The Many William Henders and Wives Elizabeth
of the Callington/Stoke Climsland Area, Cornwall, England

From an 1881 Census Perspective Plus

Prepared and Annotated by Don R. Hender


    Many seemed to have become confused by the many William Hender and wife Elizabeth families of the Callington, Stoke Climsland and surrounding areas. A major share of these come from and or out of Altarnun, the descendants of John Hender and Grace Luskey. They are those of my relatives and family lines. These I will attempt to sort out and depict in a manner that should be understandable. While it does not identify all of such William Hender and wife Elizabeth families, it does go a long way in shedding much light upon the matter.

And while some just cannot understand the why of so many, regardless of the common favorite names that they are for this time and land region, I asure the skeptic that they are all separate and distinct family groups, nothing up the sleeve nor anything shady going on. First a pedigree of the two lines from John Hender and Grace Luskey of Altarnun who were in and are still in Callington as of 1881.

As the two related lines display, there are four William Hender and Elizabeth families of my relatives alone who inhabit Callington. There is William Hender the Clock and Watchmaker and his wife Elizabeth Rowe. They are my 3rd great grandparents. There is William Worth Hender, his son, a 'Saddler' (he makes and works with saddles and bridles and such) my 3rd great uncle, and his wife Elizabeth Tresize (she was born in Devon). Then there are two of my 'cousins' families of William Hender the surgeon and his wife Elizabeth Bury, and his son William Bury Hender the MD physician and his wife Elizabeth Philips Rose Ann Bone [NOT Elizabeth Ann Peter]. But that is not all of the William Hender and Elizabeth combinations. There is at least one more if not two or even perhaps three. [So which William Hender did marry Elizabeth Ann Peter? See here or here] But at least four of them being of my family alone is a major enlightenment factor to the understanding of just who they are, particularly concerning William Bury Hender who some persist in getting totally wrong in every respect.

It is pretty certain that these two lines recognized each other and knew well that they were cousins. In the 1881 census of Callington, William [Worth] Hender the saddler and his wife Elizabeth Tresize is not living far from his 2nd cousin, William Bury Hender the medical doctor and his wife with the big long name between the Elizabeth and the Bone at the end. A good surname for a doctor's wife don't you agree? Here I will present those who are still in Callington as of 1881 of the two lines from John Hender and Grace Luskey, as snippits from that online census record provided by the OCP.

I really can't blame someone for getting confused but a number of problems are caused by those who attempt to 'force a fit' for the want of not being welling to do the work right. I certainly hope that by now such as the 'Aussi' seekers have abandoned their frustration and Callington all together and gone to Saint Cleer, where they will find, if they haven't already, their one true William Hender and Elizabeth Jane parentage to the immigrant John Hender christened 1813 and his wife Anne Jenkins.

With all the ready resources of online searches, census records, parish records and the like, there ought not to be an excuse to 'splash and dash' a pedigree without carefull study and documentation. Those 'genealogical services', many for $$$, who trade in such poorly and shoddily prepared works ought to be ashamed of themselves for letting it go on, on their sites. They mislead, confuse and muddle the waters in such a way as to twart honest efforts by their 'could not care less' approaches to a vary serious 'family matter'.

Well, enough said.

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