Exploring the Hender Families of St. Cleer

Compiled and Explored by Don R. Hender


    This is an exercise in compiling such raw information as found upon the St. Cleer parish records, the Cornwall Census records, such Hender family wills as indicated and other resources as found upon the internet. This is an ongoing effort, so do not expect perfection. Take it as it is for what it is. Of the Hender family births recorded on the parish records of St. Cleer, these pedigree determination pages have placed all but two Hender legitimate births into a pedigree position of family ties. The two not determines is the first, William Hender son of a John and Grace Hender christened 23 August 1711. That 'ancient' William Hender and his parentage has no found relationship with the rest of the Hender listings other than perhaps a beginning place to look to for parents and perhaps brother to Samual Hender. The other one not determined is Thomas Hender the son of John and Jane Hender christened 1 October 1809. John and Jane's marriage is not in the St. Cleer record and no other family appears and thus not enough inforation is apparent to place just where they fit. Perhaps someone knows. My own developed database has him entered but without any further information than this besides the LDS dates per the extraction program. There are a certain number of 'base' born children, 4 girls and 2 boys. One boy died an infant and the other I have placed with a family. The four girls I have not so knowingly placed.

                          John Hender or Hendra  =  Grace
                           |                                       |
                    William Hender                           Robert Hendra
                    cb 23 Aug 1711                           cb 3 Mar 1714
                     St Cleer                                St Cleer

Sometimes there is very little to go on.

More information about record*
3973372 in the Baptisms database

      Day Month  23-Aug 
           Year  1711 
Parish/Reg Dist  St Cleer
       Forename  William 
        Surname  HENDER 
            Sex  Son 
Father Forename  John  
Mother Forename  Grace  
Father Rank Pro
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    Transcriber  Don Carkyk
More information about record*
####### in the Baptisms database

      Day Month  03-Mar 
           Year  1714 
Parish/Reg Dist  St Cleer
       Forename  Robert 
        Surname  HENDRA  
            Sex  Son 
Father Forename  John  
Mother Forename  Grace  
Father Rank Pro
          Notes  (BT-bap. date
                  08 Mar 1714)
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    Transcriber  Don Carkyk

The Mainline Samuel Hender's of Saint Cleer Parish

                   Samuel Hender  =  Elizabeth Lebby
                   b est. 1717    |                    *Some have dau Elizabeth marrying William Warne. But her
                   m22 Sep 1740   |                     father's will names her as Elizabeth Stanton, whom
                   d Jan 1780     |                     she marries as Elizabeth Hender and not some 'relict'
                   br20 Jan 1780  |                     of Warne. There are other Henders about and she would
                   (carpenter)    |                     have only been age 15 in October of 1760/Warne marriage.
                   Will: 1780     |
        |                  |                   |                 |               |               |
  Samuel Hender    Samuel Hender Senr.  Elizabeth Hender*  Thomas Hender    John Hender     Grace Hender
  cb 9 May 1741    cb 14/17 May 1742    cb 16 Dec 1744     cb 10 Mar 1747   cb 16 Oct 1753  cb 7 Jun 1756
   St Cleer         St Cleer             St Cleer           St Cleer         St Cleer        St Cleer
  d 20 May 1741    m 8 Dec 1767         m 31 Oct 1767      m                m 20 Jun 1782
  IGI d-20may1741  =Jane Stantan        =Richard Stantan   =Joan            =Joan Trenowth
                   | (possible sister   +William M Stanton +Grace Hender    (See below with
                   | of Richard         |c6 Mar 1770       |c3/4 Jun 1771    'will' link as
                   | Stantan, see       +Richard M Stantan |db4 Jun 1771     line continues)
                   | 'Stantan' link     |c18 Jul 1773      +Thomas Hender*
                   | at right.          +Betty F Stantan   |c3 May 1771/2    *Fits that this Thomas Hender is
                   |                    |c17 Dec 1775      +Grace Hender     the one who married Grace Sibly
                   |                    +Jane F Stantan    |c15 Sep 1776     see below for such pedigree
                   |                     c4 Jul 1784       +Jane Hender 
                   |                                        c29 Mar 1782
        |                 |                  |                 |
        |                 |                  |                 |
  Samuel Hender Jr.   Jane Hender     William Hender   Elizabeth Hender(Spinster)
  b Dec 1767 (12m/c)
  cb 26 Dec 1768      cb 19 Oct 1769  cb 10 Aug 1777   cb 8 Apr 1781
   St Cleer            St Cleer        St Cleer         St Cleer
  =Catherine Henwood  db30 Dec 1783?  db15 Aug 1838    d3 Feb 1873
  (yeoman)                             (age 61 yrs)    wd1 Apr 1873
  d Nov 1854 a87                       (?shoemaker?)
  db 11 Nov 1854
   St Cleer
   of Tremellick

His Will & Further Information - This Samuel Hender family male line seems to end in four female grand daughters
Saga of Samuel Hender            in Samuel Hender's will or NOT. Check the information at the end of will link.

