, recording error of some type because neither of the two ages agree or are actually accurate with 1825 baptism date. On the Mariana Trout page, it presents how Mary Ann Trout and her sister Jane Ann Trout may be twin sisters. But Mariana's fluxuating age over the various records does bring that into some question?
1891 Census - East Looe Chapel Street:
Robert Wynhall,Head,W,68[28],Fisherman,Emplyd,E Looe Minni Taylor, Servant, S, 21, Gen Sev.,Emplyd,E Looe Florence Wynhall, dau, S, 5, East Looe Cornwall Emily Wynhall, dau, 5, East Looe Cornwall
Robert Wynhall has now made it to his home with his 2 daughters Emily and Florence. And there is a general servant-housekeeper & nanny 'living in' caring for the kids while the father works, etc. Census errors abound as Robert's age is muddled and extracted as '68', about the age of his dead father who is some 60 years older than the two daughters. Now that would make a Cornish ghost story of a grandpa back from the dead assuming the identity of the father of his grand daughters. Even the ages of the two daughters are off, both being muddled as age 5, which is indeed wrong as they were not twins and were born 3 years apart as can be seen above. It must be the end of the day, writing pens must not be working well, and the census takers are just too tired to get it right.

Here we ought to note that generally public records, as church and census records, ought to be assumed to be correct over one's own personal subjective speculations. But there is a 'common force of multiple records' in effect, which may be used to challenge and over-rule what may be on any such single record when it is shown to be out of agreement with the supported truth by other such records. This case is an example of that over-ruling process being applied.

1901 Census - East Looe Castle St. Robert Wynhall,Head,M,39,Fisherman,Worker,E Looe Louisa Wynhall,Wife,M,46,,,Somerset Florie Wynhall,Daur,,11,,,Looe Cornwall

Since the death of his wife Clara, Robert has married a 'Louisa ___'. He appears with her on 1911 Census. Of course Florie is Florence and though Emily is not with the family at the time of the census, she is somewhere else as she is reported to have eventually married George Dring.
With my own connection to the Wynhall family being estabished, having half uncles and cousin within the Wynhall family, I will not proceed to set out the additional information which I have come accross concerning this greater Wnyhall family which I am Connected to. To this end I will begin with the younger brother of Richard Wynhall, Robert Pope Wynhall Sr.'s father, which brother is William Pope Wynhall, and there families. And herein we will find the source of the 'Pope' middle name so common among this greater wynhall family.


Moving to the Older Generations



?William Pope Wynhall?

Now at this point I'll return to other such Wynhall names. I've heard that there is a William Pope Wynhall (1807-1886) who was a grandson of John Wynhall. Just how that fits into the family I was not sure. I am aware of Richard Pope Wynhall the son of Richard Wynhall and his wife Jane, which Richard Pope Wynhall married Mir(i)am Roose. Richard Wynhall, the carpenter and father of Richard Pope Wynhall, was born 1788ish and died 1854, which is ?too young? (age 18) for him to also be the father of William Pope Wynhall, I would think? At least I did not have any such Christening record at this point to tie him in, though certainly Robert's wife Mary would be old enough. Robert at 18 was just a youngster, 5 years younger than his wife Mary Pope. So it just might fit for William Pope Wynhall, with all the other sybliings whose middle name is also 'Pope' for whatever reason to be either the [oldest] son of Richard Wynhall the carpenter and his wife Jane or the youngest of Robert Wynhall and his wife Mary Pope. If the latter is the case then Richard Wynhall the carpenter would be the eldest of the family and nearly born/christened out of wedlock, as the son of an 18 year old Rober Wynhall and his 5 year older wife Mary Pope?

Putting Together the Family of Robert Wynhall and Mary Pope

AND THUS there is a question of John Wynhall being grandfather of William Pope Wynhall if Robert Wynhall is his father because the one distinct source of the 'POPE' middle name seems to be the marriage between Rob. (Robert) Wynhall and Mary POPE on 6 July 1788 at St. Martin on Looe Bay. So if John Wynhall is grandfather then is William Pope Wynhall the [youngest] son of Robert Wynhall and Mary Pope? And then Richard Wynhall and Jane would not be William Pope Wynhall's parents. And then is Richard Wynhall with his wife Jane, who names all their children with the middle name of Pope an older brother of William Pope Wynhall, and are both Willaim Pope Wynhall and Richard Wynhall sons of Robert Wynhall and Mary Pope? And this is that Robert Wynhall the son of John Wynhall? I'll draw that last arrangement up and see how it looks.

