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Before considering the Geography of the Book of Mormon, one must first know for sure that the Book of Mormon is true. The geography of the Book of Mormon, and to know of it, is not a confirming testimony to the Book of Mormon. And the various 'theories' of Book of Mormon geography is no place to try to develop a testimony and verify the truthfulness of that book. If you do not have a solid foundation of testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon then please click on the above link controlled by the title 'First Comes Truth' before going further into the study of the Book of Mormon Geography.

T H E S E       A M E R I C A S

God's Land of Promise ~ The Lord's Latter-day Zion









Various sources from the 'Historical LDS Church' have put forth certain 'facts' and 'suppositions' regarding the Geography of the Book of Mormon, including the location of the hill of Cumorah. It is the purpose of this site to share information relative to the Geography of the Book of Mormon in a manner 'True To the Faith of our Fathers' and consistent to the truth of the past, without destroying the faith worthy LDS members have placed and should continue to place in the early Leaders and General Authorities of Christ's Church of the restored gospel. This gospel fulfills the promises made of old to Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Ephraim and etc.

In an 'Era of Academic Intellectualism' where the wisdom of the world is used to judge and discredit the credibility and integrity of the 'Historical LDS Church,' the early LDS Leadership, and the Church's General Authorities, this site will take an alternative approach. It will place the words and statements of the early Church, its leaders, and the General Authorities of the Church above the theoretical prowess of the learning of men. In such an approach, the scriptures and the words of the Lord's Anointed will be considered over and above any opposing 'intellectually derived, dissected, analyzed, and contrived assertions and theorized conclusions.'

No current map of the Book of Mormon Geography is sanctioned by the LDS Church. This allows theorization. I once favored a 'Limited Middle America Geography.' Today I do not. Despite 'zealous pronouncements' by some opinionated theorists, all such ideas, including my own, are strictly 'theory', and ARE NOT divinely sanctioned. All faithful Latter-day Saints await the day when the Lord will reveal to his servants, the Prophets, the truth of the matter. They are the source of the matter. And at that day, we will all overwhelmingly put aside any false concepts and opinions, and accept and adhere to the Official Declaration.                                           ~ Don R. Hender










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Laying A Foundation of Scriptural Understanding

   ~ [Pre-Amble ~ Why?]
   ~ [Book of Mormon Proof]
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Preface & Forewards 
   ~ Mormon's Internal Map   N
   ~ Theories of Geograhphy   U
   ~ Short Geography Summary   N
   ~ Detailed Geography Summary   C
   ~ Criteria for Consideration   N
   ~ Squaring with the Revelations   N
   ~ Population and Demagraphics
   ~ Offical Stance & Disconcertment
Logic of the Land 
   ~ Land of Adam   A
   ~ Putting It Together   A
   ~ Once One Land - Take 1
   ~ Once One Land - Take 2
   ~ Once One Land - Take 3   A
   ~ Jacob's Island and
   ~ The Great Amazon Sea   A
   ~ Distances Traveled

Lehi's and Nephi's World

Lehi's Old World Geography 
   ~ Lehi's Land of Inheritence
   ~ Jerusalem to Lenuel Valley
   ~ Logic of Valley of Lemuel
   ~ From Lemuel to Bountiful #1
   ~ Bountiful #1
Lehi's Landing Site 
   ~ From Bountiful to Bountiful   A
   ~ Land of Lehi's Landing   A
   ~ The Narrow Neck of Land   N
   ~ Logic of the Narrow Neck   A
   ~ Lehi and the Child   A
   ~ Chile Landing Site : Myth   A
Land of Lehi & Nephi 
   ~ Land of First Inheritance   C
   ~ Chavin, Land of Nephi
   ~ Land of Limhi
   ~ Land of the Lamanites
   ~ Peru's Mysteries
   ~ Easter Island

Zarahemla - Land of the Nephites

(Of all the Lands of the Book of Mormon, only the Nation of Zarahemla is described in enough detail to form a mapping relationship. Perhaps it is the only Land which is geographically similar to what it was before the great destruction.)