Note: Samuel Hender and wife Catherine appear on the 1841 census with son Samuel and daughter Elizabeth.

Also Attached to Samuel Hender III Will Are These Pedigrees

Since Samuel Hender III names in his Will just his four daughters there was a question as to Hender descendants from him.

[^^ Samuel Hender, son of Samuel Hender and Catherine Henwood died 6 June 1867 at St Cleer and 
was buried 11 June 1867. His residence was P.H. Parks, St Cleer. He was age 64. His first wife 
Mary Lander died 6 September 1848 and his second wife Catherine Godfrey was buried 15 October 1885
age 60.]

                         Samuel Hender    =    Catherine Henwood  (dau John Hendwood & Mary Jay of St Neot)
                         b1767 St. Cleer  |    bc16Mar1773
                         c26 Dec 1768     |    St Neot
                         m15 Jan 1796     |    Henwood Family
                         d7 Nov 1854      |
                         br11 Nov 1854    |
    |                 |                  |          ^^    |                |               {St. Cleer Burials
Mary Hender      Jenny Hender    Catherine Hender   Samuel Hender   Elizabeth Hender*      {*Mary (Lander) Hender
c3 Mar 1797      c23 Feb 1799    c18 Jan 1801       c5 Jun 1803     c3 Dec 1812            {db23 Sep 1848
d24 Sep 1816     d27 Feb 1799    d13 Apr 1832 a.31  m9 Jul 1846     m25 Jun 1844           {age 32
    19 yrs.                      m                  = Mary Lander*  db14 Oct 1846          {*Elizabeth Doney
                                 = Richard Pearce   | d23 Sep 1848  = Thomas Doney         {db14 Oct 1846
                                 Samuel Hender      Mary Lander     |                      {age 34
                                 Pearce died 1yr     Hender         Catherine Mary
 Note: one source makes          Mary Hender Pearce  c18 Sep 1848   Hender Dony     Doney Tree
 Catherine Godfrey the           = John Bengelhole  = Catherine      c11 Jan 1846
 daughter of William &                 Beaglehole   | [Godfrey]     
 Jane Godfrey b1825               m23 Oct 1851      Catherine Jane***  
                                John Hender         Hender           
                                 Beaglehole         c13 Apr 1852      ___________________________________________________
                                 c25 Dec 1851       Mary Hender       |
                                Absolan Henry       c13 Apr 1852      |
                                  Beaglehole        Samuel Henwood    | Dispite the same christening date for Mary Hender
                                  3Sep 1865          Hender**         | and Catherine Jane Hender, which in another view
                                 Mary Elizabeth      c10 Apr 1855     | might indicate 'twins', grandpa Samuel Hender  
                                  Beaglehole        William John      | could only bequest to then living grandchildren,
                                  c3 Sep 1865        Hender+          | Samuel Henwood not yet born at writing of will.
       ***Catherine Jane Hender                      c27 Sep 1857     | The names alone strongly indicate they are the  
          at age 24 married                         Elizabeth Godfry  | children of Samuel Hender and Catherine -Godfrey-
          Thomas Withycombe                          Hender++         | But as supported by the 1861 Censes (See below)
          6 July 1876 Liskeard                       c27 Sep 1857     | they certainly are, and that despite that the 
        +William John Hender                        Richard Hender    | census records Samuel's age wrongly. These are 
         at age 23 married                           c10 Apr 1860     | last Hender members listed christenings in the
         Maria Annie Pomeroy                        Thomas Henry      | St Cleer registry though it continues to 1903.
         29 December 1880                            Hender           | The same date christening for Catherine and Mary
       ++Elizabeth Godfrey Hender                    c31 Dec 1861     | Hender may be a re-christening of Mary Lander 
         at age 24 married                          Thomas Henry      | Hender, as it does seem unlikely for two Mary
         William Jefford Pooley                      Hender           | Henders of the same family, as Mary Lander Hender
         27 July 1880 Liskeard                       2dc3 Sep 1865    | lives on until her grandfather's writing of his
      +++Annie Hender (see below)                   Annie Hender+++   | will in 1854. All very curious, the will and the 
         at age 24 married                           b 1862a          | census records do tie the family together as
         21 October 1886                             c3 Sep 1865      | does the parish register, despite some seeming
         John Henry Coath                            (belated chr)*   | irregularity.)
        *Both marriage &                                              |
         1881 Census atest                                            |
         a belated chrs.                                              |