                                    John Wynhall    =   Elizabeth
                                   Robert Wynhall   =   Mary Pope
            |                                                                       |
     Richard Wynhall  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .  .  .  William Pope Wynhall
     b a1789?                                                             b. 1807?

I guess that works with Mary Pope having a child rearing span of 18 or so years? Now from the OPC Cornwall databases web site here is the family of Robert Wynhall and Mary Pope as can be determined from their marriage and subsequent family (children) members. And indeed she has a long child bearing number of years. And as can be seen the series of dots presumption above are in reality filled in by the factual existence of six children, namely, Jenny Pope Wynhall, John Wynhall, Nicholas Pope Wynhall, George Wynhall, Philip Pope Wynhall, and Ann Pope Wynhall; making a total of eight known children in all recordedly born to Robert Wynhall and his wife Mary (Pope).

                             Robert Wynhall        =  Mary Pope (parents appear to be Wm & Ann)
                             Carpenter             |  b c1764
                             b c1764 cb 26Dec1769  |  cb 4 Dec 1763
                              Duloe                |  St Martin by Looe
                             m 6 Jul 1788          |  db 29 Mar 1841
                              St Martin by Looe    |  a77 S M Looe
                             db 4 Jul 1831 a66     |
                              St Martin by Looe    |
     |                  |            |                |           |                |          |
  Richard          Jenny Pope     John           Nicholas Pope  George        Philip Pope     |
  Wynhall          Wynhall        Wynhall        Wynhall        Wnyhall       Wnyhall         |
  cb 28 Sep 1788   cb 3 Feb 1790  Ironmonger &   cb 25 Jul 1798 cb 4 May 1800 cb 8 Jun 1802   |
   St. M. Looe      St. M. Looe   Plumber         St. M. Looe    St. M. Looe  St. M. Looe     |
  (my connection)                 cb 19 Jul 1794  (See below)                 db15Nov1803     |
  (See Above)                      St. M. Looe                  d 1838?        St. M. Looe    |
                                  m.                                                          |
                                  = Elizabeth                                                 |
                                  | Skentelbery                 ______________________________|
                                  | b. c1796                   |                   |
                                  | Falmouth            Ann Pope Wnyhall  William Pope Wynhall
                                  | bur. 6 Mar 1856     cd 4 Apr 1804     cb 16 Apr 1807
                                  | age 62, East L.       St. M. Looe       St. M. Looe
                                  +Elizabeth            db 23 Feb 1816    db 1886
                                  |  Wynhall             a12 S.M.Looe     (Coastguard &
                                  |  b. 1832                                 large family)
                                  |   East Looe                              (See BelowL)
                                    b. c1833
                                   (John's 2nd Wife)
                                  = Ann ROWE a.44
                                    25 Dec 1858
                                  (confirms father
                                  Robert Wnyhall
                                  (See Below/Bottom)

Note: I can only find two records for a Nicholas Wynhall in Cornwall which fit this Nicholas Pope Wynhall. The first is this Christian baptism record with him being the son of Robert Wynhall and Mary Pope. The other is another is for a Nicholas James Wynhall, baptism 29 Dec 1839, Mylor Parish with parents of Nicholas and Charity Wynhall. It this Christian baptism is near the date of birth and Nicholas the father is the same as Nicholas Pope Wynhall above, then Nicholas is about 41 years old or older which is possible. Mylor is on the coast and is a sea port parish and Nicholas is a Mariner on his son's baptism record. Also there is a note of some notes dated 20 Sep. 1830 which makes me wonder if the baptism date if 1839 or 1830 mis-transcribed as 1839?

