William Bury Hender

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William Bury Hender Edinburgh School Death Notice

     William Bury Hender was born in Callington about 1809 where his father, William Hender, Surgeon had settled with his wife Elizabeth Bury whom had married in Crediton, Devon on 31 July 1807. The following transcribed record provided by the Callington Heritage Center recorded his 'baptism.' And later the OPC also added it to their parish records accumulation.

From the Callington Parish Register listing by the Callington Heritage Centre

  |  Parish   |  Event  |  Firstname   | Surname |  Date  | Year |Age|       Notes          |   |
  |Callington | Baptism | William Bury | HENDER  | 06-Feb | 1809 | " | William & Elizabeth, | " |
  |Callington | Baptism | Annabella Ann| HENDER  | 24-Jul | 1812 | " | William & Elizabeth, | " |
This is the basic information from the record of baptisms of William Bury Hender and his sister Annabella Ann Hender, the son and daughter of William Hender and Elizabeth Bury, who were married on 30 July 1807 at Crediton, Devon. William Bury Hender was born with his baptisms completed before my 3rd great grandparents married. And the two separate baptisms of Annabella Hender, daughter of William Hender, Surgeon and Gentleman and his wife Elizabeth Bury, and that of Elizabeth Rowe Hender, duaghter of William Hender, clock and watchmaker and his wife Elizabeth Rowe where done in 1812, meaning that neither are most likely NOT the daughter of either of the other two parents. My Wiliam Hender was a cousin of the father of William Bury Hender, who was also named William Hender. My ancestors, William Hender and Elizabeth Rowe married in Callington in 1811, two years after the baptism/birth of William Bury Hender. That recorded marriage is also listed below as also so recorded by the Callington Heritage Centre, in the same year William Hender and Elizabeth Bury had likely conceived their second and child. My ancestors would give birth to their first child, Elizabeth Rowe Hender, in the next year 1812 after their marriage per that parish record. This is given to help aid in the sorting out of the two families. Thus William Bury Hender's father was married in 1807, his father's cousin, his uncle, was married in Callington to Elizabeth Row[e] in 1811. There were actually three William Hender familes living and working in the Callington business district, William Hender Surgeon, William Hender Clock and Watch Maker, and William Hender Inn Keeper. The following is my 3rd Great Grandfather's marriage record as given by the Callington Heritage Centre as listed below.
OPC Record

More information about record
####### in the Baptisms database

      Day Month  06-Feb 
           Year  1809 
Parish/Reg Dis.  Callington 
       Forename  Wm. Bury 
        Surname  HENDER 
            Sex  son 
Father Forename  Wm. 
Mother Forename  Elizth. 
Father Rank Pro  [Surgeon]  
    Trans Notes  Src Exeter BTs
    Transcriber  Myra Cordrey 

| Parish | Event | Firstname | Surname | Date | Year |Age| Notes | | |Callington | Marriage | William | HENDER | 27-Jul | 1811 | | "sojourner," | | |Callington | Marriage | Elizabeth | ROW | 27-Jul | 1811 | | "of Callington," | |

    William Bury Hender is also my cousin, though distant for sure, as we share the common ancestor 'great grands' of John Hender and Grace Luskey, my 5th great grandparents and but William Bury Hender's great grandparents. Now it is just absured the way some 'genealogists', as they may think of themselves, BUT ARE NOT, build their prescribed pedigrees. For example:


and just "W R O N G !"


~ black and white ~

The Matthews.Clarke.Hunt Tree

Entries:4400 Updated:2011-07-21 12:31:02UTC(Thu) Contact:Mervyn * ID: P1031 * Death: Jun 1877 in Devon, United Kingdom * _APID: 1,3997::122691 1 * Birth: ABT1809 St Thomas, Cornwall, England <6 Feb 1809 Callington * Name: William Bury Hender * _APID: 1,3997::122691 1 * Sex: M * Occupation: Corn Dealer 2 < MD Physician (see below) V Parents: William Hender of Altarnun & Elizabeth Bury of Devon Father: William Hender b:9 APR 1788 in CALLINGTON Cornwall England Mother: Elizabeth Rowe b:2 MAR 1781 in CALLINGTON Cornwall England V NOT his wife (see below) Marriage 1 Elizabeth A Peter b: ABT 1813 in Lewannick, Devon Children V NOT his children (see below) 1. William Henry Hender b:ABT 1838 in LAUNCESTON Cornwall England 2. Catherine Peter Hender b:ABT 1840 in LAUNCESTON Cornwall England 3. Thomas Peter Hender b:1843 in LAUNCESTON Cornwall England
Information posted on Ancestry.com

WARNING: Just because it is on Ancestry.com, it doesn't make it right!