The persons whose pedigree and census record names, above and below, are in yellow are those who appear in the above will of 'Grandpa' Samuel Hender (III/Jr). As accurately as possible, they are placed in the pedigree above and by doing so greater details of this family unit are determined. It is Catherine Hender who marries the named son-in-law, Richard Pearce. Catherine first had a son named 'Samuel Hender Pearce', and later, Catherine delivers her and Richard's daughter 'Mary Hender Pearce'. Shortly, in about 5 months of that delivery Cahterine dies and is buried on 13 April 1832 at the age of 31. So does her toddler, Samuel Hender Pearce, at age 1yr, that is a year and some number of months. The baby, 'Mary Hender Pearce' does survive and is living with her 83 year old grandpa, Samuel Hender on the 1851 Census as his Housekeeper. Later in that same year, 1851, Mary Hender Pearce will mary John Beaglehole and she is so written into her grandfather's will as 'Mary Hender Pearce Beaglehole', the surviving daughter of Richard Pearce who is also named in Samuel Hender's will. That is her story and how it is that we can know that Richard Pearce, the son-in-law, had married Catherine Hender, the ill fated daughter of Samuel Hender and Catherine Henwood.

Next is the story of grand daughter Catherine Mary Hender Dony which is much shorter and easier to follow. She is the daughter of Samuel's and Catherine's daughter Elizabeth Hender, who married Thomas Doney on 25 June 1844 and that's why and how Thomas Dony is named as son-in-law, as is his daughter Catherine Mary Hender Dony, in grandpa Samuel Hender's will. Note below that she is also at the home of grandpa Samuel Hender on the 1851 Census listed below.

That just leaves grandpa's other two grand daughters named in the will. The two daughters of his ONLY SON Samuel Hender. Yes, these two grand daughters are both the daughter of Samuel Hender's only son, Samuel Hender. Yet they are born of two separate mothers. In 1846 Samuel Hender (IV) marries Mary Lander. Mary Lander, wife of Samuel Hender (IV) has a daughter in 1848 named Mary Lander Hender. And then Mary Lander the mother dies in 1848, the same year of 1848 and very possibly in some conjuction with that birth. By the time of the 1851 census Mary (Lander) Hender age 2 is living with her father Samuel Hender and his new wife Catherine, as part of the 1851 census family group just down or up the street from grandpa Samuel Hender where he is living with his other two grand daughters. On the 13th of April 1852, Samuel Hender (IV) and his new wife Catherine have a baby girl they name Catherine Jane Hender. She is the fourth grand daughter named in grandpa Samuel Hender's will. Four grand daughters by four mothers and three husbands as Samuel Hender's only son, Samuel Hender, fathers two of them but by separate wives. It certainly is the cement of such curious real life family facts which the combination of Census, Will and Parish Register comes together in fastening this family group and their ties solidly together.

1851 Census 1861 Census | 1851 Census Enum. Dist. 2c - CP St. Cleer, Folio 137 Page 24 | ED 6 St Cleer Folio 3 Page 1 . Folio 16 Page 28 Tremillick | Pitto Parks Samuel Hender, head W 83 Farmer 44 Acres, St Cleer | Samuel Hender H, 57, Frmr 105 acre Emp 2m 2b, St Cleer Mary H. Pearce, Grndau U 20 Housekeeper, St Ive | Catherine Hender W, 35, Bodmin Eliza Johns, Grnnce 12, Morval | Catherine J Hender, dau, 9, Scholar, St Cleer Catherine M. H. Doney, Grndau 5 , St Clear | Samuel H Hender, son, 7, Scholar, St Cleer folio 137 Page 25 | Elizabeth G Hender, dau, 5, Scholar, St Cleer Pitts Park | William J Hender, son, 3, St Cleer Samual Hender head 46 Farmer, 31 Acres, St. Cleer | Richard Hender, son, 1, St Cleer Catherine Hender wife M 26, Bodmin | Elizabeth Boundy, Serv, U, 17, Childs Maid, St Cleer Mary Hender, dau 2, St. Cleer | Richard Bassett, Serv. 11, Carter, St Cleer Jane Godfrey u 21 Milliner, Bodmin | Benjamin Curry, Serv. 10, Altarnun Maria Truscott, servnt u 18 House Servant, Morval | Richard Moore, servnt u 19 Farm Lab, Duloe | |
1841 Census 1881 Census 1841 Census ED 12 St. Cleer - Book 4 Folio 33 Page 1 | Book 4 Folio 41 Page 16 | Mary A. Congdon H Wid. 52 St Pinnock Pittspark | Samuel H. Hender Soninlaw M 27 St Cleer** Samuel Hender 70 Farmer | Jane C. Hender dau M 26 St Pinnock Catherine Hender 60 | Samuel J Hender gson u 11mo St Pinnock Samuel Hender 30 | Mary A. Congdon dau u 21 St Pinnock Elizabeth Hender 20 | Ellen Penney serv M 16 Dobwalls Mary Pearce 6 | John W. Webber serv U 23 Duloe William Dawe 14 | Thomas B. Harris serv U 19 St Keyne Jane Stantonk, 10 | Thomas Snowden serv U 15 St Cleer