Now with that said, we look to Nicholas' brother William of the Coast Guard who was once stationed at Mylor in 1846 where Nicholas James Wynhall was 'eventually' Christened/baptized. Also, wherefore, there is also a Nicholas J. Wynhall of the Coast Guard who aligns with this Nicholas James Wynhall who the Coast Guard record gives a birth year and location as JSY 1832 St Helier. Could have young Nicholas James Wynhall been so impressed by his uncle William [Pope] Wynhall to have also signed up in the Coast Gaurd? Nicholas J. Wynhall of the Coast Guard has a large family, having married twice. He has four children record by his first wife Ann: George, Nicholas J., Charles B., and Ernest A. Ann died 4th qtr 1872 and Nicholas J. Wynhall married Elizabeth Stevenson in that same qtr 1872. From this marriage is listed step- children: William Stephenson and Henry Stephenson. [Nicholas J. Wynhall's birth location is clarified as 'JSY' being Jersey Island, the largest of the Channel Islands of the English Channel, and 'St. Helier' is one of the 12 parishes of Jersey Island (see map at right). Before turning back to the family of William Pope Wynhall, I will set out a suggested pedigree for Nicholas Pope Wynhall, the middle brother between Richard Wynhall, my connection, and William Pope Wynhall the youngest child of Richard Wynhall and Mary Pope.

           Nicholas Pope Wynhall   =   Charity** __________   =   William Gallop, Esq. Shipowner
           Mariner                 |                               of Hastings, Sussex 
           cb 26 Jul 1798          |    b c1801, Cornwall          a Commissioners of Hastings
              St Martin Looe       |    W widowed by 1841        m 2 May 1851
           d before 1841           |                               Plymouth, Devon
             |                   |                  | 
  Nicholas James Wynhall=?=James Wynhall     Frances (Jane) Wynhall
  b 1832 St Helier, JSY    b c1831 Cornwall  b c1833 Cornwall (1841 census says county-another
  cb 29 Dec 1839                                  source says JSY(Jersey Is.) same with James)
     (James & Nicholas James same/avoiding   = James Passingham (one source says)
      census confusion of 2 Nicholas?)         1856 in Hastings, Sussex
  = Ann
  | 1839 Hastings, Sussex 
  | d 4th qtr 1872
  |   Hastings District SSX
          |                          |                      |                      |
     George W. Wynhall       Nicholas J. Wynhall     Charles B. Wynhall      Ernest A. Wynhall
     b 1865 Southwick SSX    b 1867 Bulverhythe SSX  b 1869 Bulverhythe SSX  b 1871 Pevensey SSX

     (married 2nd wife and her two sons (his step sons) 
   = Elizabeth Stevenson b 1843 Newbury BRK  
     4th qtr 1880 Hastings District SSX

   William Stepheson     Henry Stepheson
   b 1865 Hastings SSX   b 1867 Hastings SSX

* Source 1 - 1841 Mylor Census record. Book 10 Folio 14 Page 10 on St Johns St. 1
  Source 2 - 1839 baptism record Mylor parish, residing Flushing
  Source 3 - 1851 various 'new' articles concerning Charity's marriage to Gallop
             William Gallup, Esq. marries relict of Mr. Nicholas Wynhall, esq. R.N. of Looe. 
  Source 4 - Nicholas J [James] Wynhall Costguard record
     "C:\My Files\res3\TopicsCM\g\genealogy\British Coastguards 1841-1891-Personnel T-Z.htm"
** Non-authoritive source: Family Tree Maker (famous for errors) has children of 
   Gallop and Charity (nee) Wynhall long before they marry in 1851 - WRONG
   That source also suggests that Charity was daughter of William Wynhall born 1798 in 
   Salt Ash Common but two reliable sources have her born c1801 (Census and Coastguard 
   military record. She is reported by this source as dying in 1863 in Sussex. That is 
   possible. And now with all this said it is only fair to also present what the 1861
   Sussex Census Reports:

Folio 45 Page 18

205, Victoria Cottage, 1, William Gallop, Head, M, 57,,Fisherman, Hastings Sussex,,
, , ,Charity Gallop, Wife, M,,63,,Saltash Cornwall,,
, , ,Frances Passingham, Daur, W,,28,,\- Jersey,,
, , ,Emily Wynhall, Neice,,, 4, Scholar, Gosport Hampshire,,