  • William Bury Hender IS NOT a 'Corn dealer'!
  • His parents ARE NOT William Hender & Elizabeth Rowe!
  • His wife IS NOT Elizabeth Ann Peter!
  • His children ARE NOT William Henry, Catherine Peter and Thomas

    A N D

  • He was not born or christened at St Thomas in Launceston.
  • Who are these guys, Mervyn? Splash and Dash? William Bury Hender is not son of William Hender clockmaker and Elizabeth Rowe nor the husband of Elizabeth Ann Peter. He is not a 'Corn Dealer' or 'Cordwainer'. William Bury Hender was a Medical Physican. Look at the census records [1881 Census ED1 Civil Parish of Callington, Folio 26 Page 45]. William Bury Hender was an MD schooled at Edinburgh [Edinburgh Medical School]. And his children were such as Elizabeth Rose Anne Hender and Herbert Langley Hender. William Bury Hender was the son of William Hender, surgeon and Elizabeth Bury. My 3rd great grandparents, were his 2nd cousins not his parents.
    ~ His profession is WRONG
    ~ His parents are WRONG
    ~ His wife is WRONG
    ~ His children W R O N G !
    Are you guys purposefully confounding other people's ancestry? Research the free Cornwall Census records, the free OPC databases and


    So Where Did 'You Guys' Go Wrong?

    The Matthews.Clarke.Hunt Tree

    Entries: 4400 Updated: 2011-07-21 12:31:02 UTC (Thu) Contact: Mervyn * ID: P1030 * Name: Elizabeth A Peter * Sex: F * Birth: ABT 1813 in Lewannick, Devon * Death: 1880 in LAUNCESTON Cornwall England 1 Father: Samuel Peter b: 1782 Marriage 1 NOT William Bury Hender b: ABT 1809 in St Thomas, Cornwall, England <<< William Hender 'Corn Dealer' of Launceston NOT William Bury Hender M.D. of Callington Children 1. William Henry Hender b: ABT 1838 in LAUNCESTON Cornwall England 2. Catherine Peter Hender b: ABT 1840 in LAUNCESTON Cornwall England 3. Thomas Peter Hender b: 1843 in LAUNCESTON Cornwall England
    You just picked the wrong William. Your William is William Hender, Gentleman Farmer, Woolstapler and perhaps even a Cordwainer and 'Corn Dealer', the son of John Hender, 'Cordwrainer' and his wife Wilmot Stacey of Launceston.

    Taking William Bury Hender Home

    1841 Census

    Enumeration District 2 Borough & Parish of Callington Book 1 Folio 23 Page 1 . . . Book 1 Folio 29 Page 13

      Lower Street,1,William Hender,55,,Surgeon,In county, ,,Elizabeth Hender,,60,,Not in county, ,,William Hender,30 [32],,Physician,In county, ,,Annabella Hender,,25,,In county, ,,William Moon,20,,Assistant Surgeon,In county, ,,Eliza Wright,,19,Female Servant,In county, ,,William Rickard,20,,Male Servant,In county,

    1851 Census

    Enumeration District 3a Civil Parish of Callington, Eccl. District of - Folio 169 Page 1 . . . Folio 195 Page 52

      218,Lower Street,William Hender,Head,W,65,,General Practitioner Medicine, Cornwall Altarnun,,* ,,William B. Hender,Son,U,42,,Graduate Edinburgh not practicing,Cornwall Callington,,* ,,Annabella Hender,Dau,U,,38,,Callington Cornwall,, ,,Mary Pickthorne,Visitr,U,,40,Naval Officers Daughter, Stoke Dameral Devon,, ,,Eliza R. P. Bone,Visitr,U,,22,Solicitors Daughter, Stoke Dameral Devon,, ,,William T. Mason,Medapr,U,20,,Medical Ap,Callington Cornwall,, ,,Eliza Hawton,Servnt,U,,23,House Servant,Stoke Climsland Cornwall,, ,,Richard Nute,Servnt,U,21,,Groom,Lawhitton Cornwall,, [* Taken from photo of original handwritten census form.]

