Family Is the Foundation of Civilization
~ It Is God's Accepted Order and Man's Connection to Heaven ~

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    Families come in all sizes and in all sorts. Beginning with God's eternal family, to which all who have lived belong as the spirit children of God; to the traditional societal preserving unit of father, mother, and children; all is family. We all also belong to the family of Adam, we all being descended from him and mother Eve. Well, that is at least all but such 'mad scientists' who insist that monkey's are their uncles, and that such 'tom-foolery' as beleiving that the magnificently complex human body was formed by intelligent design, because according to science it came by chance through an inexplicable random chaos process of mathmatical probability, which in itself does deny the remote possiblity of that even being the case.

So now, in all reality, there are any number of various sized family units from one's own 'extended family' of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews to any one who shares your surname. And to that realm, I suppose that I belong to the 'Hender' family, at least those 'Hender' families which come out of Cornwall. Then there are the odd family groups, many of which are illegitimate 'families' who really do not care that much about contributing to societal development or you or me,apart from graining what they themselves want out of it. Such are the 'gangs' and other anti-societal groupings, which do nothing to benefit anyone or anything but self, and who only tend to destory the very fiber, fabric and any intent of the benefit of the family unit and society in general.

My best advise to all is to stick to the correct and proper family units beginning with that of God's family. We are all children of God, our Father in Heaven, you are a child of God and we all need to stay in communication with him through prayer and proper religious worship of our Heavenly Father. And as my wife says, 'friends' come and go, it is family, meaning fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, which remains.

So now, this particular area is dedicated to 'Family', that is immediate family as well as ancestors and our genealogy connections. And this as the hearts of the children are turning to the fathers and the fathers to the children. Family histories may be found here as they are put together, and even extended and generally associated 'family' is included, such as those of the same surname 'Hender' and shared ancestry.

A frequently told story goes something like this. A father being somewhat pestered by his young child took a detailed picture of a world map and cut it into pieces. He gave them to his child and told her to put them together again and then daddy would take time with her. Within minutes the child was back, completed picture in hand taped together. When her father asked her how she completed it so soon, she said there was a picture of a family on the back and all she did was put the family together and the world took care of itself.

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