Samuel Henwood Hender son of Samuel Hender and Catherine Godfrey

(1871 Census ED12 Liskeard Folio 45 Page 21)
(1881 Census ED17 St Pinnock Folio131 Page 13)
(1891 Census ED17 St Pinnock Folio 101 Page 6) 
South Bosent St Pinnock/Upton Hall, Linkinhorne
**Samuel Henwood Hender   =   Jane Crago Congdon  (dau. John & Mary Ann Congdon)
  b4th/1853 Liskeard Dist |
  c10Apr1855              |
  St Cleer                |
  m1st/1880               |
  Plymouth, Devon         |
  d2Mar1919               |
  Upton Hall              |
  Linkinhorne             |
  wd19May1919             |
  London                  |
            |                           |                     |
688Samuel John Hender [Farmer]  Mabel Annie Hender   Olive Congdon Hender  
   b16Apr1880                   b3rd1883?            b4TH/1884
   St Pinnock                   St Pinnock           St Pinnock
   Liskeard Dist.               Liskeard Dist.       Liskeard Dist.
   c4Jul1880                    c20Aug1882?
   St Pinnock                   St Pinnock

   =Dorthy Maud Mary
   Upton, Linkinhorne

Annie Hender daughter of Samuel Hender and Catherine Godfrey

+++Annie Hender   =   John Henry Coath
b1863             |   b1856
c3 Sep 1865       |
m1886             |
          |                   |                  |                 |                     |                    |
Charles Hender Coath  Hilda Annie Coath  Phylis Maud Coath  John Claude Coath  Samuel Herbert Coath  George Hender Coath
b1887                 b1888              b1890              b1891              b1893                 b1901
                                                                               =Eva Kathleen Morris
                                                                               | d1997
                                                                               Margaret Elisabeth
                                                                               |Hender Coath
                                                                               |=George Henry
                                                                               || Stephen
                                                                               |Robert Stephen
                                                                               Mary Frances
                                                                                Hender Coath
                                                                                =Timothy John
                                                                                  Archer Davis