Now this census record both answers and settles some questions and raises some others. Of course
William Gallop is Charity's second husband whom she is living with, her first husband being
Nicholas [Pope] Wynhall. Frances Passingham is the daughter of Nicholas Wynhall and Charity and
she married James Pssingham in 1856 in Hastings, Sussex. James is dead by 1861 as Frances is
report as being 'W' a widow on the census. As for the present neice, that would be actually the
niece of Nicholas Pope Wynhall, the daughter of William Pope Wynhall, Emily Caroline Wynhall
reported born 1857 on William Pope Wynhall Coastguard record in Hapshire but there at Alverstoke
which must be closely also associated with Gosport. This cements the relationship between
Nicholas [Pope] Wynhall and William [Pope] Wynhall and this family of Charity. This is no
Charity found 'baptised' in Saltash from 1795-1805 on the OPC database with any surname or in
nearby parishes. But it is unlikely, with the clearing up of who Emily Wynhall her neice is,
that Chrity was the daughter of a Wynhall herself. And finally, there are no children from
William Gallop and Charity shown as Frances is the daughter of Charity and Nicholas Wynhall
and only step-daug of Gallop himself. This makes the most sense as being married in 1851,
Charity was age 53, beyond child bearing age to Gallop. Again, all the facts need to be
considered and not just a 'splash and dash' Family Tree Maker. The closest I come to finding
an associated record for a girl named Charity is one in a non-conformist Baptist Circust dated
23 Jan 1796 that might fit. It is for Charity JENKINS, the daughter of John and Charlotte
JENKINS, Launceston, Wesleyan Circuit, Launceston. That could be looked into but is not
solidly confirmed as being her at this point. 

And now, before I leave this area of effort, I best set out William Pope Wynhall's family as that was my beginning point I should end with it also. Many thanks goes out to HMR Coastgard and the records they keep, else such families as William Pope Wynhall would be must too difficult to tackle successfuly without making broad assumptions and subjective errors of compilation.

            William Pope Wynhall    =    Mary Ann
            (Coastguard)            |
            b 1807 East Looe Corn.  |    b 1817 Kingswear, Devon
            m 1841                  |
            d 1886                  |
  |         |                    |                   |               |               |
  |  Eliza E. Wynhall    William P.Wynhall        George G.       Jane A.        Sarah W.
  |                      (Coastguard 1861)        Wynhall         Wynhall        Wynhall
  |  b 1838              b 1840                   b 1842          b 1844         b 1846
  |  Hollington SSX      Hollington/Hastings SSX  St Mary's SSX   St Mary's SSX  St Mawes C.
  |         |                  |                |               |              |
  | Frances M. Wynhall   Robert Wynhall     Charlotte       Elizabeth       Charles
  | b 1848               b 1849             Wynhall         Wynhall         Wynhall
  |   Mylor CON            Hayling Is.HAM   b 1851          b 1853          b 1855
  |                                         Alverstoke HAM  Alverstoke HAM  Alverstoke HAM
            |                    |               Grandchildren:
   Emily Caroline Wynhall   James Wynhall        Jessie Mary Wynhall  Ada Gertrude Wynhall
   b 1857                   b 1859               b 1864 Southampton   b 1867 Southhampton
   Alverstoke, HAM          Hamble, HAM          HAM                  HAM

There it is, the source of the middle name 'Pope' and from Richard my Wynhall connect to Nicholas Pope to William Pope, the family of that Robert Wynhall who married Mary Pope including a few families since with others to still come to be presented. But for now lets go back the next generation to grandfather John Wynhall, the grandfather of William Pope Wynhall and see what that family's generation and such looks like.


Moving to Next Older Generation



From Duloe to St. Martin by Looe

To appreciate the next and oldest Wynhall family group a map of the parishes of East Cornwall is here provided. Notice the location of St. Martin by Looe on the southern coastline middle of the pictured map. To the north and west, the next parish is that of Duloe. These two parishes of Duloe and St. Martin by Looe play a significant part in understanding the family of John Wnyhall and his wife Mary. It will be noticed here that even the smallest of family movement from near parish to near parish may cause clarical alterations in just how a family name is recorded and likely also pronounced to have such a variety of spellings.

