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    BE WARNED that quick and dirty genealogy can be readily found on the internet. CAUTION ought to be maintained not to take names, dates and family connections without ample evidence. For example what I have found on concerning one of my ancestrial families just is NOT the case. Caution must be exercised when using genealogical ALL resources. Even the LDS Church sources are great as far as they go, but when people start 'force fitting' to use such just because they seem to align to what they may even seem to be concerning one of their own people without verifying evidence, then gross errors are to be made. The following erroneous grouping has been presented on

G E N    E R R O R S

SEE: William Bury Hender Page
And Also: My Many William and Elizabeth Hender Families

William Hender = Elizabeth Rowe b 7 Apr 1788 | abt 2 Mar 1781 m 1813 | _____________________________|_______________________________ | | | | William Bury Hender John Hender Annabella Hender Thomas Rowe Hender b abt 1809 b 13 Jan 1813 b abt 1816 b 1823 St. Thomas St. Cleer Callington Calington d 23 Apr 1877 - William Bury Hender and his sister Annabella Hender ARE NOT children of William Hender and Elizabeth Rowe. - John Hender of St. Cleer IS NOT son of William Hender and Elizabeth Rowe (see St Cleer). - Only Thomas Rowe Hender is a son of William Hender and Elizabeth Rowe of this grouping. SHAME on 'The Matthews.Clarke.Hunt Tree' for such shoddy presentation on!! Practically all of 'Matthews.Clarke.Hunt' compilations on HENDER are riddled with errors!

The William Hender WILL establishes who are the children of William Hender and Elizabeth Rowe. (Marriage has been found for Elizabeth Rowe and William Hender-see family link below) Many 'slash and dash' compilers also have Elizabeth Rowe by "guessing" as daughter of William Rowe and Catherine Unknown. While it is now known that Rowe is her last name, there is no current evidence as to who are her parents-only 'near' fits. They've at best just pieced the IGI index together to a 'best', though wrong fit. They've also carelessly used a son's (Philip Trout Hender) marriage date as his father's death date just because his father was stated to be deceased on that son's marriage certificate. Further they list christening dates as 'birth' dates. Likely to enhance their appearance of 'completeness'.

The CORRECT and TRUE family of William Hender (clock and watchmaker) and Elizabeth Rowe may be found HERE. The CORRECT and TRUE families of William Bury Hender and his sister Annabella Hender may be ascertained HERE. These I know as they are my Hender ancestors and relatives.

As for John Hender christened 13 Jan. 1813, any 8 year old by a full study of the LDS IGI should be able to ascertain that his brothers and sisters are Samuel, Betty, Jane, Grace, another Jane (the first one may have died) and Elizabeth; the children of another William Hender and Elizabeth of the St. Cleer parish, which William 'might' be the son of Samuel Hender and his wife Jane. And then they could go from there if they really wanted to find out who John Hender's family is. But alas, some are but to splash and dash, never caring for a well proven case.


William Hender   =   Elizabeth Rowe
b 7 Apr 1788     |   abt 2 Mar 1781
c 7 Apr 1788     |   abt 1791-1793?
  Altarnun       |    
m 1813           |
m 10 Aug 1811    |   db14 Feb 1850? 
  Callington     |     Venterdon
d 5 Aug 1848     |     age 57
  age 60         |
db 8 Aug 1848    |
  Venterdon      |   I do wish they'd 
    Watch &      |   use c for Chrisitian
  Clockmaker     |   baptism or Christening
    WILL         |   rather than b
                 |   as it always gets
                 |   confused with birth
                 |   or born.


Enumeration District 2

Civil Parish of Stoke Climsland

Book 10 Folio 20 Page 14

Venterdon, 1, William Hender, 50, Watchmaker, In county ,, Elizabeth Hender, 50, In county Note: Though the 1841 Census is noted for rounding ages, it seems obviously apparent that William and Elizabeth are near the same age, around 1790ish NOT 1780ish.
  |           |                     |               |               |
  |   Elizabeth Rowe Hender   Amelia Hender   Louisa Hender   William Hender
  |   c 22 May 1812           c 12 Sep 1813   c 4 Jun 1815    b 1820a
  |   Callington              Callington      Callington      Callington
  |   db4 Jun 1816            m 3 Mar 1835    d 24 Jul 1889   db29 Mar 1821
  |   Callington              Callington       (Spinster)     Callington
  |     age 4                 =Richard Olver                    age 1
               |                     |                 |
      Thomas Rowe Hender   William Worth Hender   John Hender
      c 3 Oct 1824         b 1824a                c 17 Dec 1827
      Callington           Callington             Callington
      m 6 Jan 1844         m 4 Mar 1845           db17 Mar 1830
      Stoke Damerel D.                            Callington
      =Marianna Trout      =Elizabeth Tresize       age 2

Well that is the correct Hender children for William Hender and Elizabeth Rowe. More can be seen on my Hender history page for this line. As for William Bury Hender there are three pages to also view, the William Bury Hender page which contends with other 'gross' errors of 'the Medtues, clercy, hurk tree' makers; also see my Hender cousins page as William Bury Hender is a distantly related cousin and then there is a third page which tries to clear the muddle of all the William Hender and Elizabeth couples round about east Cornwall. That SHOULD clear up all the mess people have made in attempting to connect William Bury Hender. If it doesn't then people are just stupid.

I haven't forgotten poor John Hender over in Australia. Their John Hender is the son of William Hender and his wife Elizabeth Jane of the parish of Saint Cleer. So I'll just send them there, to Saint Cleer. Its not their fault that certain 'genealogists' just can't get it right. So I should not just leave them hanging.

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