William Hender - Shoemaker of Menheniot & St Cleer

This William Hender is stated to be a Shoemaker of Menheniot, which often follows that he was born there, though Menheniot is 'nigh unto St Cleer'--thus his parentage, despite the 'suggested christening dates', is for the most part undeterminable presently by me. Yet an analysis of the burial records of St Cleer would seem to eliminate the 1790 Christened William Hender++ as a William Hender was buried 11 April 1865 at age 74 indicating him to be the 1790 William Hender and therefore he could not be Elizabeth's husband as she was a 'widow' on the 1841 Census. The other burial for a William Hender+ was 15 August 1838 at age 61 and this would qualify him on both counts of the 1777 Christening date and being dead just on time to make wife Elizabeth a widow in 1841; not to mention that this so buried Willaim Hender was a resident of Church Town which matches with 'Church Villiage' of the 1841 Census and the other William Hender buried later at age 74 was of Tremar, which is not Church Town (See map).   Therefore this would make this William Hender the son of Samuel Hender and Jane Stantan barring another William Hender of Menheniot who may also qualify. Residence(s): of Church Town Occupation(s): Shoemaker 1841 Census William Hender = Elizabeth JANE** Book 4 Folio 27 Page 23 c10 Aug 1777+ | c30Jun1782 Church Village c26 Oct 1790++ | St Neot **Elizabeth Hender 60, Widow/pauper Church Town | **Jane Hender 25 Labourer In Copper Mine St. Cleer | George Martyn 50 Labourer In Copper Mine m4 Dec 1805 | John Bennetts 20 Mason Shoemaker of | William Downs 25 Mason Menhennoit | db15 Aug 1838 | |  _______________________________________|__________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | Samuel Hender Betty Hender Jane Hender Grace Hender John Hender  Jane Hender** Elizabeth Hender cb 6 Jul 1806 cb21 May 1808 cb18 Jun 1809 c12/21 Apr 1811 cb 14 Feb 1813 cb 2 Apr 1815 cb 29 Feb 1824 St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer (1st priv.) St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer d6 June 1847 db 6 Jun 1808 db12 Feb 1813 m28 Jan 1836 m24 Jan 1846 m25 Oct 1845 db17 Apr 1824 (infant) Church Town =William Bray = Anne Jenkins =William Broad* 2mos [Elizabeth] ?age 5 yrs? +Elizabeth Bray (Immigrated to | (Widower) St Neot |c27 Nov 1836 Australia) +William Henry c1846 +John Bray | Hender Broad db1846 |c11 Mar 1838 +Christina Broad +Mary Jane Bray +Cordinda Broad |c15 Sep 1839 +Amelia Bray *(Son of John Broad) |c12 Mar 1843 |db23 Apr 1843 |(2mos infant) +Charles Bray |b1846 St.Clr. ?+John Hender Bray? b2/1849 db18/4/1849 (9wks) X=William Richards +Richard Hender [Richards] c2 Sep 1832 (Base son) (of Church Town) (1851 Census ED2b St Cleer folio 120 p54) [NOTE: It is presumed that this Grace Hender is the mother of a number of 'base children' before her marriage of 1836. Jane Grylls Hender/ Grigg, cb 20 Mar 1831, St Cleer, said daughter of Nich's Grigg was recorded at a third base child by Grace Hender of Church Town] (Elizabeth Hender widow age 79 appear on 1861 Census in St Neot as boarder and shoemaker's widow ED 14 Folio 53 p 8) (Elizabeth Jane is daughter of Ralph and Elizabeth Jane, Siblings Johanna, Ralph, Stephen, Grace, Richard & Edmund)
1841 Census ED Dist 11 Parish St. Cleer Book 4 Folio 16 Page1 . . . Book 4 Folio 27 Page 23 Church Village Elizabeth Hender 60 Widow/pauper Jane Hender 25 Labourer In Copper Mine Beorge Martyn 50 Labourer in Comper Mine John Bennetts 20 Mason William Downs Mason Book 4 Folio 28 Page 24 Church Village William Bray 25 Agricultural Labourer Grace Bray 30} [m 38 Jan 1836] } [c 12/21 Apr 1811 dau William & Elizabeth Hender] Elizabeth Bray 4 Mary Bray 1 Richard Hender 8 c2 Sep 1832 son Grace Hender by William Richards Base Round about the Parish Church of St. Cleer is the ED 12 Parish St. Cleer - Book 4 Folio 33 Page 1 village township of St. Cleer commonly referred to Book 4 Folio 39 Page 12 as Church Town or the Church Village. It lies in a Lower Red Gate rual farming community with a number of small Samuel Hender 35 Agricultural Labourer surrounding groups such as Tremar, Crows Nest, etc. Mary Hender 35 1851 Census ED Dist 2b St. Cleer Folio 93 Page 1 . . . Folio 120 Page 54 Village (St. Cleer) William Bray, Head M 38 Farm Labourer, Liskeard Grace Bray, Wife, M 40 Boot And Shoe Binder, St. Cleer Elizabeth Bray, dau U 14 Dressmakers Apprentice, St. Cleer Mary Jane Bray, dau U 11 St. Cleer Charles Bray, son U 5 Scholar, St. Cleer Richard Hender, Sonlaw U 18 Miner, St. Cleer Folio 120 Page 55 William Broad 38 b. St Neot Jane Broad wife 36 b. St Cleer Christinana Broad 10 b. Golant Corinda Broad 8 b. Lanreath Elizabeth Hender Mother Wid. 69 b. St. Neot

John Hender family, son of Samuel Hender and Elizabeth Lebby
(See Above)

