A Primary Part of the Everlasting Covenant

prepared by Don R. Hender

LDS Teachings, Preachings and Resources on the Second Coming

   Jesus Christ-Jehovah will come again to the earth. At that time there will be a cleansing of the earth, which will be a dreadful day for the wicked, for they will be removed from life, as only the 'righteous' part of the people will remain and be able to endure and the Coming of the LORD. As for those 'righteous' people the Lord has said:

    "They that are wise and have received the truth, and have taken the Holy Spirit for their guide, and have not been deceived—verily I say unto you, they shall not be hewn down and cast into the fire, but shall abide the day. And the earth shall be given unto them for an inheritance; and they shall multiply and wax strong, and their children shall grow up without sin unto salvation. For the Lord shall be in their midst, and his glory shall be upon them, and he will be their King and their lawgiver." ~ D&C 45:57-59

While will be a righteous life style, a normal type of life manner will persist in the time after Christ's coming. There will be families, marrying and being given in marriage. Children will be born and raised and the earth will be filled. What a time it will be to live in. Satan will be bound and righteousness will prevail for a thousand years.

The Second Coming of the LORD and the ushering in of the Great Millennial Day is a critical step in the fulfillment of the Everlasting Covenant. In that the end purpose and work of that Covenant of God with man is to bring to pass the eternal life and immortality of man, man must be raise up through and by the workings of the Atonement of Christ to a raise state of righteousness in order to attain to and abide the level of the presence of God. That is to say, the natural man in the natural state of this mortality cannot live in the presence of the Celestial state in which God lives without being imputed unto that righteousness attained only through and by that offered by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And the Millennial state is just such an intermediate state of the existence of man, a Terestrial state if you will, which raises men from the Telestial upward toward that eventual state and stature of God, the Celestial. In short, I consider that all must pass through this 'Terestrial' phase, though perhaps not for a necessary duration of a 1000 years, in order to advance on toward the Celestial state.

While the dreadfull day of the Second Coming is not that of the final judgment, it is a partial judgment as at that point only the 'righteous' will remain. Therefore a cleansing of the wickedness of the earth is requred, as the earth also must be raised from the Telestial through the Terestrial in order for it to obtain the and become of the Celestaial Order as well. Chist Second Coming initiates this progressive state of man and the earth, elevating it to a Terestrial level upon which stage the final phase of 'earthly propation' may be played out. During that extended time all who ever lived will be able to be so fulfilled through the required priesthood ordiances and performances if it be so that they arise worthy to be partakers therein. And though to some it may seem cruel to put the wicked in their place by the earth's cleansing. It is not cruel but merciful to end their 'downward' evil progression toward everlasting damnation and halt the natural man's wicked deteriorization. For many it is the only saving step which will preserve unto them a kingdom of glory, be it but that of the Telestial Kingdom, where righteousness will prevail but not be fulfilled to the everlasting fulfillment of the level of the Celestial. If no such intervention were to take place, man would be consigned to outerdarkness alone and be even worse off fo it than the followers of Lucifer.

As concerning the Second Coming's approach, the preparation for that coming has been proceeding since the restoration of the Gospel. Prophet and Apostles are agains leading and guiding a people of the Lord and they are preparing the way before him, preaching the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. Temples, that is Houses of the Lord are being built that the saving ordiances of the Everlasting Covenant may be ministered unto the people of the Lord for both the living and the dead, that even the righteous dead might be judged according to those who live in the flesh.

As a part of that Second Coming many of the righteous will be resurrected from the dead and come forth. Righteous parents who lost children will be able to finish raising the children to their adult sized minds and bodies. It will be a glorious day for the righteous, as well as a dreadful day for the wicked.

Now as to the day and hour of that coming, no man has been given to know (D&C 49:7). Do not let any deceive you who pretend to know. They DON'T know. I DON't. Only God knows that and it will be in that day and time of the LORD. Some have pretended that the Second Coming is naught because of such deceptions that pronounce that since he did not come in the year 2000, then he is not coming. Others have so selected another date, the Mayan date, now also past. It means nothing to the Lord. He will come when he comes. And it will be in a day and time when most will not expect it to be.