Book of Mormon Geography 101 NEW

Basic Geographic Nature of the Nation of Zarahemla

Events And Land of Zarahemla 
   ~ Colonization of Zarahemla   N
   ~ Alma the Younger's Missions
   ~ Early Zaramela Wars
   ~ Wars of Captain Moroni
   ~ Later Wars in the Land
   ~ Tavels in the Land
   ~ Effects of Shipping Industry
Land of Zarahemla 
   ~ Zarahemla & Colombia   A
   ~ River Sidon   A
   ~ Logic of Hermounts
   ~ The City Locations
   ~ Logic of Manti
   ~ Land Bountiful
   ~ Narrow Neck Revisited
   ~ ONIDAH   N
Post Destruction Zarahemla 
   ~ Catostrophic Destruction
   ~ The Land's Environment
   ~ Land of Utopia
   ~ Mormon's Zarahela
   ~ Post Nephite Zarahemla
   ~ European Colombia

Lands - Peoples - Etceteras

The Land Northward 
   ~ Land of Adam
   ~ Land of the Jaredites
   ~ Landing of the Mulekites
   ~ Land North of the Nephites
   ~ Kingdoms of Central America
   ~ Land of Many Waters
Land of Cumorah 
   ~ The Hill Ramah
   ~ Course of Nephite Last Battles
   ~ The Hill Cumorah   C
   ~ From the Dust of the Earth
   ~ Mormon's Timeline
   ~ The March of Blood   U
   ~ Moroni's Last Days   N
   ~ Modern Comorah
Lamanites & Their Land 
   ~ A Lamanite Perspective   
   ~ Descenting Nephties   
   ~ The Ishmaelites   
   ~ Lamanite Lands
   ~ Nephite Destroyers
   ~ Kingdom Builders
   ~ Lamanite Persecution
The Jaredites 
   ~ Tower of Babel
   ~ Barges of the Jaredites
   ~ Land of the Jaredites
   ~ Kingdoms of the Jaredites
   ~ Logic of the Last Battles
   ~ Land of Desolation
   ~ Coriantumr's Journey
Related Topics 
   ~ Time Misnomer   A
   ~ They Are One People   A
   ~ Much To Do About Something   A
   ~ Hagoth & Polynesia
   ~ The Great Destruction
   ~ BoM Timeline / Anachronism
   ~ Temples & Towers
   ~ Mayan & Aztec NOT Nephite   N
   ~ Extinct American Animals   N
   ~ Olmec Are Jaredites   A
   ~ Who Are the Aztec?   N
   ~ Earth Divided
   ~ Ziggurats & Pyramids
   ~ Dr. Sydney B. Sperry   N
   ~ Death Wish / Last Alternative   N

W H Y ?

The Book of Mormon Geography has not been revealed, and the LDS Church takes no official position on where the exact Book of Mormon lands are located. We do surmise they are located in the Americas for the Book of Mormon testifies of the coming of Columbus to the promised land and that the 'Gentiles' would be brought unto this land of promise, which has occurred. So why take the time to study the Book of Mormon geography today? The truthfulness of the book does not depend upon it. The gospel, which is primary, is independent of it. We really never need to know the details of it, and chances are that the detailed descriptions of the lands prior to the destruction at the death of Christ may not be applicable today, as the whole face of the land was changed to a great extent. So why?

So why study and concern your self with the Book of Mormon geography? Why argue over land sites according to our own various personal opinions? Is it just that we want to know or need to know? Or are there some better reasons?

Some make money on the issue of the Book of Mormon Geography by being able to argue their issues the best and by selling books, maps, and related items about their theory or model even though the Church 'Officially' states no sanctioned opinion on the matter. Religious research societies do make it an issue to the extent of discrediting various Church Authorities and Church statements and publications on the matter of it both past and present. And whether one wishes to put their head in the sand and ignore the issue or not, the Church is under constant influence by those who do decide to make it an issue. Of course on the one hand even they state it is not an issue, and then on the other hand they publish consistently that which continues to support their personal views on the matter as though the 'know' with absolute assurance that their position is correct and regardless of other past and present statements to the contrary, theirs is 'the correct model.'