- Joan Trenowth daughter of William Trenowith*      Note the locale of Crow's Nest, Coombe and Tremar.
Named in the will of John Hender                    They are all sites named in John Hender's will. In
                                                    John Hender's will certain dates are given including
John HENDER   =   Joan TRENOWTH                     his death date, all 9 children are named and so is 
c16 Oct 1753  |   b 1762c-c 25 Jun 1762             his wife Joan. With the information recorded in the
m20 Jun 1782  |   of Tremar                         the parish christenings, marriages, and burials, and
d29 Jun 1834  |   db 9 Dec 1848                     with supporting Census records; this family is fit
br3 Jul 1834  |     age 86                          together solidly. John's age of 81 at death set him
ww1831 wp1834 |                                     to be son of Samuel Hender above. On the above map
Will link     |                                     'A' marks the 'Venland' street of Richard Hender.
|       |             |              |                |              |               |                |Farmer
| Bettey Hender   John Hender   Samuel Hender   William Hender   Joan Hender   +Thomas Hender   Richard Hender
|  c21 Apr 1783   c9 Feb 1785   cb9 Oct 1787    cb26 Oct 1790    cb9 Apr 1794   cb13 Dec 1797   cb 25 Jun 1800
|  m16 Jan 1811   d8 Jan 1868   m17 Apr 1821     St Cleer        m10 May 1827                   m 10 May 1827
|  = Samuel       =Elizabeth*   =Mary Wevill    db11 Apr 1865    =Samuel                        db9 Sep 1879a79
|    Kingdon      Jane Hender   (See 1861        (age 74 yrs)    |Sowden                        =Ann Eathorne
|  John Kingdon   c21Sep1814    census below)                    +William Hender                +Samuel Eathorne
|   c5 Dec 1811   Elizabeth     db15Feb1865                       Sowden                        |Hender
| (See 1861       Hender Best(married name)                       c5 Mar 1828                   |c16 Aug 1838
| Census below)   6 Apr 1820                                                                    |db5 Sep 1868
|                 Ann Hender                                    +Thomas appears to be of        |   age 30
|                 cb11 Aug 1822                                 'special needs' as he is        Hannah Hender
|                  St Cleer                                      given an annuity for           |cb 28 Aug 1836
|                  Church Town                                   his support rather             Samuel Cathorne
|______________________                                          than inheritance upon           Hender
     |                 |                                         which to work                   c 16 Aug 1838
Ann Hender      Francis Hender                                   for his living.                St Cleer Venlnad
cb 11 Apr 1803  cb 8 Apr 1806                                                                   (Samuel on Census
 St Cleer        St Cleer                                                                       Hannah Earthorne
m 25 May 1837   db 22 May 1885                                                                  age 65 in 1841
=William         Union St.                                                                      ?Mother of Ann)
 Sargent         Plymouth
                  age 80 
               =Marina [Marianna]
               +Angelina Hender
               |c27 Apr 1838 
               oAnn Julinia
               |c27 Apr 1838
               | St Cleer
               +Marina Hender  
               cb 26 Jul 1844     *Considered to be Elizabeth Elliott m. 26 Oct 1813 to John Hendor
                St Cleer
               (of Liskeard)

James Best & Elizabeth Hender daughter of John Hender and Elizabeth Elliott

Father-in-law John Hender and wife living with the Best Family

1841 Census                                              1861 Census
ED Dist 11 Parish St. Cleer (Book 4 Folio 16 Page1)      (ED 5, St. Cleer - Folio 91 Page 1)
Book 4 Folio 24 Page 17                                  . . .
Venland                        Folio 97 Page 14
Richard Hender 40 , Farmer     Tremar
 Ann Hender 35                 John Kingdon Head U 49, Farmer of 40 Acres, St. Cleer
 Hanneh Hender 4               Betty Kingdon, Mother, W 78, Late Farmers Wife, St Cleer
 Sauel(Samuel) Hender 2        [Stanton family living betwix]
 Hannah Earthorne 65           Folio 98 Page 15
Book 4 Folio 25 Page 18        Tremar
Coombe Gate                    Samuel Hender, Head, M, ?63? [73], St. Cleer
Joan Hender 75 Independent     Mary Hender, Wife, M, 79, Lewanick

NOTE: Only Samuel Hender and wife Mary of this family and the remaining Samuel
      Hender family, the son of Samuel Hender and Catherine Henwood~~~By 1871
      no Henders remain in St. Cleer according to the 1871 Census upon which
      none appear.