As far as the foundation laid by the restoration of His Church, the foundation has been laid from which his kingdom on earth may be raised. And he could come at any time. As far as the wickedness of the earth being ripened in iniquity, a day does not pass now but what evidence is spread over the world, across the news, expressed in the ways and manners of the people. Wickedness covers the earth. Gay marriage, deviant behavior, wars and rumors of wars abound. Men in high positions carry on the wickedness in open daylight proclaiming that which is evil as being good and that which is good as being evil by the very laws of their lands which they are passing. Men in the majority are denying God, that he lives. The Commandments of God are being destroyed and forbid to be publically displayed. The very nation that the Lord did proceed to establish in freedom and liberty under his name is in the process of denying him and proceeding in the broad roads of wickedness being justified by the laws of the land and in manners against that God's name upon which they were founded.

Now I could predict that he will not come until 2000 years since he departed, say 2034, but he could come sooner. He could come thereafter. His Church is continueing on in its preparation for his coming on a daily and regular basis for it will continue on in Him when he comes. Just when he will come is not the question the will be know, but the assured truth that he will come can be relied upon. Some may live in the flesh to see his coming. Other will return with him in that day of 'rapture' being resurrected from the grave as it were. The ticket to hold is to be living righteously according to the commandments of God, believing in Christ and none other. Be guided by his holy influence in all that you do. Do good one unto another. Worship Him day by day, pray unto him always. Grow in him in righteousness. Do not be taken in by the deceptions and ways of the world. They do but blindly persist in their wickedness, denying God, and provoking him to wrath.

Many signs of the times and of his coming have been given and are fulfilled. And they will continue to be given until they are so common among us that many will not even recognize nor pay attention to them, as is the very case and state of man today. No longer do men stand in wonderment of the signs of the heavens, no longer do men stand amazed at the persistance of the wickedness that is upon us. In fact many stand in support of it and aid it in its growth and installation within our societies. Such as 'Political Correctness' decries against men who speak out against the wickness now engulfing our societies. The days as in Sodom and Gomorrah are again upon us and supported by law and public opionion. No longer are good God fearing men leading the nations of the earth. They are but steeped in their political support of it. The false cover of 'civil rights' has blanketed and covered before the eyes of man just what is righteousness. The agency to choose had been taken to be not only the right to choose evil and suffer the consequence, it has become the right to choose anything and every thing and to suffer no consequence of law or reason because of that agency.

Now, all this being said in the most general and understood of terms, even so there will be many who will speak against and mock such positions taken here. But such is the nature of that great and spacious building of the pride and wickedness of the world. The strait and narrow path of righteousness is clouded in the mists of darkness which are cast upon the minds and wills of men. The 'hard doctrine of righteousness' is only taken as being 'hard' by the wicked who persist in their ways of wickedness. The world welcomes in that wickedness with open arms. It has found its ways into every nook and cranny of society. Even the Church of God is not free of it, but seems to tolerate it providing an even fuller atmosphere of acceptance of it in all phases of general society. And even the elite are being deceived by the public spins and skewed positions of support of it.

While only those who are without sin are told to cast the first stone, it is not stones that are being cast in the speaking of the words of God aginst it. Only in those direct words of opposition, calling out evil and sin for what they really are, can maintain that line wherein those that would repent can find their way to such. It is not casting stones to stand the line of God's commandments. It is not evil to raise to the light of day the standard of God's righteouness and voicing one opposition to wickness. Even a person entrapped in a wicked behavior can and ought to decry the wickedness of it. Else where is to be found the path of righteousness to be taken from it? The 'line' must be maintained and spoken and made known publically that the public may know it. Else they are but lost in the media's lack of a standard and position against it, and they may well fall into the entrapment that it is right and not wrong if no word is so spoken against it.

I myself am not perfectly righteous. Yet I can speak against wickedness and lift the banner in support of righteousness in the place and face of it. Let my words stand above my very actions that they might guide me as well as others in their and my efforts of atainment toward the living of the ways, laws and commandments of God. Let me not stand in those positions which hedge about the borders of accepting and calling that which is evil good and good evil. That line and position of righteousness must be maintained, supported, spoken and attained to even by all of us who are in the right and correct course of seeking it out, finding it and maintaining it before the eyes, ears and minds of men.

I stand in a position of striving to have as many as possible qualify to endure the Day of the Lord, that they might live in a world and time which is without Satan, evil and sin. None of us are without sin. None of us ought to be so snobish as to position ourselves above others to let them go freely on their ways upon the broad paths of wickedness without attempt to save them. Such a Pharasee is not justified before God who decries his own righteousness and lack of need of repentance. Only the repentant soul is justified before God as was the publican who did understand his position before God and plead for his forgiveness.

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