PETER: The Glue in Between?

Compiled and Presented by Don R. Hender

    Sometimes what goes on 'inbetween' has a signicant impact upon a matter. The Hender family of 'Launceston' and the Hender family of Altarnun have one thing in commonality. The both have married into the Peter family. The Launceston Hender families have so married at leat twice and just one of my Altarnun families has married at least trice with Peter, as well as at least one of my other ancestral families and that is my Luskey family of North Hill.

The Hender family of Launceston has ties in St. Stephens by Launceston, St. Thomas by Launcestion, St. Mary by Launceston, Lawhitton and with Peter of Lewannick. My own Peter connections come through the Luskey family of North Hill and with the 'related' Peter marriages of my Thomas Hender and Sarah Adams family of Altarnun. With both the Launceston Hendr family and the Altarnun Hender family tapping into this seemingly centered Peter nest of families, it seems good to explore those connections and gain whatever connecting information there is to be had betwix and between as the case may be.

Now there are some Hender listings both in Lewannick and Northhill as well, so there may also be even more ties there to be found out. But for this exercise I think to begin with the Peter family for which have'll have two primary 'pedigree' sources to draw upon, which seem to have some conflict, but I will not know for sure until I have more fully explored them. These two sources are that of Joyce Conacher, 'Joyce200808', which posts on ''-rootsweb and one which I have had some direct contact with some years ago in connection with my 'older version' of my web pages, and that was provided to me by David Charles Holman of Truro, Cornwall, in reference to a Peter Family history compiled by Walter Thomas with such comments by Mrs Dorothy May Higgins nee Holman. And also, I will attempt to include in that whatever I have been able to contribute to the matter, about 2 cents worth I suppose.

I will start with where Joyce Conacher seems to have taken the Peter family back to, out of 'Lewannick' and thus in part from the Ann Hender connection with her marriage to John Peter of Lewannick. And when that decendancy begins to mess with those ancestral ties back from my own Peter connected marriages, I will explore just how that seems to all fit and if indeed there is, seems to be, or isn't any real concerns of convergance. I will begin with the simple pedigree form until the family really begins to take off in all directions so to speak.

                  John Peters  =
                  b 1563a      |
                  d dead       |
                 Thomas Peters

Pedigree Furnished by Mr. Richard Peter, Town Clerk of Launceston in The Visitation of the County of Cornwall p.608-609

John Peter, Mayor of Launceston 1558 =
One of the eight Aldermen named in   |
the Charter of Philip and Mary to    |
that Borough 1555.                   |
Thomas Peter, Buress of Launceston   =
1566 to 1587                         |
Thomas Peter, Burgess of Launceston  =
1587 - Removed to Fowey              |
             Thomas Peter
             at Fowey
             at North Hill
It would seem that we have our first person of agreement in Thomas Peter(s), born 5 June 1597 in Fowey, Cornwall. The diference in prior ancesty is also apparent and the souce I have upon it is given. The exploration now continues from this Thomas Peter(s) of Fowey.

Thomas Peters  =  Ann Rowe
b5Jun1597      |
Fowey          |
     |            |       |
John Peters  Mary Peters  +---Sarah Peters
b1622a       b1633a       |
North Hill                +---Elizabeth Peters
m2Jun1640                 |
dJan1675/6                +---Ann Peters
=Honor Daw
|North Hill
     |              |
Arthur Peter    Mary Peter
b1644a          b22Apr1642
North Hill      North Hill
m2Jun 1670
North Hill
North Hill
=Mary Stanton
|North Hill
    |           |         
John Peter      +---Robert Peter
b15Jun 1671     |   b1673a NH
North Hill      +---Honor Peter
m1Jun1690       |   b1676a NH
North Hill      +---Arthur Peter
d23Dec1739      |   b1679a NH
db25Dec1739     +---Samuel Peter
Noth Hill       |   b1682a NH
=Rebecca Isaac  +---Mary Peter
|b1672              b1685a NH
|North Hill
+---Arthur Peter
|   b1692a NH
+---John Peter
|   b1693a NH
+---Grace Peter
|   b1694a NH
+---John Peter    = Susannah Dawe
|   c2Feb1695 NH  m7Dec1714 Lewannick
+---Rober Peter
|   b1699a NH
+---Arthur Peter = Mary Luskey
|   b1703a NH    m25Oct1730 NH
+---Samuel Peter = Susannah Brown
|   b1706a NH    m20Oct1742 Lewannick
+---Edward Peter
    b1709a NH