    1861 Census

    Enumeration District 2 Civil Parish of Callington, Eccl. Parish of Callington Folio 37 Page 1 . . . Folio 47 Page 22

      105,Fore Street,1,William Hender,Head,M,52,,Physician Grad Univ Ednbrgh,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Eliza P R Hender,Wife,M,,31,Physician's Wife,Plymouth Devon,, ,,,Laura L Hender,Dau,,,5,Scholar,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,William B Hender,Son,,1,,,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Robert B Hender,Son,,1m,,,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Maria F Bone,Sislaw,U,,29,Visitor,Plymouth Devon,, ,,,Jane Cornish,Servnt,M,,49,Domestic Nurse,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Susan Hilman,Servnt,U,,23,Domestic Servant,Coryton Devon,, ,,,Ann Bath,Servnt,U,,17,Child's Maid,Stokeclimsland Cornwall,,

    1871 Census

    Enumeration District 1 Civil Parish of Callington, Eccl. District of - Folio 5 Page 1 . . . Folio 11 Page 13

      53,Tavistock Row,1,William B Hender,Head,M,63,,Lately Pract As Physician,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Eliza P R Hender,Wife,M,,49,,Plymouth Devon,, ,,,Laura L Hender,Dau,U,,16,,Clapham Surrey,, ,,,William B Hender,Son,,13,,,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Robert B Hender,Son,,11,,,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Eliza R Hender,Dau,,,7,,Callington Cornwall,, ,,,Herbert L Hender,Son,,2,,,Callington Cornwall,,

    1881 Census

    Enumeration District 1 Civil Parish of Callington, Eccl. District of Callington Folio 4 Page 1 . . . Folio 26 Page 45

      238,Tavistock Row,1,William Bury Hender,Head,M,72 M.D. Edinb. Not In Practice,Callington Cornwall ,,,Eliza Hender,Wife,M,,52,Gentlewoman,Plymouth Devon,, ,,,Eliza Rose Anne Hender,Dau,S,,16,Scholar,Plymouth Devon,, ,,,Herbert Langley Hender,Son,,11,,Scholar,Plymouth Cornwall,,
    According to an index to the Civil Registry we know that William Bury Hender died in the second quarter before June 30 [June 17], 1881 [1882 per Parish and notice at beginning of this article]. As to the death and fate of his wife and two youngest children, one may presume that they removed to live with family out of Cornwall, perhaps first to Devon. My database shows she died in the 3rd quarter 1897 at Cardiff, England. Those interested should look for her birth at Stoke Damerel, Plymouth, Devon beginning in the year of 1823. As for their children, my database states their full names as Laura Louisa Hender, William Brimacombe Hender, Robert Bone Hender, Herbert Langley Hender, and Elizabeth Rose Ann Hender. Elizabeth Rose Ann Hender I have as a spinster and a death date of 2 November 1926, Glamorganshire, England. Herbert Langley I have marrying a Minnie Author with a will dated 4/9/1940, Llandaff, England and a death date of 15 February 1940. Robert Bone Hender I have being married in Cardiff in 1891 and perhaps this is who the mother ended with. I don't have a line on the other two children.