So here we go, the next generation back would seem to be that of John Wnyhall, said grandfather of William Pope Wnyhall and the father of already set out Robert Wynhall who married Mary Pope. To that end the family which seems to fit the situation with various local and last name spellings. At one point the family was in the parish of Duloe where they had all on the same day and date the then three oldest living children Christian baptized at the local parish of Duloe. Here it will be initially noticed as to how the family name was being pronouced and interpretively spelt as 'Winhole' by the local clergy clerk of Duloe. Oh, the country dialects of England, 'love them'? Then when the family moves to St. Martin by Looe Bay, suddenly there the name is 'heard' and recognized to be spelt differently again and still not the later 'more proper spelling' of Wynhall. Notice and enjoy the spellings and likely pronounciations which generated them as this family is now presented below:

                                    John Winhole/Wynhal/Wynhall/Winnal  =  Mary
                                     db 27 Mar 1791?                    | 
                                     St Martin Looe                     |
    |              |                 |                 |             |                   |
 George         Sarah             Robert*        Elizabeth (dup)  Mary (dup)          Thomas
 Winhole        Winhole/Whynhall  Winhole        Wynnal/Whynhall  Winnal/Wynhall      Winnal
 c 26 Dec 1769  c 26 Dec 1769     c 26 Dec 1769  c 8 Dec 1771     c 3 Jul 1774        c 15 Dec
 Duloe          Duloe             Duloe          S Martin Looe    S Martin L(e chap)    1775
                m 13 Apr 1789     m 6 Jul 1788   m 13 Apr 1789                        S Martin L
                S Martin Looe     S Martin Looe  S Martin Looe
                = Richard Pearn   = Mary Pope    = William Clarke
                                   (My Connection)
                                    (See Above)

Sarah Whynhall of the Borough of East Looe married Richard Pearn of His Majesty's Ship Impregnable on 13 Apr 1789 as record in the record of the parish of St Martin by Looe. Witnesses of the marriage were Charles Angear and John Wynall. This as is recorded by Sue Dent from the St Martin parish record.

On the 13 Apr 1789, the same day Sarah Whynhall was married, Elizabeth Whynhall was also married as recorded by the St Martin by Looe parish record. She married William Clarke who was also Of His Majesty's Ship Impregnable. Like Sarah Whynhall, Elizabeth Whynhall was also of the Borough of East Looe. And the witnesses of her marriage was also Charles Angaer and John Wynhall (spelt correctly rather than how the clergy clerk was spelling the name. This is as extracted from the parish record by Sue Dent. It appears that the two sisters married themselves to two of the Kings Sailors both on the same day - how exciting. And certainly the Impregnable with her 90 guns looked very impressive even in training. The HMS Impregnable even had its own uniformed marching band.

*Note: Robert Wynhall died at age 66 and was buried 4 Jul 1831 at St. Martin by Looe. He was resident of East Looe. If this be Robert Winhole above, then he was born c1764 at some location and later, 5 years later, was baptized jointly with his siblings George and Sarah. This may make Robert Winhole/Wnyhall to be actually the eldest of the family's children.


Moving Back Down a Couple of Generations


The Family of John Wynhall and Elizabeth Skentelbery (Skentlebury)

This John Wynhall is the son of Robert Wynhall and Mary Pope further above where two of his youngest children below are there associated as being his. Here again it is helpful to take note of the previous parishes map of East Cornwall and notice that just to the west of St. Martin by Looe is the parish of Talland. That is significant because that is were this John Wynhall and his wife Elizabeth Skentelbery were married.

                          John Wynhall    =    Elizabeth Skentelbery   = Ann Rowe (2nd Wife)
                          c. 19 Jul 1794  |    b. c1796                  b. c1814
                          S Martin Looe   |    m. 26 Dec 1821            m. 25 Dec 1858
                          Carpenter/      |    Talland                    S Martin Looe
                          Ironmonger      |    db. 6 Mar 1857 a62         (dau Thos Rowe
                          (son Robert     |    (as Elizabeth Pawlin            farmer)
                          Wnyhall &       |     Wynhall) S M Looe
                          Mary Pope)      |
                          db 17Feb1875 a80|
                          St Martin Looe  |