Thomas Peter    =
b5Jun1597       |
at Fowey        |
db25Nov1654     |
at North Hill   |
    |                |
John Peter      Alice Peter
b               b
m2Jun1640       db18Feb1674/5
db28Jan1676/7   North Hill
North Hill      
=Honor Daw
|North Hill
      |             |
Arthur Peter    Mary Peter
db31Oct1713     b25Apr1642
North Hill      North Hill
=Mary Stanton
    |             |
John Peter        +----Robert Peter
c15Jun1671        |    c25Feb1673-4 NH
m1Jun1690         +----Honor Peter
db25Dec1739       |    c24Jan1676/7 NH
North Hill        +----Arthur Peter
  Will            |    c20May1679 NH
=Rebeckah Isack   +----Samuel Peter
|db14Nov1733      |    c7Mar1682/3 NH
|North Hill       +----Mary Peter
|                      c10Sep1685 NH
+---Arthur Peter
|   db7Apr1692 NH
+---John Peter
|   db2Feb1694/5 NH
+---Grace Peter mJan1741/2 NH
|   c31Aug1694  =John Kestell
+---John Peter  m19Dec1717
|   c2Feb1696/7 =Susanna Daw
|   db3Jul1778 NH db10Dec1759 NH
+---Robert Peter
|   c29Sep1699 NH
+---Arthur Peter
|   c10Sep1703  m23Oct1730
|   db17Feb1773 =Mary Laskey(Luskey) NH
|     Will     (da.John Luskey&Elizabeth Reed)
+---Samuel Peter
|   c23Apr1706 NH
+---Edward Peter
    c19Sep1709 NH =Grace
This portion of comparison seems to be very little and often perhaps a matter of presentation. The the Joyce200808 give 4 daughters to Thomas Peter(s) and a wife Ann Rowe which were not a part of the pedigree I've had and that pedigree has a daughter Alice which the 'JOYCE' pedigree does not. For the most part the rest agrees excepting some name spellings which may be more per source than anything else. The only other matter is just how Peter is taken into Lewannick which will be more of a item to cover next than with this portion of the comparison.

The next listings may be of some interest. For the family of John Peter and Susannah Daw 'JOYCE' lists only one child Edward Peter, while my sources list eleven children for this couple.


John Peter  = Susannah Dawe
b2Feb1695/6 | b1698a
North Hill  | North Hill
m7Dec1714   |
Lewannick   |
d30Jun1778  |
North Hill  |
db3Jul1778  |
North Hill  |
        Edward Peter
        North Hill
        Illand NH
       John Peter
       North Hill
       North Hill
  |        |          |
John     Thomas    Elizabeth
Peter    Hender    Peter
b1789a   Peter     b1809a
N. Hill  N. Hill   N. Hill

My Sources

                        John Peter   =   Susanna Daw
                        c2Feb1696/7  |   db10Dec1759
                        m19Dec1717   |   North Hill
                        North Hill   |
                        db3Jul1778   |
                        North Hill   |
     |            |           |      |      |              |          |
Arthur Peter Robert Peter Mary Peter | Rebecca Peter Thomas Peter Mary Peter
c18Jan1717/8 c27Feb1721/2 c5Mar1725  | c30Sep1730    c12Mar1733/4 23Dec1740
North Hill   North Hill   b16Aug1740 | North Hill    North Hill   North Hill
d1749                     North Hill |               =
=Mary                                |               (Penhale in
                                     |                Davidstowe)
       |             |              |              |               |
   John Peter   Samuel Peter   Edward Peter   Susanna Peter   Richard Peter
   c24Dec1719   c30Jan1723/4   c2Jan1727/8    c9Jun1732       c5Aug1738
   North Hill   North Hill     North Hill     m19Feb1760      North Hill
                =Mary Short    = Christiana   North Hill      d30Jan1828
                (Tredis in     |(West Illand) =John Dingley   m23Feb1778
                 Sheviocke)    |                              =Elizabeth Turner
                               |                               d2Oct1837
                               |                               (East Illand)
                           John Peter          Thomas Hender = Joan Reed
                           of West Illand      of North Hill |
John Peters Edward Peter   m12Jun1788                        |
c9Jan1789   c29Apr1790     North Hill                        |
North Hill  North Hill     d27Sep1843    John Marten=Elizabeth Hender
d.aft1871   d3Mar1872      dbOct1843                |
     |      Illand NH      =Elizabeth---------------+
     |         |           |Marten
     |         |           | Will
  |        |             |                |                |              |
  | William Peter  Arthur Peter  Thomas Hender Peter  Jenny Peter   Samuel Peter
  | c27Jan1792     c17Nov1793    c23Mar1795           c26Dec1796NH  c1Aug1798
  | North Hill     North Hill    North Hill           mjuly 1817    North Hill
  |                d aft  1843   d 10 July 1880       North Hill    d 4 Jan 1875 
  |                                                   =Thos Hender  North Hill
  |                                                    of Altarnun
       |            |            |                  |                   |
Susanna Peter Robert Peter Richard Peter Elizabeth Hender Peter Mary Hender Peter
c21Apr1801    d5Apr1803    c22Apr1805    c3Aug1807              c15Jul1811
North Hill    North Hill   North Hill    North Hill             North Hill
d 2 Dec1818   d18 Apr 1877 d aft 1843    d 6 Dec 1879           d bef 1843
North Hill    Illand NH                  = John West            = John West

