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The Record of Joseph

The Book of Mormon is not just a companion book to the Bible. It is a continuation and extention to the cannon of scripture that emanates from the Bible and the plates of brass as kept by the house of Joseph of Egypt of whom Laban, Lehi's cousin, was but the latest keeper at the time of Lehi (1 Nephi 5:16). [Note: And it may well have been Zoram, Laban's Hebrew servant, who was the actual 'scribe' of the latest texts of the plates of brass under Laban his master.] Now, when the Lord spoke to Joseph of Egypt as recorded in the plates of brass and perhaps the Bible [lost scripture], he told him many things concerning Joseph's seed and what was to come to pass. These are found in the Book of Mormon and in the Inspired Version or Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible from which the following quote is taken:

This is the parallel commandment which would also be given to the Prophet Ezekiel, upon whom likely fell the responsibility to compile the 'Stick of Judah'. (Ezekiel 37:15-28) So now when the Old Testament runs out with various collective prophets and Jerusalem being carried away to Babylon during the reign of King Zedekiah nearly 600 years before Christ; the cannon of continuous scripture is still unbroken as by some 400 BC the Nephite of Israel are so writing and maintaining those scriptures which make up the Book of Mormon. 'Thus' the Book of Mormon without missing a heartbeat from the time of King Zedekiah continues the scriptures. Indeed the Book of Mormon and Bible become 'one' as the scriptural record continues down to and even beyond the times and life of Jesus Christ. And it is not until that period and times of the Great Apostasy that the two sets of scripture do come to an end. And historically we have the Christian theological 'wars' of the east set at the same juncture as the actual murderous last wars of the Nephites and Lamanites. By about 385 AD the Nephite nation had been destroyed and by 381 AD any solid doctrial foundation of Christianity had been marred, having no true understanding of the person and nature of God.

Book of Mormon Proof?

In the same vein as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the Lord God of the Old Testament selects a single family and transports them to a promised land. Further the Book of Mormon clarifies and personifies the Old Testament scriptures in that they do indeed testify of, and speak of Jesus Christ who is the same as Jehovah. For example, the Book of Mormon states clearly and plainly that Isaiah prophesied concerning Jesus Christ and that so did many (if not all) of the Old Testament Prophets. The Book of Mormon is a separate and second witness that Christ is who the New Testament represents Him to be. That is the Son of God Almighty, Our Father Who Art in Heaven, and that it is Jesus who is, under the direction of the Father, Creator (John 1:1-4) and even Jehovah (Ether 3:14-21), the God of Abraham of the Old Testament, our Ministering God under the direction of the Father, so empowered by the Father to stand in the stead of the Father in all things, being the Intercessor, Advocate and Mediator between God the Father and man.

For any who have not become acquainted with the Book of Mormon, do so by getting your own free copy of the book using a link below or even read it on line. You are only getting part of the story without it. For those of you who are familiar with the Book of Mormon, study it further. It is one amazing book, to say the least.

To Mormon Apologists and Their Contenders

* New Feature * - I have noted that there are many attempts to 'defend' the faith of 'Mormonism' on the internet. Often what occurs is that these defenses end up defending only personal views and just as often not what is actually sanctioned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as gospel and truth. One example is attempting to defend some specific preferred geography theory as to the Book of Mormon sites, while the Church Officially sanctions no such specific geography. Thus many 'apologists' end up defending their own personal views while those they argue with consider that they are contending against and defeating Mormon Doctrine. In this vane, I propose to add this section which from time to time will list various observations and corresponding articles concerning such ill-concieved defenses of the faith by those who are termed 'Apologists.' In every reality, the Chruch has nothing to apologize for in and of itself, and what there is to apologize for does not evolve out of the Gospel and the Church, but it evolves out of the 'fear of men' and the 'contrived misrepresentations' which abound on both sides and tend to only further prove that 'contention is of the devil.'

* Only Truth Should Defend Truth * This is an assesment of a poorly contrived defense against anti-Mormon sentiment over the Book of Mormon and its Geography amoung other things.

Responses to E-Mail Concerning the Book of Mormon

- I have received an increase in e-mail regarding this page. Instead of answering separately, as some are repetitive, I will include this new response to e-mail section to my Book of Mormon page.

* Response to inquiry regarding the various journeys of the Nephites between Zarahemla and the Land of Nephi.

* Lehi's Landing Site Confirmed in 1822 - By forefather of E-Mail source.

* Response to An E-Mail of Questions.

* From a first of of the year 2000 E-Mail, a response about 400 miles, Elephants, and Peleg.

* Who Are the Aztec?

* Archaeologist OR Anthropologist? * New *


To My Critics

Critic's Choice

Is is not my intent to responed to every criticism of the Book of Mormon. They, in general, are not worth the effort. On occasion I will answer a criticism to further the light and understanding of the Book of Mormon.

A Book of Mormon Anachronism Resolved

Mr. Christian? Mr. Caswall?

What Isn't Greek is Egyptian

The remainder of this page will consist of references to various articles about the Book of Mormon. It well also give several web links to sites relative to the Book of Mormon.

Articles About the Book of Mormon



This first article identifies the pre-Lehi group of the land's inhabitants, the Jaredites. They possessed the land after the flood of Noah having been brought to this land by the hand of God about 2000 BC. They remained until about 600 BC when they became extinct via self-annihilation. (See the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon.)



This second article relates a replica of a Temple Plaque made of Gold found in the main Temple in Cuzco. It correlates well with the LDS Gospel's Plan of Salvation and the modern LDS Temple Ceremony representing these events. Take a look and consider for yourself.



This third article identifies the land of Adam-ondi-Ahman as God's first and last Land of Promise for the fulfilling of God's promises and covenants with man. It is suggested that these promises are related to all the promises made to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph which are being fulfilled upon this same Land of Promise today, and that it needs be a central part of the Book of Mormon Land of Promise of Lehi as his promises are of the promises of the seed of Joseph also. It puts forth the question of, 'Are not these the great promises of the Book of Mormon's land of promise? This article contends that they are and that they should stand as a doctrinal key to the geography of the Book of Mormon.


These are some good BoM and LDS connections to other home pages.

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