* Will of William Trenowth/Trenouth, National Archives CY/1718 (copy certified 17 March 1797). This will was witnessed by Hen. Snell, Sampson Widger, and Jn. Brooking, 27 June 1789. It names William Trenouth's father Edwd. Trenouth (giving him rents from Dranes estate in St. Neot for life), the wife of William Trenouth, Jane Trenouth (giving her one guinea, a bed 'compleat' and 3 guineas' worth of household furniture), and it also names his daughter Ann Trenouth (giving her ten guinea when of age). It further states and names that the residue property including the freehold estate at Dranes (sic) St. Neot to go to who William names as his sons Rich., Edwd., Wm., Jn. and Francis and to his daughter Joan, wife of Jn. Hender. And states that these Sons and dtr. (sic) as excurs.
(1881 Census - St Neot) [Daughter of Richard Hender (1800- ) & Ann Eathorne which Richard Hender was son of John Hender (1735-1734) & Joan Trenowth] Hannah Hender = Francis Lesbiral cb 28 Aug 1836 | | m 4 Dec 1862 | St Neot | | ________________________________________|____________________________________________ | | | | | | John H. Lesbiral Hannah Lesbiral Henry Lesbiral Adele Lesbiral Reginald Lesbiral Lilian Lesbiral

Thomas Hender Senr., Son of Thomas Hender and wife Joan, Who in Turn Is Son of Samuel Hender amd Elizabeth Lebby
~ See Above ~

Residence(s): Church Town
Occupation(s): Carpenter

Thomas Hender = Joan    Samuel Sibly = Elizabeth
       _______|               _______|
      |                      |
Thomas Hender senr.  =  Grace Sibly
c3 May 1772          |  c19 May 1777
m17 Mar 1796         |
d                    |
Carpenter            |
 |        |                 |                |                |               |              |
 |  Mary Ann Hender    Grace Hender    Thomas Hender   Elizabeth Hender  Joanna Hender  Jane Hender
 |  cb 16 Jul 1797     cb 18 May 1800  cb 7 Mar 1802     c29 Jan 1804      cb25 May 1806  c13 Mar 1808
 |   St Cleer           St Cleer        St Cleer          St Cleer          St Cleer     ?d12 Feb 1813
 |  d 8 Mar 1812                                                                         ?age 5 yrs
          |                 |               |                 |                   |
  Sarah Sibly Hender   Maria Hender    Mary Hender    Samuel [Sibley] Hender  Ann Hender
  cb 20 Apr 1810       cb 15 Mar 1812  cb 17 Apr 1814 cb 19 Oct 1816        cb 20 Jun 1819
   St Cleer             St Cleer        St Cleer       St Cleer              St Cleer
                                                      cb private
                                                         19 May 1816
                                                        St Cleer 20mos
                                                        (same or two?)

Others Listed in Parish Register

Residence(s): PBCR—of Church Town See: Samuel Hender III Will Adendum Pedigree Samuel HENDER = Catherine HENDER (See Catherine Henwood above) Mary Hender Jenny Hender Catherine Hender Samuel Hender Elizabeth HENDER cb 3 Mar 1797 cb 23 Feb 1799 cb 18 Jan 1801 cb 5 Jun 1803 cb 3 Dec 1812 St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer m Thomas Doney


                           John Hender   =   Jane

   Thomas Hender
   cb 1 Oct 1809
    St Cleer

John Hender, son of John Hender and Joan Trenowth Elizabeth Eliott/Elliott, daughter of Richard and Mary Eliot Residence(s): of Tremar, Church Town (also in PBCR) Occupation(s): farmer John HENDER[OR] = Elizabeth [Betty] HENDER (See Elizabeth Elliot above) cb 9 Feb 1785 | cb 25 Dec 1780 St Cleer | St Cleer m 26 Oct 1813 | St Cleer | d 8 Jan 1868 a83 | Lanteglos Fowey | r. Tremeer | ________________________|________ | | | Jane Hender Elizabeth HENDER Ann Hender cb 21 Sep 1814 cb 6 Apr 1820 cb 11 Aug 1822 St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer m 21 Mar 1843 St Germans = James Best James Best, son of William Best
  • See 1861 Census of Lanteglos by Fowey above under John Hender and Joan Trenowth Family. It has the family of James Best and Elizabeth Hender with the parents of Elizabeth with household.