WILL Those named in John Peter's WILL are indicated by this color.
Hender Name came into family from North Hill Hender via John Peter's wife
       Elizabeth Hender Marten whose mother was Elizabeth Hender.
Hender Name in family by marriage.

In this foregoing section of the comparative pedigrees it is apparent that the 'JOYCE' has opted for simplicity of particular lines of descent rather than for completeness. The two pedigrees for what there is that coorelates do match will. The one I am presenting in comparison attempts to be more complete and for cause, in that Hender family connections into the Peter family are being identified. It is in respect to that intent that a temporary departure from the comparative pedigrees will now occur. As 'JOYCE' did not include all family members in these last families, additional Hender marriage connections with the Peter family would be missed if I didn't at least follow one more family's generation and that is the family of Richard Peter and his wife Elizabeth Turner. Richard was one of those many family members of the children of John Peter and Susanna Daw who did not make the 'JOYCE' pedigree while it did make the one I had been familiar with. So next is a solo upon the family of Richard Peter and Elizabeth Turner.

      Richard Peter = Elizabeth Turner
 |      |                 |             |              |              |            |
 |  John Peter      Edmund Peter  Richard Peter  Samuel Peter Elizabeth Peter  Mary Peter
 |  of East Illand  Solicitor     b31May1782     b1Sep1784    b6Apr1787        b11Dec1789
 |  d4Jun1846       b28jan1781    d23Jun1836     d6Feb1869                     m Thomas
 |  m25Sep1803      d in London   Callington     North Hill                    | Dennis
 |  Altarnun        =Anne         =Grace Hender  unmarried^                    Mary Dennis    
 |  =Mary Hender                        |                                      m John
 |      |_______________________________|______________________________          Strout
 |                                                                     |
 |________________________________                                     |
     |              |             |                      Thomas Hender = Sarah Adams
Thomas Peter  Susanna Peter  Jenny Peter*                              |
b29Sep1792    b21May 1795    c11Feb1798                                |
d15Aug1812                   =John Hender*                             |
North Hill                        |____________________________________|
                                   (Note: This marriage is now considered 
                                          to be varified like the others.)

^ He was still unmarried at age 76 on the 1861 Lewannick Census when living at the house of John Strout.
* There is a varifiable case to be made that this Jenny Peter married John Hender as her second husband after 
first having married _______ Garland who left her widowed. John Hender, the brother of Mary and Grace Hender
who married Jenny's older brothers, John Peter and Richard Peter, this John Hender married first another 
currently undetermined wife who also died and left him as a 'widower'. Thus the widow Jenney Garland nee Peter, 
daughter of Richard Peter who was christened 11 February 1798 married the widower John Hender on 6 October 1840
at North Hill, though John was now a Sadler resident of Lewannick, the trade he had learned as his profession.
That this John Hender had become a saddler/sadler is state on the marriage record and is on the 1841 and 1851
census records with his family and his wife Jane/Jenny/Jenney variously spelt and understood. Jenney Hender
died 21 December 1886 at age 88 which matches Jenny Peter's presumed birth date of being in 1798 
(1886-1798=88years old). This would mean that of Thomas Hender and Sarah Adam's family four of their children
married into the Peter family Thomas married Jenny/Jenney Peter the daughter of John Peter and Elizabeth Marten 
whose mother was an Elizabeth of another Hender line. And John and Mary and Grace married Jenny, John and 
Richard of the family of Richard Peter and Elizabeth Turner. This is only one question yet to be discovered, 
and that is why Richard Peter was listed as being of St Germans on his marriage record to Grace Hender and not 
of North Hill. Guess he established himself there?