Now, those who wish to sit back and be led without the process of personal involvement will deserve what they get. And today, it seems that if a 'learned' professor connected to BYU states a prognosis, those who are so easily led willfully accept the concept without any personal thought or consideration of the past publications and statements by the Church and the Church's anointed upon the matter, Which seems to turn the structure of the Church upside down, basing 'belief' on 'intellectually contrivance, determination, dissection, and analysis' rather than upon what comes from those who are in the proper position of authority on the matter.

One Reason

(Least We Forget)

And such reliance of religious belief upon that which is basically intellectually determined is but one reason for involvement in the question of what is, and what is not proper Book of Mormon Geographical information. Two months before his death, President Brigham Young revealed a confidence which had been kept by a number of persons on a certain matter. President Young stated that he took such a liberty of disclosure for a purpose. And that purpose was that such information would not be 'forgotten' or 'lost.' Now today, we are in danger of losing that information in the Church due to the propagation such theories of the Book of Mormon Geography which would deny as truth that which President Brigham Young was so concerned about us losing track of and forgetting. And this because only one 'myopic' theory of the Book of Mormon Geography is actively being promoted in conjunction with the Church's Educational Institutions while any other such theory which would help to preserve that which such leaders as President Young would not have us lose track of. This is one 'good' reason to become involved in the question of Book of Mormon Geography. For either we do get involve, rather than passively sitting on the side line under the assumption that such does not really matter, or we are in absolute danger of losing that which is a part of our religious heritage and background.

Now I do not believe that I am over reacting to this issue. For I see and read in the reports information which is changing the past history of the Church in a manner that favors one such myopic theory at the expense of complete ignorance and denial of the absolute fact of the matter. The putting forth of a theory is one matter, but to distort and destroy the truth of history to do so is quite another, and there are those who are just that dogmatic in their presentation that they so distort and change that which is the truth of religious history into a fiction which best suits their own contrivances. And the greatest danger is that those who know better are of the disposition to passively sit by and let it happen. Too often has a minority prevailed upon a majority with such lobbying tactics. And at least I for one have determined that I cannot sit idly by and ignore the facts of the matter that tend to rob us of those things that should not be 'lost' and 'forgotten' such as that which President Brigham Young and others of the Church both passed and present have taught, revered, and proclaimed as the Lord's anointed just because an 'intellectually basis society' has determined to displace such with their own contrivance and 'theory' upon the matter.

Now the other question, at hand is, 'Is a known geography of the Book of Mormon needed to know of the book's truthfulness and to gain the religious benefit from the text? And the obvious answer is no, it is not required. So we really do not need proof of the actual land sites. Regardless of geography, skeptics thwart the Bible as not being true and we know an awful lot about the Biblical lands of the Old and New Testaments. The addition of actual land sites does little to persuade them. Fact is, if you don't know of the truthfulness of the matter from other than physical evidence, then you'll always be seeking, defending your position and you will always be challenged about what you believe. So of what benefit is having a knowledge of actual geography going to yield?

~ Is the Book of Mormon true? Here is your proof! ~

Does having physical evidence make something 'more true' if it is already true? Does physical evidence actually strengthen conviction? What is stronger, what you can hold in your hand or that which your soul knows by the witness of the Spirit of God to your very inner being? Which is more real, the burning testimony of truth from God or the physical evidence of something? The senses can always be deceived. Can such deception exist in the testimony of the Holy Ghost to your heart and soul? Those who are skeptical as to such things may never learn of their existence. For it is by faith that such things are accomplished and when one refuses to exercise their own faith then they must needs be lost to the spiritual things of God and His Kingdom. Perhaps it is better that the geography of the Book of Mormon never be found or revealed. Because if left unknown, it would always be placed upon the basis of the exercise of faith to come to know of its truthfulness and not on overwhelming physical evidence. And is that not where it should be, based on the spiritual and not the physical? And even with all the 'physical evidence' of the world, men who are of such disposition will continue to argue the pros and cons of the matter based upon their own dissection and analysis of the matter. So 'knowing' the geography does not solve the question of the truth of the Book of Mormon for men would still chose to interpret such known geography according to their own minds on the matter.