    Residence(s): of Venland
    Occupation(s): Farmer
    Richard Hender, son of John Hender & Joan Trenowth, see above with John Hender's will.
                                          Richard Hender  =  Ann Eathorne
                                          cb 25 Jun 1800
                                           St Cleer
                                          m 10 May 1827
                                          db 9 Sep 1879a79
       Hannah Hender         Samuel Eathorne Hender
       cb 28 Aug 1836        cb 16 Aug 1838
        St Cleer                St Cleer
       m 4 Dec 1862          db 5 Sep 1868 a30
        St Neot
       = Francis Lesbiral
    1851 Census - Helland ED7
    11,Beconion,Richard Hender,Head,M,50,,Farmer 150ac Emp 4 Men,St Cleer Cornwall,,
      ,        ,Ann Hender    ,Wife,M,,48,Farmer's Wife         ,St Cleer Cornwall,,
      ,        ,Hannah Hender ,Dau,  ,,14,Scholar               ,St Cleer Cornwall,,
      ,        ,Phillipa Hoskin,Servnt,U,,23,House Serv,St Breward Cornwall,,
    Folio 326 Page 4
      ,       ,Charles Northey,Servnt,U,22,,Farm Servant,Altarnun Cornwall,,
      ,       ,Henry Blown,Servnt,U,15,,Farm Servant,Redruth Cornwall,,
      ,       ,Richard Martin,Servnt,,13,,Farm Servant,Bodmin Cornwall,,
      ,       ,John Worden,Servnt,U,19,,Farm Servant,Egloshayle Cornwall,,

    Residence(s): Cutcare (Menheniot)
    Occupation(s): Farmer
                                         Francis Hender   =   Marina/Marian [Marianna] Bryant
                                         cb 8 Apr 1806
                                          St Cleer?
                                         d May 1885 a80
                                         db 22 May 1885
                                          168 Union St.
                                          Plymouth Dev.
      Angelina Hender  Ann Julinia Hender  John Hender     Marina Hender
      cd 27 Apr 1838   cb 27 Apr 1838      cb 25 Dec 1839  cb 26 Jul 1844
       St Cleer         St Cleer            Menheniot       St Cleer

                         John Hender   =   Ann
       Elizabeth Ann Hender
       cb 9 May 1847
        St Cleer
        Bible Christ.
    More information about record ##### in the Baptisms Nc database Baptism Circuit Liskeard, Bible Christian Forename Elizabeth Ann Surname HENDER Sex Father Forename John Mother Forename Ann Residence Parish/Reg Dist St Cleer, Cornwall Father Rank Pro Miner Day Month 09-May Year 1847 Age Where Baptised St Cleer Register Notes Trans Notes Transcriber Kay Halley
    Residence(s): of Church Town
                  (father unknown) Jane Hender (father-James Ludecutt)
                      Hannah Hender       James Hender
                      cb 25 Apr 1841      cb 9 Jun 1844
                       St Cleer            St Cleer
                       (base child)        (base child)
    Mary Williams HENDER / WILLIAMS, cb 6 Aug 1826, St Cleer, parents Thomas WILLIAMS & Thomas WILLIAMS of Highwood Mill: base daughter of Thomas Williams and Joanna Hender - born at Highwood
    (See: Samuel Hender Will Adendum Pedigrees, Son of Samuel Hender and Catherine Henwood Residence(s): of Pitts Parks/Pett's Parks/Petts Park, St Cleer Village Occupation(s): Yeoman, Farmer (1st) Mary Lander = Samuel Hender = (2nd) Catherine [Godfrey] (dau of William R.C.M. b 1816 | cb 5 Jun 1803 | b Mar 1825 & Jane Godfrey of | St Cleer | cb 10 Aug 1831 St Nicholas Street) m 9 Jul 1846 | | Bodmin | | m d 23 Sep 1848 | | St Cleer a32 | | d Oct 1885 a60 ____________________| | db 15 Oct 1885 | | St Cleer | | Lamellion Liskeard | ____________________________|___________________________________________ | | | | | | Mary Lander | Mary Hender Catherine Jane Hender Samuel Henwood Hender William John Hender Hender | cb 13 Apr 1852 cb 13 Apr 1852 cb 10 Apr 1855 cb 27 Sep 1857 cb 18 Sep 1848 | St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer | m 6 Jul 1876 m 29 Dec 1880 | Liskeard | = Thomas Withycombe = Maria Annie Pomeroy | ____|_______________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Elizabeth Godfry Hender Richard Hender Thomas Henry Hender Thomas Henry Hender Annie Hender b abt 1862 cb 27 Sep 1857 cb 10 Apr 1860 cb 31 Dec 1861 cb 3 Sep 1865 cb 3 Sep 1865 St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer St Cleer m 27 Jul 1880 m 21 Oct 1886 Liskeard = William Jefford = John Henry Coath Pooley

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