Now, looking back to the 'JOYCE' parallels with the Peter records I have had, there may not be very many further comparisions to do. But there is further 'HENDER-PETER' family tie-in which the 'JOYCE' Peter Pedigree does present or at least enables a likely tie-in in one particular case. But first to the matter of further parallel comparisons. At the point of the children of John Peter and Rebecca Issac which is where it was left off further above with the exception of John Peter and Susanna Daw, which was presented and explored. Therefore back to the other children beginning with Arthur Peter born in 1692 according to 'JOYCE' and according to my sources, this Arthur as also dead and buried on 7 April 1692, which dispenses with him. The next child, the first John Hender 'JOYCE' had born about 1693 and my sources has him dead and buried 2 Feb 1694/5, just a toddler. On to the next child, Grace Peter who 'JOYCE' has born about 1694 in North Hill. My further information from my sources has her christened 2 February 1694 and being married in Januarary 1741/2 at North Hill to John Kestell, but with no further information. The next child is John Peter who married Susanna Daw and is so covered alread above. The fifth child, Robert Peter, 'JOYCE' estimates his birth 1699 and my source records him christened 19 September 1699 at North Hill and that is all. The sixth child is Arthur Peter, whose family I will now present in simple pedigree form before covering Samuel Peter and Edward Peter, the last two given children of John Peter and Rebecca Isaac.

In this pedigree the comparison of 'JOYCE' with my sources will only be denoted by text color. It may
be assumed that the information is from 'JOYCE' and either the same or beyond my information sources.
What information that my source and my self supply will be in blue. My sources also have
a will for this Arthur Peter, the link is given in red.

                                      Arthur Peter   =  Mary Luskey/Laskey
                                      b 1703a        |  b 1705a             [Though my source has the name Laskey
                                        North Hill   |    North Hill         like 'JOYCE', I make her the same as
                                      c 10 Sep 1703  |  d 20 Aug 1766        Mary Luskey the daughter of John 
                                        North Hill   |                       Luskey and Elizabeth Reed. John is 
                                      m 23 Oct 1730  |                       the son of my 8th great grandparents,
                                        North Hill   |                       John and Mary Luskey of North Hill, 
                                      db 17 Feb 1773 |                       the brother of my 7th great grand-
                                        North Hill   |                       Richard Luskey. See also.
                                          WILL      |
     |                 |               |              |                |               |
 Mary Peter     Elizabeth Peter    John Peter    Rebecca Peter    Arthur Peter    Robert Peter
 b 1731a        b 1733a            b 1734a       b 1736a          b 1739a         b 1741a
 North Hill     North Hill         North Hill    North Hill       North Hill      North Hill

Now to continue with the last two sons of John Peter and Rebecca Isaac, Samuel and Edward Peter. First the last child Edward Peter 'JOYCE' gives only the estimated birth date of 1709 in North Hill. My sources give his christening date 19 September 1709 at North Hill and also that he married Grace, surname not given. That is all. Now the seventh child Samuel Peter. From him descends the Peter-Hender connections of Hender of Launceston. And after this point I will pursue the descents to their Hender connection and then vacate 'JOYCE' to such internect link as my sources are depleted to be further compared to the 'JOYCE' information.

As before, any information that comes from my sources or myself different or appart from 'JOYCE' will be blue.

