(1730 - 1780)


Grace HENDER (5th Great Grandmother)
Christened: 28 Feb 1730 - NorthHill, Cornwall, England
Married: John HENDER (5th Great Grandfather)
2 December 1752 (Under name LISKEY
Bur: 20 June 1780 (age 50) - Altarnun, Corn., Eng.
Will Dated: 12 August 1780 (written-21 December 1777)
Parents: William LUSKEY and Mary BARRIBALL

I Grace Hender of the Parish of Altarnun in the County of Cornwall Widow Considering the Uncertainty of Life do hereby make my last Will and Testament First I Resign my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God the Giver of all Good things and my Body I leave for decent Burial at the Direction of my Executor herein after named hoping for a Joyfull Resurrection and trusting in the Merits of our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ for remission of my Sins And as to the Worldly Goods wherewith it has Pleased God to bless me I Dispose of them in manner and form following that is to say after payment of my just debts and funeral Charges,

I Give and Bequeath to my Son Thomas Hender the Sum of Five Pounds

I Give to my Grand daughter Elizabeth Hender the Sum of Five Pounds

I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth Hender the Sum of Forty five Pounds,

I Give to my daughter Mary Hender the Sum of Forty five Pounds, And my Will is that the respective Legacies above mentioned shall be paid to the Several Legatees by my Executor at the Expiration of Twelve Months after my decease,

I likewise Give to my daughter Elizabeth Hender one of my Best Beds Performed Immediately after my Burial.

I likewise Give to my daughter Mary Hender one other of my best Beds Performed together with all my wearing apparel Immediately after my Burial.

I Give to my Son William Hender of the Parish of Altarnun aforesaid All my Right Title Interest Property Claim or demand of in and throughout the Estate Called Harfoot parks in the said Parish of Altarnun to him and his Heirs and Assigns forever

And my further Will is if my daughter Mary Hender shall not be of the Age of Twenty one years at the time of my decease that my Executor hereinafter named shall and will pay or Cause to be paid unto the said Mary Hender the clear yearly Rent Sum or Annuity of two Pounds until She attains the age of Twenty one years by quarterly Payment equally to be divided and paid the first payment to be made on the first Quarter day that shall happen next after my decease And for Sufficiently Securing the payment of the said Annuity I Bind all that my Quarter part wits four Parts to be Divided of in and throughout the aforesaid Estate Called Hartfoot parks and if it shall happen that the said Clear yearly Rent Sum Or Annuity of Two Pounds or any part thereof shall be behind and unpaid in part or in all by the Space of Twenty days next after any of the Feasts or days of Payment whereon the same ought to ber paid being lawfully demanded and not paid and no sufficient Distress in and upon the Premises as Can or may be found to levy the same with the Arrears thereof if any shall happen to be That then it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Mary Hender into all and Singular the Premises with the Appurtenances to Enter and the Same to have Possess and Enjoy any thing herein Contain'd to the Contrary thereof in anywise not withstanding until Such Annuity and the Arrears thereof shall be fully Satisfied and paid --

And lastly all the rest residue and remainder of my Goods and Chattles Bills, Bonds, Notes or Demands due to me at the Time of my Decease I likewise Give to my Son William Hender whom I Constitute and Appoint to be whole and Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all and every other Will and Wills heretofore by me made In Witness whereof I have here unto set my Hand and Seal this Twenty first Day of December in year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven

Grace 'A' Hender (LS)
her Mark

Signed Sealed Published and declared to be the last Will and Testament of the Testatrix Grace Hender in whose Presence and at whose request and in the Presence of Each other it is Attested by us

Jas Fugler
William Wevill
William Pearce

The before written Will of the above named Grace Hender decd is a true copy compared and Examined with the Original this Twelfth day of Augst 1780. By us

Rd. Williams
W. Williams

The before written Will of the before Named Grace Hender deceased Proved in Common form the 14th August 1780 before the Revd. Wm Jas. Walker Clerk Bachelor of Laws Officials etc. And Admon of all goods etc of the said Deced and of all things howsover Concerning the said Will was granted to the Executor therein Named (being first Sworn etc.) Saving etc.)

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