My Hender Clearing House

The 'Hen-House'

~ just us chickens ~

Compiled and Annotated by Don R. Hender

Hender of:

[Advent]   [Altarnun Family]   [Altarnun General]   [Austell St]   [Blazey St]   [Bodmin]   [Braddock]  

[Breward St]   [Callington]   [Columb Major St]   [Columb Minor St]   [Cleer, St]   [Crowan]  

[Dominick St]   [Egloshayle & St Issey]   [Ewe St]   [Fowey]   [Germans St]   [Helland]   [Helston]  

[Issey St]   [Ive St]   [Keyne St]   [Laneast]   [Lanhydrock]   [Lanivet]   [Lansallos - Talland - Pelynt]  

[Lanteglos by Camelford]   [Launceston]   [Lewannick]   [Lezant]   [Liskeard]   [Lostwithiel]  

[Mabyn St]   [Marazion]   [Mawnan]   [Menheniot & St Pinnock]   [Michaelstow]   [Minver St]  

[Minster]   [Neot St]   [North Hill]   [Petherwin, South]   [Poundstock - Maker]  

[Stephens St Saltash]   [Stoke Climsland]   [Stratton]   [Teath St]  

[Threemilestone/Kenwyn]   [Tintagel]  

[Torpoint/Antony]   [Trewen/Trewyn]   [Truro]   [Tywardreath]  

[Peter-Peter]   [William Bury Hender]   [Altranun, Hender Cousins]  [Wynhall in the Hen House]  

    Over the years, particularly in 'spirts' for sure, I've accumulated information concerning my ancestral lines and my related line names. As I've just recently introduced my old, old web pages to the internet and coming to recognize just what is out there, I've come across a number of line errors which are seemingly being perpetrated on various genealogical 'help' sites. Now I don't know everything, but I do know some things, particularlly about my own genealogy and some things about parallel names and lines that I have come accross in my own research endeavors.

For the most part, as many who have found genealogy to be of interest to themselves, they come to realize that it is not of such an interest to may others, particularly of your own family. But I do have some stacks of this 'stuff' and I feel a need to share it with who may have an interest in it, perhaps particularly to the end that it just doesn't die with my self. To this end I think I'll put together what I'll call 'My Hender Clearing House'. I'll begin with 'Hender' because that is my own surname and that which I know and researched the most about. And I'm just about ready to begin for I have the A, B, C or the matter in hand, that is 'Altarnun', 'Bodmin' and 'Cleer', Saint Cleer or Clere that is. I'll even through in Luanceston and of course those other such sites as these groups of pedigrees and families' information tend to run into.

I do not wish to step on anyone else's feet in this. But I do feel that there is an amount of information out there that is going unshared. And 'money motivated groups' are to an extent taking advantage without the personally involed 'care' to the point of carelessly 'rubber stamping' that which will get them gain regardless of the veracity of the matters at hand. And I also hope that in sharing such 'stacks' of information which I have accumulated, that someone else's lines of information may be connected and continue to grow and in so doing perhaps that will even aid in my own line pursuits. After all we are all Hender or Hender related. So here goes:

Hender of:

[Altarnun]    [Bodmin]    [Callington]    [Cleer, Saint]    [Launceston]   

If you have questions, comments or items to share, you may speak to me at ''. Just be nice and understand that I am just human and may have made a mistate or maybe even two.

this site begun: 6 November 2011

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