The Second of the Two Required Ordinances
The Other of the Pair of the Two Shoes of God's Covenant

They Are A Match Pair

   Just as shoes come in a matched pair of two so do the first set of two required Ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have been referenced to as the baptisms by water and by fire. They are given separately but to be fully functional unto man's attainment of eternal glory they are both required. Jesus stated unto Nicodemus, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." (John 3:5) There is a straight and narrow way that man must walk to obtain Heaven and the shoes of these two required ordinances are those in which that man or woman must walk.

Some have claimed exception to God's Laws of Righteousness through the 'first shoe of God's Everlasting Covenant.' And in one respect their is that offering available by the hand of the Lord, that all who come unto him and repent of their sins, that is forsake them and sin no more, they will be forgiven and have a part in his kingdoms of redemption. But their is the 'second shoe of God's Everlasting Covenant' which is the confirming reception of the Holy Ghost. He it is that is the Spirit of Truth. And that confirming truth to which he will attest is whether one's repentance is in truth a forsaking of sin or not. No man can be or will be saved in their sins. Only by and through the confirmation of the truth of the Holy Ghost is one in truth sealed as Christ's. Without that seal of confirmation and approval the penalty is steal death. And that death is an eternal damnation from being saved in the Kingdom of God. And while the 'baptism' of Noah's flood is a 'conditional promise' unto mankind which God has kept in providing the means and the way for man to return unto God's presenses if they do but come unto, in and through Jesus Christ even Jehovah unto God to be saved; If they do not meet the requisite requirement of righteousness, then they are left to the penalty. That penalty will first be in forced, not by the forsaking of the baptism of forgiveness, but it will be enforced by the 'burning' of the wicked. The Lord will not provide any other way but by that of the atonement of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ/Jehovah and if that at first will not be received at the Second Coming of Christ, the Wicked will be burned as stuble and left to the eternal burnings of God's punishment. Only in and through Christ can and will/may that everlasting punishment be negated. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. He that will not accept Christ as his Redeemer will have denied the confirmation of the Holy Ghost and thus sinned against God eternally and will forever be blotted out of the Kingdom of God. You see the 'Rest of the Story' is in the other shoe being dropped of the destruction of the unrighteous souls. To whom that deny Christ and his righteousness and does repent and become in truth righteous, can only end in forever being cast out of God's presense and God's Kingdoms of Glory that are reserved unto only but the repentant righteous in Christ.

The choice is up to the individual. And the appeal is not to 'burn baby burn'. Likely in all truth, all will eventually be able to be saved in some degree of God's glory. Even they who are initially to be burned as the wicked at Christ's coming, will but endure a maximum duration of separating and of the burnings of the Holy Ghost for up to a thousand years before the Final Judgment is made as to whether they have in truth not only been washed clean by the blood of the Son by accepting his atonment of repentance and mercy, and eventually being cleansed every wit by the confirmation of the burnings and witness of the Holy Ghost. If not, they must needs be as the sons of perdition who have denied their opportunity in Christ and forever more be damned for eternity from God's kingdoms of glory. And for many wicked souls they will have to under go a two phased further entailment of the repentance and forgiveness process of being first burned with the wicked at the coming of Christ, if not before, for no wicked thing can endure the presence of the glorified Lord and Savior. And then at a advanced time, up to a thousand years passing, further endure the absolute cleansing process of the Holy Ghost or to be denied by their own rebelious denial of Christ and the Atonement provided for them as to be enabled to eventually enter in to a state of salvation and God's kingdoms of glory or NOT. The first literal buring being just that, a literal burning as by fire, and the second eventual continued eternal burnings of a rebeleous and sinful nature forever throughout all eternity. Cast into the sides of the pit and outerdarkness without the presence of the Light of Christ forever and ever and evermore for all eternity to come from the Final Judgment on forever.

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