by Don R. Hender

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    Is there God? YES, I know there is. Men often consider that question and just as often they choose to satisfy their own mind with their own opinion upon the matter. Fact is, God is whether man accepts him or not. Whether a man thinks of himself that there is or is not God, just does not matter. God is whether or not man chooses to recognize God or not. The reality of God is NOT dependant upon man. Man is dependant upon the reality of God, who is he who is over all things. Seek him and ye shall find him. But do not seek to define him according to what you think or want him to be, but accept him as he reveals and defines himself to be.

A philosophical mindless query asks: 'If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it when it falls, does it make a sound?' The philosophical responses seems endless to this question. But the factual scientific truth is that the sound is made whether it is heard or not. Yet man and the pride of man will strive to define things according to his own ego and according to his own inovated or imaged terms according to his own subjective opinion and mind upon the matter. Thus centered in 'self' some will philosophize that the tree's fall makes no sound for there is no one to hear it. Or more specifically, if one does not observe (or personally accept) or experience a fact of a matter, then that matter does not exist. And thus the ignorance of man treks onward.

But so is the life of the potatoe bug. To the bug, I do not exist because the bug does not perceive me. Yet the overwhelming reality of the matter fast closes upon that bug when the soul of my shoe smashes him and ends his very existence. Certainly the myopic philosophy of 'what you don't know (or choose to know and accept) cannot hurt you' is a false primise upon which to live one's life. In truth that mushroom you eat, if posionous, will kill you just as dead whether you had percieved that it was posionous or not. Ignorance is not power.' 'The lack of knowledge is not power.' It is in the knowing and understanding that man can have and achieve power and is able to intelligently live within their environment more fully and aply than to do so in ignorance.

Thus it is with God. God is real, I know that he is. Seek him and you will find out also, seek him and you will find him to be real. But seek him on his terms, according to his revealed words and do not attempt to create him in your image, or in the image and manner in which you would have him be. DO NOT define God according to your own subjective preference as to what you would have him be or make of him. Learn of him and find him out to be that which he really is. The scriptures and the prophets have revealed him and testify of him as he really is. That is a good place to begin. Do not begin with the inovations and philosophies of men, and with what various men of themself state God to be. Far too many who are not authorized and called of God by God as are his prophets, do seek to teach what God is to them. Too many men have made God over into what they have inovated and imaged him to be. Do not believe them, but seek and study and pray and ask of God and read his word, the scriptures for youself, and if you seek with a sincere heart with real intent, not being drawn by the winds of the doctrines of men, but by the word of God. Then you will find him also and find that he is and what he would have you be and do, and not just what you would have yourself do according to your own mind and preference upon the matter.