    1891 Census

    Civil Parish of Abergavenny, Eccl. District of Abergavenny
    Monmouthshire > Abergavenny > District 02, Page 39 [of 41] -
    Parliamentary Division North Monmouthshire

      237,Brecon Road Haringhay Cottage,1,Eliza Hender,Head,Wid,63, Living on her own means,Devonshire Stoke, English ,,,William B. Hender,Son,S,,32,Tatoo? in private family, Cornwall Callington, English ,,,Eliza Rose Hender,Daur,S,,26,,,Cornwall Callington, English ,,,Herbert Langley Hender,Son,S,,21,,Telegraph Clerk, Cornwall Callington, English ,,,Morgan E R Swan?,Boarder,S,,22 ,,,Edw'd Rice S. Morgan,Boarder,S,,22,,Usher in Grammer School, Mon: Portwenydd

    Exactly what has brought the remaining 'live at home' family to Monmouth, Wales is unknown. I don't know if they still distantly associated themselves as being Welsh with the surname of Hender [Hendower/Hendwr] or not. Yet here they are. I've transribed the record best I can, here is a selected area copy of the entry.

    click to see enlarged image

    Monmouthshire District
    Monmouthshire is in the corner of southeastern Wales bordering England. It lies within the 'Powys' region of the three Princes/Kings of Wales. It is that historic region from once came the Hendower family to Cornwall in the 1300s. A distance from Cornwall yet party to the Cornish, Irish, Scottish and Walsh Celtic kinship of old. Just why did the a 'modern' family of Hender relocated there in/by 1891 from Cornwall?

    A Cesus Study

    The Census is a series of snap-shots of life taken every ten years. Such is the family of William Bury Hender, taking him from age 32 in 1841 (rounded as age 30), age 42 in 1851, age 52 in 1861, age 63 in 1871 and age 72 in 1881.

    In 1841 William Bury Hender is living at home. Father William is a Surgeon, age 55. Mother Elizabeth's maiden name is Bury—son's middle name. Annabella, sister, is in the household. William is a Physician in practice with father.

    In 1851, father William Hender is retired, was born in Alternun, general practicioner medicine [not practicing]. Mother Elizabeth had passed away. William B. [Bury] Hender was a graduate Edinburgh and was parcticing, not married, born in Callington. The transcription wrongly attributed the son who was educated at Edinburgh as having no profession and likely in practice. Sister Annabella, unmarried, is living at home. A visitor is 'Eliza R. P. Bone', solicitor's daughter, born Stoke Dameral, Devon.

    By 1661, William Bury Hender had moved and married Miss Bone. It states he is a Physician, a Graduate of Edinburgh and born in Callington. His wife, Elize P. R. Hender, is reported born in Plymoth Devon-Stoke Dameral. They have three young children, Laura L Hender, William B Hender and Robert B Hender. A visitor confirms the wife's maiden name is Bone as it is a sister-in-law Maria F Bone.

    Just when life is good fate steps in. William develops health problems as noted by the medical case from the British Home for Incurables. He is afflicted with paralysis and asthma. The case report speaks for itself. On the 1871 census below William is no longer in practice.
    In 1871 William B Hender, now disabled [see case report above], has moved to Tavistock Row. At age 63 he is retired with confirmation he was born at Callington. Eliza P R [Bone] Hender is his wife, confirmed as of [Stoke Dameral,] Plymouth, Devon. We gain the names of two more children, which now number his five, Laura L Hender, William B Hender, Robert B Hender, Eliza R Hender and Herbert L Hender.

    Finally, in 1881 we find William Bury Hender, age 72, his full name confirmed. The family is at Tavistock Row, he is still retired from Practice and of Callington. His wife's age is off, but she is Eliza Hender of Plymoth, a Gentlewoman. Only the youngest two children remain at home, Eliza Rose Anne Hender and Hebert Langley Hender.

    Taken as an album, these decade pictures yield solid identification of Willaim Bury Hender, his parentage, his wife, his profession, who his five children are, and where he was born.


    Recently the family Hender family remnant had moved and was found upon the 1891 Census record in Abergavenny of the District of Monmouthshire, Wales. Other than a son's profession, what brought them to the north of that south coast county? Son William B., single, has returned to live with the family. Is he might be the cause of their moving to Wales? Mother at her age is on her own means and as parent is denoted as the family Head of household. Herbert Langley Hender does have a profession as a 'telegraph clerk' and perhaps the residence in Wales. The best I can make of William B Hender's profession is 'Tatoo in private family.' They do rent to boarders.

    Note: Though respectfully denoting mother Eliza Hender as Head of the house, it is likely due to the profession(s) of the sons that they are now moved to Monmouthshire, Wales.

    See: Hender of Callington

    And also: Hender Cousins3

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