Many Various Renewals and Perspectives

The Everlasting Covent
Part IVb

prepared by Don R. Hender

     Every time the Everlasting Covenant of God is renewed with man, particularly with each Dispensation, the Covenant is to a degree taylor fitted to that time and those circumstances and conditions. Though the Covenant would have given central themes and covenant renewals such as that of the Promised Redeemer and Atonement Center Messiah perspective, one ought to recognize that the Everlasting Covenant delivered by Moses unto the Children of Israel consisting of the Lesser Priesthood would have some conditional differences than that which was delivered unto Joseph Smith in the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times when the Greater Priesthood and those relative ordinances, conditions and situtaions were presents and quite relatively different that the circumstance and conditions of Israel when the Covenant of Animal Sacrifice was practiced rather than the consecration sacrifice of a broken heart, contrite spirit, and of one's time and property unto the Lord as the Lord does require, which is currently tithes, offerings and church service. unto

It is not possible to name every single time and perspective wherein the New and Everlasting Covenant has been invoked in relationship to a group or particular circumstance of the people of the Lord. A general short list would be the Dispensations of Adam to Noah, Noah to Abraham, of the Jaredites, of the Children of Israel from Moses to Christ's coming, of the Nephite, of Enoch and of Melchizedek, and of Joseph Smith and the Fullness of Times. But certainly each and every group of people and dispensation of time would have their own specific and relative instance of establishing the New and Everlasting Covenant with them, that is between them and God, and with various likely differing specific matters involved per each of their times and situation.

All sizes and types of shoes do not suit and fit all people and their uses. But they are still shoes, the shoes of the Everlasting Covant of God made with man that include the reliance upon our Ministering God of the Creation, Old Teatament, New Testament and the Atonement, the Restoration, the Millennial Reign and the Final Judgment. God gave the lands of Israel about Jerusalem with the set boundries to Abraham and his worthy discendants. There are certainly other places and location round the world that God could will have covenanted to others as well. And we do not know all of God's dealings to his various folds of sheep. To the seed of Joseph and his Companions, God gave the worthy members the land of promise of the Americas as long as they do worship the God of the land who is Jesus Christ.

Again, I will mention and repeat but a few of these here and speak to some of them specifically as many will certainly have their own separate uniqueness, as well as many of the standard matters at hand as well. I'll start by suggesting again such as a brief laundry list. There would be that of the people and dispensation of Enoch and his people and their very special specifics which would further relate to them of obtaining heaven without tasting death. This bring us to consider the level a group of people is prepared to receive. Such a following of he Lord's people are themselves different and some are more well prelpared than others to receive od the blessing of the Covenants of the Lord. Enoch's group came to be highly prepared and worthy to the point they were taken up into Heaven to live in a higher righteous state.

Then there would be such as the individuals of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph and so forth as each new generation of the 'fathers' would be so included and with some quite unique possiblities with each of them. Not that singularly there would be those who were highly worth of God's blessings of the Covenant, but that the general group levels of the whole of them stood as separate relative differences as to the joint level of the whole group taken togetehr. Lehi and Nephi were great worthly prophets but they would grouped with the others of their family groups of Laman and Lenuel, the brothers of Ishmeal. And the level of a given individual may differ from the average or standard 'norm' of the group as a whole.

Then there would be such as Moses and the Children of Israel and their very unique time, places, and circumstances including the performances of the tabernacle and temple(s). And lets not forget the people of Jethro, Moses' father-in-law. Certainly they were a special group who had obtained their general and specific blessing in relationship to the Everlasting Covenant as even Moses did obtain his priesthood from Jethro. And then there is the Book of Mormon peoples, beginning with the people and dispensation of Mahonri Moriancumr and there people down to Ether. And there would be such as Lehi and Nephi in their day and their particular coming under the Everlasting Covenant which included the various uniqueness of their blessing in relationship with the lands of the Americas which they and the generations after them who also received such in relation to each of them.

Presently, is truly is not possible to list all such peoples and groups as certainly the Lord and his dealings with the peoples of the earth are many and varied. And we do not have all the records of all the such people and groups with whom the New and Everlasting Covenant was each time 're-Newed' and envolked time and again with both the general blessings of the priesthood, the ordinances of salvation, and whatever may have been specific at each time with each people/group involved. And lets not forget yet another during the same time as Abraham, which would be the Great High Priest Melchizedek and his people and the unique envolvement and circumstances of his people. Truly the Lord God Jehovah is the God of all the earth and of peoples all across the earth including those other groups of 'sheep' upon the 'Islands of the Sea' which we but have vage mentions of and such included inferances in relationship to.

One could even take it so far as to include each time that the restored Church of the Latter-day Saints incurred a new leadership head or prophet and what each such renewal of the Covenant may have also included each time the Lord did come to embody and deal with as new prophet head of the church. One such time and event included with President David O. Mckay who received a time extention specific to his time an circumstance. There is even the time of the rebuiding of the temple of Jerusalem in the day and time of Zechariah, and in conjunction with the priesthood and temple ordinances which that renewal did include many revelation/dreams, including the one of the encounter of Lucifer and Jehoshua/Jesus before the LORD and when Lucifer would have been next cast out of heaven and Jesus was clothed and ordained with the positional robes of the temple.

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    Various groups come of the Lord's people, his flocks. The City of Enoch will return. Many will come with the Lord who are worthy. Others will work in the spirit world to teach and minister to those there. As one explained as seen it in a dream, they will come as waves of the sea. Not all at once, but wave upon wave orderly as called forth. As converted in the spirit world and their work completed here on earth, they will receive those blessings they are worthy to receive. Coming group by group until all is completed for the sons and daughters of God. Records will be kept and checked and checked again with communication through the veil to enable getting it right. A thousand years to bring it to completion.

    It will be in the Millennial Reign where all the 'flocks' of the Lord's people, who have prevailed with and in the Lord, well come together and work together to the completion of the Lord's. It is said that the Lord's Temples will be operating around the clock, likely in shifts, in order to bring to pass the great work of the Lord-to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. With all the ordinances necessary to be completed so that all might able to receive the blessing of heaven to there highest deserved degree—while they live in the spirit world waiting their turn to the live and be blessed accoring as men of the flesh, many centuries after they may have dwelt upon the earth in the mortal flesh.

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