A Second Reason

(Making It Live)

Yet I already have that spiritual testimony of the Book of Mormon and know that it is true based on the witness of the Holy Ghost to my spirit and soul, and so now I want to know of the lands of the Book of Mormon. I want to feel that additional feeling and understanding of knowing whereof these people walked and talked and lived. Not in a manner to increase the truth of the matter to me, but in a way that brings more life and more color to the pages of the Book of Mormon by placing the events in their tangible natural settings. It is the added feeling, understanding, and appreciation one gets from walking the places of Jerusalem where Jesus walked after already knowing that He is the Savior. Thus, I do not feel that the study of the Book of Mormon Geography is of any great benefit to the non believer and those of the world. But to he that knows of its truth what more can be the next step but to see it come to life upon the sites where it actually occurred? Thus I do want to know. I want to know because I already know the book to be true, and I want it to live, I want to feel it and experience it physically now that I know of it spiritually.

A Third Reason

(Active Involvement Fosters Learning)

Some may say it is a waste of time and effort to search for the Book of Mormon geography. I don't think so. I learn more about the Book of Mormon by doing so. And I believe that Mormon, who lived post-destruction era, was careful in his abridgment not to conceal the geography of the Book of Mormon from us, but quite the opposite in that he was careful to give us what still was basically true in respect of its geography even to him in his day, about 400 AD. Thus I have to believe that a careful study of the Book of Mormon, its land descriptions coupled with the scriptures and other information from other sources such as church leadership statements, scholarly inquiries, historical information, archaeological insights, geography information and other sources of data, could likely produce a good mapping of the Book of Mormon lands. And this is what I will proceed to do on these Book of Mormon Geography web pages. That is, I intend to present the information that I have come up with and the logic of it, in an attempt to utilize the internet to broaden this inquiry and study by what should prove to be an exchange of additional information and ideas. So E-Mail me, as some others have already done, pro or con, just not blasting I would hope, as you are a quest on my pages. My E-Mail address can be found at the bottom of this page.

Responses to E-Mail Concerning the Book of Mormon

* New Feature * - I have received an increase in e-mail regarding this page. Instead of answering separately, as some are repetitive, I will include this new response to e-mail section to my Book of Mormon page.

Much To Do About Zelph - A Group Response

* Response to inquiry regarding the various journeys of the Nephites between Zarahemla and the Land of Nephi.

* Lehi's Landing Site Confirmed in 1822 - By forefather of E-Mail source.

* Response to An E-Mail of Questions.

* From a first of of the year 2000 E-Mail, a response about 400 miles, Elephants, and Peleg.

* Who Are the Aztec? * New *


Articles About the Book of Mormon

The major portion of this page will consist of references to various articles about the Book of Mormon Geography. It is my intention to eventually have them presented in a logical systematic manner, but the process will evolutionary.



(Another Key to the Geography of the Book of Mormon)

This first and latest article contains additional geographical insights into the lands of the Book of Mormon in conjunction with the October 1999 LDS Conference Reports. It will solidify much of what is discussed in the earlier articles, which are sited hereafter, concerning the Geography of the Book of Mormon. Though repetitive in nature, in light of this Conference insight, I believe it of worth and revealing as to the Book of Mormon's Geography.



The second article contains geographical insights into the lands of the Book of Mormon. It will include article correlated reference readings.



The third article contains logic insights into the location of the 'small neck of land or narrow passage' that divides the Land North or Desolation or Mulek from the Land South or Zarahemla or Lehi. Rather than separate readings, this article references the Book of Mormon directly for every reference expect the statement of the Prophet Joseph Smith quoted from 'The Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith' page 267.



This fourth article relates to both of the first two articles. It further connects Lehi's Landing and the location of the Narrow Neck to the occation of El Nino. It further explains why the Chilean landing is not acceptable.



This fifth article relates to the 'Traditionl Landing Site' where Lehi was suppose to have landed in Chile. Everyone seems to have heard this, but not many can pin point it down from where. That is done in this article.



This sixth article relates to the 'Traditionl Land of Zarahemla' where Mosiah I lead the faithful Nephites to safety out of the Land of Nephi. This first article on Zarahemla compares its topology with that of Colombia.


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