       |                 |          |               |                |            |
Ann Scantlebury   William John   Philip        Jane Anne (Ann)   Elizabeth      Edwin
Wynhall           Wynhall        Wynhall       (Spinster/Minor)  Wynhall        Wynhall
c 24 Nov 1822     c 14 Jul 1825  c 8 Apr 1827  c 8 Mar 1829      c 12 Jun 1831  cb 26 Dec 1833
  S Martin Looe   S Martin Looe  S Martin Looe S Martin Looe     S Martin Looe  S Martin Looe
                                               m 1 Jan 1849                     m 8 Feb 1877
                                                S Martin Looe                   = Susan Richards
                                                =Thomas Clogg                   | cb 6 Nov 1837
                                                                                | S Martin Looe
                                                                                | db 19 Oct 1905
                                                                                |  a68 S M Looe
                                                                                + Margaret

Jane Ann Wynhall, a minor by about one year and a spinster was married to Thomas Clogg who was of Bachelor of full age on 1 Jan 1849 as recorded in the St Martin by Looe parish register. Thomas Clogg resided at Wringworthy an his profession was that of a Butcher. His faher was Richard Clogg a Yoeman. Jane Ann Wynhall resided at East Looe and her father was John Wynhall an ironmonger at date of her marriage. The witnesses to the marriage were John Wynhall and John Toms. This is from the information transcribed by Sue Dent from the parish record.

Now given this information to be correct as to how the families tie together so far, allowing for varying clerical writings of names they are not familiar with, I suppose the information would flow better and be better understood if it began with the first John and Elizabeth and was progressively connected down from that beginning source. And that further beginning sourc begs to ask is our oldest John Wynnal whose wife is Elizabeth, the son of Frances Wynell, who in turn is the son of Mr. John Wynell and his wife Mrs. Ursula Wynell? This possiblity seem to be a fit allowing some movement of family for marriage purposes, that is John (jr) to Duloe to marry his wife Mary before his family moving back to East Looe again. And of course there are other matters to frame and check out and varify, but there does seem to be a plausible fit here set forth.

A Possible Line on Margaret Estelle (nee Wynhall).

Margaret Estelle Wynhall was the daughter of Edwin Wynhall an Ironmonger and his wife Susan. Mararet Estelle was 'baptized' 24 Oct. 1880 at St. Martin by Looe, Cornwall. Whether she was born that same year is the usual question. But if she is the daughter of the Edwin Wnyhall of the above family, where Edwin is the son of John Wynhall and his wife Elizabeth Skentelbery then Edwin would be at least age 57 at the time of Margaret Estelle's baptism. Not entirely impossible but still the question.

It appears from internet online sources that Margaret Estelle/Estella Wynhall married a 'Moore' and then later married a 'Bettinson'. Now Margaret's mother was Susan Richards, eldest sister of an Elizabeth Richards. When Margaret married for the second time, she reported that she was a spinster. At her second marriage to Bettinson in 1913, Margaret Wynhall, 32, spinster, father Edward Wynhall, watchmaker, married Albert Bettison. Her first marriage in 1910 to Henry George Moore, bride Margaret Estelle Wynhall, age 30 spinster, father Edward Wynhall, jeweller. This is 'take 1'. Take 2 is, 'It is an unusual name, but there a lot of Wynhalls around at this time. Also christian names were passed down and sideways through the family. I am afraid that I think it unlikely that marital status is incorrect on source documents? Presumably the name on the second mariage is Moore and not Wynhall. If it is Wynhall then there are definately two people. That is 'take 2' and I'd have to agree with it with no further evidence than the same or similar names of Margaret Estelle Wynhall and Margaret Estella Wynhall. At any rate the Edwin Wynhall I would connect her to is Edwin Wnyhall an ironmonger, ironmongers are not that far removed from watchmakers and/or jewelers for that matter.

Any way, Edwin Wynhall married Susan Richards at St. Martin by Looe on 8 Feb. 1877. Both were of 'Full Age' so no hints there. Edwin is listed as a bachelor and an Ironmonger, and his father is listed as being John Wynhall. Susan Richards is also of full age, a spinster and her father is William Richards listed as a 'Gentleman'. Both were of East Looe. Interestingly, Susan Richards was 'baptized' 6 Nov 1837 at St. Martin by Looe, so she may have been just 4 years younger than Edwin, which makes the matched couple even more likely. On her record her father is William Richards, Gentleman and her mother's name is Susanna.