                           Samuel Peter    =   Susannah Brown
                           b 1706a         |
                             North Hill    |
                           c 23Apr1706     |
                             North Hill    |
                           m 20 Oct 1742   |
                             Lewannick     |
                           d Sep 1764      |
                             Lewannick     |
                           db17Sep1764     |
                             Lewannick     |
    |               |                 |                |         |
John Peter     Robert Peter     Rebecca Peter     Susanna Peter  |
b 1744a        b 1749a          b 12Jul1752       b 1755a        |
Lewannick      Lewannick        Lewannick         Lewannick      |
               c29Aug1749                                        |
               Lewannick                                         |
               (see JOYCE)                                       |
                                    2)Catherine Evans   =   Arthur Peter    =  1)Catherine
                                      b Nov 1748a       |   b Feb 1745/6    |
                                        Lewannick       |     Lewannick     |
                                      m 2Jul1770        |   c 11Mar1745/6   |
                                        Lewannick       |     Lewannick     |
                                                        |   d Mar 1784      |
                                                        |     Lewannick     |
                                                        |   db15Mar1784     |
                                                        |     Lewannick     |__________________________
                                                        |                              |               |
      __________________________________________________|___________              Arthur Peter   Catherine Peter
     |        |       |              |              |               |             b 1774a        b 1779a
Robert Peter  |  Thomas Peter   Arthur Peter   Henry Peter   Cahterine Peter        Lewannick      Lewannick
b Oct 1770    |  b1772a         b 1774a        b 1778a       b 1779a                               (See JOYCE)
Hollyvag Farm |  Lewannick      Lewannick      Lewannick     Lewannick
Linkinhorne   |  (See JOYCE)                                 (See JOYCE)
c12Feb1776    |
Lewannick     |
 (See JOYCE)  |
        Samuel Peter    =   Elizabeth Nanscawen S Dawe
        b 1771a         |   b Feb1775
        Lewannick       |   Lewannick
        c18Mar1771      |
        Lewannick       |
        m2Jan1798       |_______________________________________________________________________________
        Lewannick       |       |             |             |               |              |            |
        d12Oct1848      |  Arthur Peter  Samuel Peter  Thomas Peter  Catherine Peter  Henry Peter  Thomas Peter
        Lewannick       |  b 1798a       b 1800a       b 1802a       b 1805a          b 1807a      b1Nov1809
        dbOct 1848      |  HollyvagFarm  Lewannick     Lewannick     Lewannick        Lewannick    Launceston
        Lewannick       |  Linkinhorne   (See JOYCE)                 (See JOYCE)
           |                |              |                |
  Elizabeth Ann Peter   John Peter   Mary Ann Peter   Richard Peter
  b9Jul1812             b20Aug1816   b14Nov1818       b12Nov1821
  Launceston            Launceston   Launceston       Launceston
  m18Apr1837            c26Nov1816                    (See JOYCE)
  Lewannick             St Mary M
  =William Hender       Launceston
  |c20Dec1808           d aft1901
  |St Thomas            m13Apr1841
  |Launceston            St Thomas
  +(Link to              Launceston
    Hender of-----------=Ann Hender
    Launceston)         |c28May1815
                        |St Mary M
        |               |             |             |                   |                |
   Edmund Peter   Richard Peter   John Peter   Thomas Peter   Elizabeth Ann Peter   Ellen Peter
   b 1841         b 1843a         b 1845a      b 1849a        bFeb 1851             b 1853
   Lewannick      Lewannick       Lewannick    Lewannick      Lewannick             Lewannick
   (See JOYCE)                    (See JOYCE)                                       (See JOYCE)

Now then, there it is. This Hender - Peter marriage connection is brother and sister of the one family to brother and sister of the other family, similar to that which was done between the Thomas & Sarah Hender family of Altarnun with the Peter families of North Hill (see link). In fact it was just one generation after the Altarnun marriages that the Hender - Peter marriages in Launceston also took place.

Now this is just but a part of the 'Peter glue' of North Hill and Lewannick between the two Hender families of Altarnun and Launceston. One day I should think that I'll find the glue at the other end where the two Hender families tie back into each other trough common ancestral ties as well. But for now, the Peter glue has worked to make cousins of us all.

[Note: The dates of the Peter - Hender marriges in Altarnun then Launceston.

    Thomas Hender & Sarah Adams family of Altarnun:
    Grace Hender = Richard Peter mb. 19 December 1803
    Mary Hender = John Peter mb. 28 September 1808
    Thomas Hender = Jenny Peter 10 July 1817
    John Hender = Jenney Garland nee Peter 6 October 1840, both previously widowed. Her father is Richard Peter.

    John Hender & Wilmot Stacy family of Launceston:
    William Hender = Elizabeth Ann Peter - 18 April 1837
    Ann Hender = John Peter - 13 April 1841]

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